Last Updated: April 18, 2015
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***Important Information***


Schedule:  Please make sure that you check the website for any updates on field conditions.  If a practice or game is rained out then we will update the website as soon as we get the information.


Baseball & Softball Raffle Winners:    26"  Easton Baseball Bat -  Cason Reese  

****Please pick up your bat in the        27" Easton Baseball Bat -  Brandi Lester   

Quad Concession Stand****                  29"  Easton Baseball Bat - Bonnie Goodin

                                                                    28"  Easton Softball Bat - Devon Jennings

                                                                   33"  Easton Softball Bat - Jim Jackson


6U & 8U Baseball Coaches:  Please make sure that your pitcher is wearing a helmet and face mask when he is fielding. 


10U Baseball Coaches:  10U is playing closed bases per the Dixie Rule Book.  Please make sure your players do not leave a base before the ball crosses home plate.  Also, there is no drop 3rd strike rule in 10U since it is closed bases.  


 All Coaches and Parents:  Please make sure that your players are wearing chin straps on their batting helmets.  We will have them on sale in the concession stand if you need one.  They are $2.50 and we are selling them at cost.  


Reporting Game Results:  Coaches please email your game results to any of the following board members.        Kenny Baker, Drew Lewis, or Chris Stephens 


All Coaches:  The home team keeps the official score book and the visiting team has he responsibility of running the score board.  Before the first game of the day the visiting team is responsible for getting the score board controllers from the appropriate concession stand.  After the last game of the day the visiting team is responsible for returning the score board controllers to the appropriate concession stand.  The controllers for the outer fields are stored in the small concession stand between fields 2 and 3.  The controllers for the quad score boards are stored in the big concession stand in the quad.  



Spring 2015

April 11th -   Baseball and Softball Pictures


April 20th -  Team Rosters turned in by coaches in order for Players to be eligible for All Stars


June 19-22 - Baseball District Tournaments:

                      6u TBall (Sherman)

                      8u Coach Pitch (Anna)


June 26-29 -   Baseball District Tournaments:

                        10u (Anna)

                        12u (Melissa)

                        9u & 11u (TBD)

                        14u (Melissa)


July 4-7 -   Baseball 6U and 8U State Tournament


July 11-14 -   Baseball 9U, 10U, 11U, and 12U State Tournament


July 14 -   Softball State Tournaments





Upcoming Games/Practices

Monday,  Apr 20
Academy 6U Baseball National
GreyGabill Homes Orioles @ Fairview Baptist Rangers 5:45pm OSP Field #3
Wynne & Smith Attorneys at Law Storm @ Bulldawg Investigations Minions 7:00pm OSP Field #3
The Bullpen 8U Baseball American
S & S Rams @ LaMesa Mudcats 7:15pm OSP Field #2
The Bullpen 8U Baseball National
Douglas's Distributing Braves @ Clay Precision Tornados 5:45pm OSP Field #2
Dr. Caskey Orthodontist 6U Softball
Breeze Pediatrics North Texas Venom @ Grace Lutheran Church Diamond Darling 6:00pm OSP Field #4
Collinsville @ Bowling Siding & Construction Pink Sox 7:15pm OSP Field #4
Tuesday,  Apr 21
8u Baseball Whitesboro
Whitesboro Muckdogs @ Whitesboro Rattlers 6:00pm Whitesboro (WHITECOTTON FIELD #3)
Whitesboro Express @ Whitesboro Bandits 7:15pm Whitesboro (WHITECOTTON FIELD #3)
Thursday,  Apr 23
Academy 6U Baseball American
Bulldawg Investigations Minions @ Red River Title ThunderCats 5:45pm OSP Field #3
Wire Products Supply Marlins @ S & S Rams 7:00pm OSP Field #3
The Bullpen 8U Baseball American
The Bullpen Sliders @ Growing Smart Learning Center Royals 7:15pm OSP Field #2
The Bullpen 8U Baseball National
Spirit Ink Rubber Ducks @ Diamond Towing Rangers 5:45pm OSP Field #2
8u Baseball Whitesboro
Whitesboro Express @ Whitesboro Muckdogs 6:00pm Whitesboro (WHITECOTTON FIELD #3)
Whitesboro Bandits @ Whitesboro Rattlers 7:15pm Whitesboro (WHITECOTTON FIELD #3)
Harlan Construction 10U Baseball
The Bullpen Sliders @ Strike Zone Lake Monsters 5:45pm OSP Field #9
Whitesboro Rattlers @ Whitesboro Muckdogs 6:00pm Whitesboro (WHITECOTTON FIELD #1)
S & S Rams @ TekWave ThunderCats 7:30pm OSP Field #9
Whitesboro Bandits @ Whitesboro Express 7:30pm Whitesboro (WHITECOTTON FIELD #1)
Next Level Sports 12U Baseball
Whitesboro Bandits @ Next Level Sports ThunderCats 5:45pm OSP Field #8
Stepping Stones Learning Center Rangers @ Harlan Construction Sliders 7:30pm OSP Field #8
Daybreak Venture 14U Baseball
Denison Swarm @ Denison Commanders 5:45pm Denison (Munson Park)
S & S Rams @ NT Mustangs 7:45pm Denison (Munson Park)
Past & Blast 10U Softball
Next Level Sports Road Runnners @ Caliber Rebel Pride 6:00pm OSP Field #4
Academy Sports Dirty Diamonds @ Whitesboro Riptide 7:30pm OSP Field #4

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