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Sachem Sports Club offer children the opportunity to learn cheerleading under the guided supervision of qualified adult volunteer coaches.


Our program is for children turning 5 on of before 11/31 of the current year, and those turning 14 up until 11/31.


No experience is necessary before registering for our teams.


We offer a sideline program for ages 5-8 (1-team of mixed ages), and competition teams, that are divided into age appropriate teams, this is based on age, not school grade.


Sideline practice begins on or about July 1st, and will  meet 1 time a week for a 2 hour practice. Practice is held at night from 6-8pm.  During practice, the girls will learn cheers, jumps, motions, and basic tumbling skills.


Once school opens, all practice will end, and the girls will meet and cheer for 1-game a week (6-8 games in total ) weather permitting until the season ends.


All girls on the sideline team will receive a sideline uniform to use for the season, (a pre-dated deposit check of $50 is required) and will be returned when the uniform is returned at the cheer award ceremony.


Competition teams are available, however the amount of spots that are available are different for each team, and change year to year.


If you are asked to be part of our competition program, all parents must sign a competition agreement, and fully understand the commitment that is needed to be part of the team.  If you are pulled from the sideline team, to the competition team, you will be required to pay the difference in the registration fee.  Practice schedules, gym times, tumble classes, etc, are different from team to team. Practice usually starts on or about July 1st, and will continue until the end of the competition season.


Our teams compete against other local youth cheerleading programs, and will be competing each and every weekend of October and November. The amount of competitions change each year, but there is a minimum of 1 per weekend, and sometimes there can be more than one.  Dates of the competitions are not set, and subject to change based on many factors.


There is an additional cost to when participating on the competition team.


All girls must purchase a competition uniform, sneakers, cheer bows, practice wear, attend tumbling classes, and more. This fee can range anywhere from $300-$500  Much of this cost, is off-set with fundraising that is done through-out the season.


Registration opens on March 1st, and registration for the sideline teams can be done directly on the website. Registration to the competitions are done through a wait-list process and you will be contacted if and when a spot opens on the competition team.


Our cheer teams participate and follow the rules and guidelines outlined by the Suffolk County Youth Cheerleading Association Constitution. Which can be found by visiting :                                                        


A parent meeting will be held in June, after school ends, and you will get the opportunity to meet the coaches, and learn more about the program.


Registration for the sideline team is $ 85 for ages 5-8


Registration for the competition team -all ages  is $135. All girls  in both programs will receive a "Sachem Cheer " tee to be worn at the games/practice.


All registration is NON-REFUNDABLE, as stated on our website.


All children participating in both programs will receive a trophy at the cheer awards.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I can be reached by email at : or


You can also visit our general facebook page and post any additional questions by clicking the link:


 Phyllis Hill- Cheer Director








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