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  • Welcome to the Stokes County Youth Basketball League Homepage
  • Youth Basketball for Boys & Girls Grades 3 - 12
  • Stokes County & Surrounding Areas

2014 - 2015 Season

Tradition, Honor and Passion

( 39 Years)

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Absolutely No Food or Drinks Will Be Allowed In Any Gyms This Year
Tobacco Use Will Not Be Permitted on School Property

Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Dec 21
3rd-6th Girls Division
Plus One Construction (Coach Moore) @ Piedmont Group (Coach Santoro) 2:30pm King Elementary School
Ann Chilton Realty (Coach Preston) @ Traffic Control Safety (Coach Miceli) 3:30pm King Elementary School
9th-12th Boys Division
KIC (Coach Clodfelter) @ Ann Chilton Realty (Coaches Westmoreland/Gordon) Postponed Chestnut Grove Middle School
Arbor Ridge (Coach McDaniel) @ Hartgrove Lawncare (Coach Hartgrove) Postponed Chestnut Grove Middle School
Pinnacle Movers (Coach Merritt) @ (Coach Marshall) Traffic Control Safety Postponed Chestnut Grove Middle School
(Coach Donald Shaw) Traffic Control Safety @ Piedmont Group (Coach Lankford) Postponed Chestnut Grove Middle School
Saturday,  Jan 3
3rd-4th Boys Division
Jones Landscaping (Coach Matt Moran) @ Ann Chilton Realty (Coach Santoro) 9:00am King Elementary School
Priddy Manor (Coaches Broyhill/Hartgrove) @ Traffic Control Safety (Coach Tracy Moran) 10:00am King Elementary School
3rd-6th Girls Division
Piedmont Group (Coach Santoro) @ Ann Chilton Realty (Coach Preston) 1:00pm King Elementary School
Plus One Construction (Coach Moore) @ Traffic Control Safety (Coach Miceli) 2:00pm King Elementary School
5th-6th Boys Division
Ann Chilton Realty (Coach Fitch) @ Helsabeck-Hall (Coach Heath) 11:00am King Elementary School
King Kitchen (Coach Gary Shaw) @ Piedmont Group (Coach Justis) 12:00pm King Elementary School
7th-8th Boys Division
KIC (Coach Hartle) @ Ann Chilton Realty (Coach Smith) 9:30am Chestnut Grove Middle School
Piedmont Group (Coach Duvall) @ Hartgrove Lawncare (Coach White) 10:30am Chestnut Grove Middle School
A Precise Comfort (Coach McDaniel) @ Traffic Control Safety (Coach Jones) 11:30am Chestnut Grove Middle School
Sunday,  Jan 4
9th-12th Boys Division
Piedmont Group (Coach Lankford) @ Arbor Ridge (Coach McDaniel) 1:30pm Chestnut Grove Middle School
(Coach Marshall) Traffic Control Safety @ KIC (Coach Clodfelter) 2:30pm Chestnut Grove Middle School
Ann Chilton Realty (Coaches Westmoreland/Gordon) @ (Coach Donald Shaw) Traffic Control Safety 3:30pm Chestnut Grove Middle School
Hartgrove Lawncare (Coach Hartgrove) @ Pinnacle Movers (Coach Merritt) 4:30pm Chestnut Grove Middle School

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