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(Forty-One Years of Excellence)




Upcoming Games

Saturday, Dec 10
3rd-4th Boys Division
Robert Rousseau (Ann Chilton Realty) @ John Mickey (Dick's Sporting Goods)12:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
Kelly Fitch (KIC) @ Randy Weidman (Traffic Control)1:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
3rd-6th Girls Division
Matt Moran (Traffic Control) @ Traci Pulliam (Carolina Crawlspace)12:00pmKing Elementary School
Denise Collins (Ann Chilton Realty) @ Brad White (Jerry Wilkins Electric)1:00pmKing Elementary School
5th-6th Boys Division
Josh Fuller (Jones Landscaping) @ Matt Allen (Traffic Control)9:00amKing Elementary School
Jamie Mabe (Ann Chilton Realty) @ Dwayne Broyhill (Carpet Worx)10:00amKing Elementary School
Matt Moran (Dick's Sporting Goods) @ Adam Lankford (Hartgrove Lawncare)11:00amKing Elementary School
Sunday, Dec 11
7th-8th Boys Division
John Collins (Ann Chilton Realty) @ Randy Ayers (Helsabeck-Hall)3:00pmKing Elementary School Gym
Dwight Gullion (Gullion's Christian Supply) @ Larry Hartle (King Kitchen)4:00pmKing Elementary School Gym
9th-12th Boys Division
Chris Hartgrove (Ann Chilton) @ Ronald Shaw (Jerry Wilkins Electric)2:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
Daniel Merritt (Dick's Sporting Goods) @ Ryan McDaniel (Priddy Manor)3:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
Myke Jones (Traffic Control) @ David Clodfelter (KIC)4:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
Phillip McDaniel (Arbor Ridge) @ Barry Marshall (Hargrove Lawncare)5:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
Saturday, Dec 17
3rd-4th Boys Division
John Mickey (Dick's Sporting Goods) @ Kelly Fitch (KIC)12:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
Randy Weidman (Traffic Control) @ Robert Rousseau (Ann Chilton Realty)1:00pmChestnut Grove Middle School
3rd-6th Girls Division
Brad White (Jerry Wilkins Electric) @ Matt Moran (Traffic Control)12:00pmKing Elementary School
Traci Pulliam (Carolina Crawlspace) @ Denise Collins (Ann Chilton Realty)1:00pmKing Elementary School
5th-6th Boys Division
Dwayne Broyhill (Carpet Worx) @ Josh Fuller (Jones Landscaping)9:00amKing Elementary School
Matt Allen (Traffic Control) @ Matt Moran (Dick's Sporting Goods)10:00amKing Elementary School
Adam Lankford (Hartgrove Lawncare) @ Jamie Mabe (Ann Chilton Realty)11:00amKing Elementary School

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