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League Members go "BIG TIME" in International Event

The SkyBox Sports Bar is the official sponsor of Tewksbury Mens Basketball.  Drop by  The SkyBox, 553 Main Street, Tewksbury for your favorite beverage after your game and receive "Player Specials" when you wear your SKYBOX Basketball League shirt.  

Specials listed below.  (Orders cannot be taken "TO GO")

Post Game Player Deals:

$5 Large Cheese Pizza

$5 Cheeseburger


 Note:  Kitchen closes at 10:00 pm.  If you have the 9:00 game, call in your food order at halftime at 978-851-4818 and it will be ready when you arrive!!!!

Schedule posted for WEEK 1

September 18, 2016 – 11:00 AM

Schedule posted for WEEK 1 of the regular season

A few items to note:

IMPORTANT!!!  The league shirts may NOT be ready by tomorrow.  Repeating teams should bring their shirts from last league, just in case.  NEW teams should bring white shirts.  It might be a good idea to bring a couple colors, if you can.

Please be careful to note your LOCATION and DAY/DATE.  For the first 3 weeks, we will be playing MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.  After that, all games will be MONDAYS.

We play the first 3 weeks to establish parity.  If anyone would like to change divisions after week 3, either up or down, I will do my best to accommodate. We are down to 3 divisions, 27 teams.

The Big East has 11 teams.  So as to avoid BYE weeks, every week one team will have 2 games.  I will schedule these on MONDAY and WEDNESDAY to start, then the double-headers will be back-to-back.


The entire league is listed below in alphabetical order, to assist you in finding your team:

