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Speed Agility and Endurance Training

                                                        SYAG Football invites all players and parents to our




When: Sunday, October 5th, 2014


1:30pm – 4:30pm 



Where: Sagamore/Chippewa Fields  



     Who: All Pee-Wee Division Players


       All Junior Division Players


                  All Intermediate Division Players


       All Senior Division Players


 All SYAG Cheerleaders


  (And their families)



Cost: (Free) Each child will be given:


 1 hot dog or hamburger, drink and chips. Any extra food will be for the parents.


We recommend each team bring their own tents, chairs food and beverages.


There will be lots of activities for each player including:



  Pass, Punt, competition for each division(trophies awarded) 

  Relay Races


 Pie Eating Contest      


          *Please let the team moms know if you will be attending so we havean approximate head count.                                 


                    *Any questions please call Christine 289-9671






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The SYAG (Sachem Youth Advisory Group) Football Program had a great 2013 season and is looking forward to another one in 2014!

Our Goal for this season, as in seasons past, is to give the children of our community the best opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of football while, at the same time, making new and lasting friendships.  We welcome children form all surrounding towns and school districts, not just Sachem.

SYAG football gives your children the "One on One" attention and instruction that they deserve.

In addition to Football, we have many fun events for the children to participate in throughout the season. We also have a night out where all of the parents get to socialize and have fun.

SYAG football is an In-House program which means you will not have to drive your child long distances to practices and games. All of our games are played at either Sagamore Middle School or on the turf Field in Medford just west of Route 112.

Our Football Program offers has four Divisions covering ages 5-12.

  • Pee Wee Division:  Ages 5&6
  • Junior Division:  Ages 7&8
  • Intermediate Division:  Ages 9&10
  • Senior Division:  Ages 11&12

The cost of the season is $160.  Siblings or any additional children joining are at a reduced rate of $100 per child.  Included in your registration fee, your child will receive a New High-Quality Game Jersey (not a sweaty, used one from the equipment bin), New Game Pants, and Helmet Stickers that are theirs to keep!  SYAG Football Supplies the children with Helmet, Shoulder Pads and Chinstrap that need to be returned at the end of the season.

Our Official opening weekend, where your child will be playing his or her first game or scrimmage, is the weekend after Labor Day. Our season continues through November and culminates with Super Bowls for each Divisions the weekend before Thanksgiving. 
Our Super Bowl Games are held at Sachem East High School.

Our Regular season games are played at Sagamore Middle School on Sundays and are normally always finished by 1pm.  Each Team will have at least one chance to play at the beautiful Medford turf field on a Saturday night during the season!

SYAG sports has been offering the children of the community youth sports for 43 years. All of you that are already part of our family, we thank you. For those of you looking to join us visit our website at SYAG.COM

We appreciate you taking the time out to read our message and hope to see you on the field!

Football Commissioner,
Michael Pazienza


Got Photo’s?
Have any pictures of a game, practice or event that you’d like to have posted up here on our website?
Email them to us:


We do. SYAG Football is now proud to offer our children multiple games at the state of the art facility, Medford athletic fields. Saturday night games will be played several weeks of the season. Check the schedules and directions links for more info.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Sep 20
Junior Division
Cowboys @ Avengers 5:30pm Medford Field
Ducks @ Texas Tech 6:45pm Medford Field
Senior Division
Auburn Tigers @ Florida Gators 8:00pm Medford Field
Sunday,  Sep 21
Nevada Wolf Pack @ Ducks 9:00am CHIPPEWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Intermediate Division
Giants @ Bulldogs 12:00pm CHIPPEWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Senior Division
Nevada Wolf Pack @ Sea Wolves 10:30am Sagamore Middle School
Ducks @ Texas Tech 12:00pm Sagamore Middle School
Saturday,  Sep 27
Senior Division
Notre Dame @ Auburn Tigers 5:30pm Coram Field (Diamond in the Pines)
Texas Tech @ Sea Wolves 6:45pm Coram Field (Diamond in the Pines)
Nevada Wolf Pack @ Ducks 8:00pm Coram Field (Diamond in the Pines)
Sunday,  Sep 28
Avengers @ Nevada Wolf Pack 9:00am CHIPPEWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Junior Division
Avengers @ Ducks 9:00am "The Pit" @ Sagamore Middle School
Steelers @ Texas Tech 10:30am "The Pit" @ Sagamore Middle School
Intermediate Division
Giants @ SYAG Saints 9:00am Sagamore Middle School
Bulldogs @ Tigers 10:30am Sagamore Middle School
Steelers @ Ducks 12:00pm Sagamore Middle School
Saturday,  Oct 4
Intermediate Division
Tigers @ SYAG Saints 5:30pm Medford Field
Steelers @ Giants 6:45pm Medford Field
Senior Division
Florida Gators @ Texas Tech 8:00pm Medford Field
Sunday,  Oct 5
Junior Division
Avengers @ Texas Tech 9:00am "The Pit" @ Sagamore Middle School
Cowboys @ Steelers 10:30am "The Pit" @ Sagamore Middle School
Intermediate Division
Bulldogs @ Ducks 9:00am Sagamore Middle School
Senior Division
Nevada Wolf Pack @ Notre Dame 10:30am Sagamore Middle School
Ducks @ Auburn Tigers 12:00pm Sagamore Middle School
Saturday,  Oct 11
Ducks @ Avengers 5:00pm Medford Field
Ducks @ Nevada Wolf Pack 5:00pm Medford Field
Nevada Wolf Pack @ Avengers 5:00pm Medford Field
Junior Division
Avengers @ Steelers 6:30pm Medford Field
Cowboys @ Ducks 8:00pm Medford Field
Sunday,  Oct 12
Intermediate Division
Steelers @ Tigers 10:30am CHIPPEWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Senior Division
Sea Wolves @ Notre Dame 9:00am Sagamore Middle School
Auburn Tigers @ Texas Tech 10:30am Sagamore Middle School
Florida Gators @ Ducks 12:00pm Sagamore Middle School
Saturday,  Oct 18
Intermediate Division
Giants @ Tigers 5:30pm Medford Field
Senior Division
Texas Tech @ Nevada Wolf Pack 6:45pm Medford Field
Sea Wolves @ Ducks 8:00pm Medford Field
Sunday,  Oct 19
Ducks @ Nevada Wolf Pack 10:30am CHIPPEWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
Junior Division
Texas Tech @ Cowboys 9:00am "The Pit" @ Sagamore Middle School
Steelers @ Ducks 10:30am "The Pit" @ Sagamore Middle School
Intermediate Division
Ducks @ SYAG Saints 9:00am Sagamore Middle School
Bulldogs @ Steelers 10:30am Sagamore Middle School
Senior Division
Notre Dame @ Florida Gators 12:00pm Sagamore Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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