Last Updated: October 1, 2014

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2014 Fall Baseball & Softball

September 30, 2014 – 09:50 AM
 Baseball Coaches:  Please check your schedule this week.  We are working on some scheduling conflicts.  We will contact the teams that are involved with the changes.  Also, if you have any questions as to where the fields are located, you can go to your schedule and click on the venue.  That should pull up a map for you.   





Oct 26th -  8u Fall Baseball Tournament  (Sherman)

                  9u Fall Baseball Tournament  (Bells)

                  12 Fall Baseball Tournament  (Sherman)


Oct 26th & Nov 2nd -  10u Fall Baseball Tournament  (Sherman)

                                    14u Fall Baseball Tournament  (Sherman & Denison)


 Dec 29th -   Online Registration for 2015 Spring Baseball & Softball Begins


 Jan 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st -  In person sign ups @ Academy for Baseball & Softball 


 Feb 7th -   Baseball and Softball Tryouts


Feb 14th -   Coaches Meeting


Feb 21st -   Baseball and Softball Draft


March 2 -   Practice Begins


April 4th -   Baseball and Softball Opening Ceremonies



Youth Football Signups

May 30, 2014

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Oct 2
8U Fall Softball
Lady Bearcats @ Heartbreakers 6:00pm OSP Field #7
Mojo Ultimate @ Heartbreakers 7:30pm OSP Field #7
Sunday,  Oct 5
8U Fall Baseball
Senators @ Sherman Sliders 1:00pm OSP Field #6
Sherman Sliders @ RiverCats 2:30pm OSP Field #6 RiverCats @ Senators 4:00pm OSP Field #6
10U Fall Baseball
Aggies @ Cardinals 1:00pm Bells
Durant Braves @ NTX Bruins 1:00pm OSP Field #5
Sherman ThunderCats @ Texas Bombers 1:00pm OSP Field #9
Cardinals @ Oklahoma Crush 2:30pm Bells
North Texas Nitros @ Durant Braves 2:30pm OSP Field #5
Texas Bombers @ Nokona Cowboys (Smith) 2:30pm OSP Field #9
Van Alstyne Wildcats @ Aggies 4:00pm Bells
Nokona Cowboys (Smith) @ Sherman ThunderCats 4:00pm OSP Field #5
Nokona Cowboys (Farley) @ FC Crush 4:00pm OSP Field #9
Oklahoma Crush @ Germania Insurance Gators 5:30pm Bells
FC Crush @ North Texas Nitros 5:30pm OSP Field #5
NTX Bruins @ Texoma MudCats 5:30pm OSP Field #9
Germania Insurance Gators @ Van Alstyne Wildcats 7:00pm Bells
Texoma MudCats @ Nokona Cowboys (Farley) 7:00pm OSP Field #9
12U Fall Baseball
Sherman ThunderCats @ Howe Aces 1:00pm OSP Field #1
Nokona Cowboys @ Sherman Storm 1:00pm OSP Field #8
Whiteboro Bearcats @ Sherman ThunderCats 2:45pm OSP Field #1
Cooke County Bullfrogs @ Nokona Cowboys 2:45pm OSP Field #8
Sherman Storm @ Whiteboro Bearcats 4:30pm OSP Field #1
Howe Aces @ Cooke County Bullfrogs 4:30pm OSP Field #8
14u Fall Baseball
NTX Nationals @ NTX Mustangs 1:00pm Denison (Munson Park)
NTX Aces @ Howe (Windon) 1:00pm Sherman (Rosedale)
NTX Mustangs @ Sherman Storm (Stephens) 2:45pm Denison (Munson Park)
Whitewright @ NTX Aces 2:45pm Sherman (Rosedale)
Howe (Riggs) @ NTX Nationals 4:30pm Denison (Munson Park)
Howe (Windon) @ Sherman Storm (Conner) 4:30pm Sherman (Rosedale)
Sherman Storm (Stephens) @ Howe (Riggs) 6:15pm Denison (Munson Park)
Sherman Storm (Conner) @ Whitewright 6:15pm Sherman (Rosedale)
Tuesday,  Oct 7
8U Fall Softball
Whitesboro @ Pottsboro 6:00pm OSP Field #3
12U Fall Softball
Electrified @ Knockouts 6:00pm OSP Field #4
Texas Elite @ Wildcats 6:00pm OSP Field #7
Electrified @ Knockouts 7:45pm OSP Field #4
Wildcats @ Texas Elite 7:45pm OSP Field #7

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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