Last Updated: July 6, 2015

6U & 10U Dixie District Tournaments

July 2, 2015

SYSA would like to THANK everyone who volunteered and worked during the 6U & 10U District Baseball Tournaments.  It takes a lot of work to host tournaments.  We got a lot of positive feedback from many people saying that Sherman puts on a great tournament.  Thank You to all that made it possible:  DREW LEWIS, MORGAN KENNEDY, CHAD FINE & FAMILY, MISTY JERNIGAN, BECCA SCHMITZ, AARON WHITMIRE & FAMILY, BRYAN BEAVER, JARED CHISUM, STACY BATEMAN, CHARLES WHALEY, HEATHER BAKER, BEN REEVES, AND TONY BROWN. 



Football & Cheer Sign-Ups

Sign-Ups for Football and Cheer start May 1st.  To sign up please go to  




Spring 2015 


July 4-7 -   Baseball 6U (Sulpher Springs) and 8U State Tournament (Texarkana)


July 11-14 -   Baseball 10U (Texarkana)


July 14 -   8U Softball - Bryan Beaver and the Lady Bearcats in Sherman

                   10U Softball - Lisa Whitmire and the 10U Lady Bearcats play in Belton