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Baseball is Back!!!!!!

We are all set for a new baseball/softball season at Stringtown Community Club for 2015. We are the home of the defending 2014 National League Pony Champions! We have teams available for all skill levels ages 5-14. We offer super competitive teams for those players with advanced skills, but most of our teams will be recreational teams that will focus more on the basic fundamentals of baseball/softball. Here are the sign-up dates for the 2015 season:


Saturday, February 14th  10:00-2:00

Saturday, February 21st  10:00-2:00

Saturday, February 28th 10:00-2:00

Saturday, March 7th   10:00-2:00


Thanks to all the support from our parents and sponsors, we have been able keep our fees the same as last year. Here are the sign-up fees for the 2015 season:


T-ball (3-5 years)  $60

Pinto league baseball  (6-8 years)  $100

Mustang league baseball (9-10 years)  $100

Bronco league baseball (11-12 years)  $110

Pony league baseball  (13-14 years)  $110

U8 softball (6-8 years) $100

U10 softball (9-10 years) $100

U12 softball (11-12 years) $100

U14 softball (13-14 years) $100