• The Sparks Youth Girls Football is Southern California's first youth all girls tackle football.
  • This all girls youth league will offer more youngsters the
  • opportunity to further their participation in America's favorite sport in
  • the United States. And the first ever youth girls tackle football league in the country
  • Call us at 909-799-6938 or 909-798-7572
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Tackle Football is Here for Girls!!!

Sparks Youth Girls Football was created to give girls athletes an opportunity to develop and enhance their athleticism,strength and awareness in this hard hitting sport. They are given a chance to compete successfully on the Regional and National levels. We are committed to providing them with knowledge, skills and fundamentals from the best coaches in the area. While maintaining a positive professional environment and growth and building self confident young women. Sparks Youth Girls Football embraces the rich tradition of football across the nation, and giving the fans a new total entertainment experience. Being the founder and member of this organization means making history; and being a powerful positive female role model to young athletes; an being an ambassador of youth girls football.

Our Mission to teach "Self-Esteem" to Our Athletes:

Athletes play football because it's fun, challenging and exciting. Just about everyone loves being part of a team. Football teaches corporation and teamwork, helps develop positive social skills and teaches respect for others. It helps build self-worth, It enables the athlete to improve upon and develop a broad range of skills like throwing, catching, running, kicking, balance, agility and coordination. Because a large variety of skills, and physical abilities are required on a football team. There is a position for everyone to play.