First Name Last Name Team Division
Terry Adams Team 19 Big East
Dave Allosso Team 17 Big East
Danny Altavesta Team 25 Ivy League
John Antonelli Team 23 Ivy League
Michael Asselin Team 23 Ivy League
Jamil Ball Team 19 Big East
Tommy Bauth Team 5 ACC
Matt Belaid-Akil Team 19 Big East
Tim Berry Team 16 Big East
Mohammed Bitahi Team 15 Big East
Kevin Block Team 3 ACC
Dan Borgasano Team 15 Big East
Mike Borgasano Team 15 Big East
Dan Borgasano Team 15 Big East
Mark Bouchard Team 3 ACC
Pat Bradanese Team 7 ACC
Matt Brooks Team 13 Big East
Thomas Brooks Team 17 Big East
Chris Bruno Team 22 Ivy League
Paul Budra Team 24 Ivy League
Jason Bunker Team 3 ACC
Michael Burns Team 11 Big East
Bobby Burns Team 12 Big East
Darryl Caffee Team 11 Big East
Gil Camacho Team 21 Ivy League
Brendan Campbell Team 1 ACC
Ryan Carlson Team 1 ACC
Kevin Carlson Team 26 Ivy League
Nelson Carrasco Team 21 Ivy League
Tim Chhay Team 8 ACC
Matthew Cimmino Team 25 Ivy League
Chris Clark Team 17 Big East
JC Colon Team 4 ACC
Steve Corso Team 17 Big East
Russ Coward Team 2 ACC
Jason Cranford Team 22 Ivy League
Chris Crescenzo Team 16 Big East
Brian Curley Team 26 Ivy League
Jeff Daigle Team 26 Ivy League
Tim Daly Team 19 Big East
Shaun Dapkas Team 17 Big East
Billy davila Team 6 ACC
Mike Davis Team 1 ACC
Sean Day Team 16 Big East
Brendan Day Team 16 Big East
Mike Deacetis Team 12 Big East
Chris Deacetis Team 12 Big East
Matt Deassis Team 9 Big East
James Dec Team 21 Ivy League
Jim Dec Team 21 Ivy League
Chris Degree Team 15 Big East
Frank DeLucia Team 16 Big East
Dave Dentronment Team 24 Ivy League
Dave Desimone Team 15 Big East
Dan Desmond Team 22 Ivy League
Orisis Dominguez Team 18 Big East
Grant Donohoe Team 21 Ivy League
Eric Duffy Team 15 Big East
Gbah Duwali Team 4 ACC
Mike Earley Team 1 ACC
Craig Eaton Team 23 Ivy League
Ethan Eloi Team 9 Big East
Corey Everleigh Team 2 ACC
Chris farrow Team 7 ACC
Nick Fay Team 12 Big East
Sean Fitzgerald Team 7 ACC
Alan Fletcher Team 22 Ivy League
Sean Foley Team 27 Ivy League
TJ Forsythe Team 1 ACC
Brian Foti Team 9 Big East
Travis Friend Team 4 ACC
Jay Friend Team 5 ACC
Keith Frongillo  Team 20 Ivy League
Dave Fullerton Team 22 Ivy League
Brad Gahagan Team 25 Ivy League
Jon Garcia Team 2 ACC
Juan Garcia Team 18 Big East
Mike Garcia Team 20 Ivy League
Cliff Gardner Team 5 ACC
Anthony Giatore Team 1 ACC
Kendall Gillians Team 19 Big East
Steven Gonzalez Team 5 ACC
Bob Graham Team 2 ACC
DJ Greenhalge Team 4 ACC
Alex Guarino Team 16 Big East
Jesse Gulino Team 10 Big East
Matt Hachey Team 12 Big East
Bobby Hamilton Team 22 Ivy League
Sean Hannon Team 10 Big East
Ryan Hannon Team 10 Big East
Chris Hart Team 3 ACC
Marcuss Henry Team 2 ACC
Kasey Higgins Team 7 ACC
Allyn Hood Team 27 Ivy League
Bobby Hughes Team 21 Ivy League
Pat Hurley Team 22 Ivy League
Gary Hutchins Team 23 Ivy League
Guillermo irizarry  Team 6 ACC
Dan Johnson Team 2 ACC
Dan Johnson Team 14 Big East
Robert Jones Team 17 Big East
Yves Kalambi Team 5 ACC
Joe Killion Team 13 Big East
Tom Komow Team 23 Ivy League
Joe Kukler Team 22 Ivy League
Jim Lamarche Team 21 Ivy League
Ryan Leahy  Team 20 Ivy League
Kevin Lee Team 24 Ivy League
Dave Libby Team 2 ACC
Dave Lin Team 24 Ivy League
Austin Linehan Team 7 ACC
Brendan Locke Team 18 Big East
Brendan Lovejoy Team 24 Ivy League
Dan MacNeil Team 27 Ivy League
Joe Mahoney Team 7 ACC
Sean Mahoney Team 12 Big East
Jimmy Maksian Team 12 Big East
Jamie Mara Team 27 Ivy League
Tyler Martini Team 9 Big East
Chris Mastone Team 14 Big East
Rob Mauri Team 18 Big East
Andre Mayer Team 23 Ivy League
Dave McCauley Team 14 Big East
Chris McCormick Team 16 Big East
Jack McDonough Team 26 Ivy League
Frankie McInnis Team 25 Ivy League
Dan Medeiros Team 10 Big East
Adrian Mendoza Team 11 Big East
Tim Millmore Team 14 Big East
Scott Miln Team 13 Big East
Matt Monico Team 14 Big East
Jake Moulton Team 27 Ivy League
Cam Murphy Team 9 Big East
Chris Murphy Team 9 Big East
Pete Niejadlik Team 14 Big East
Jason Nieuweboer Team 17 Big East
Justin Nobrega Team 18 Big East
Brendan O'keefe Team 25 Ivy League
Brandon O'keefe Team 25 Ivy League
Mike Oliveria Team 13 Big East
Mike Ormord Team 11 Big East
Gil ortiz Team 6 ACC
Brian Osterman Team 13 Big East
John Osterman Team 13 Big East
Mark Palladino Team 21 Ivy League
Vishal Patel Team 24 Ivy League
Shiv Patel Team 24 Ivy League
Matt Perry Team 8 ACC
Mike Perry Team 13 Big East
Mike Petrowski Team 1 ACC
Josh Pfeil Team 3 ACC
Eric Ponn Team 19 Big East
Scott Price Team 3 ACC
Will Prince Team 10 Big East
Miguel Quinones Team 19 Big East
Linton Ranson Team 19 Big East
Jose rashid Team 6 ACC
Matt Rauseo Team 27 Ivy League
Jeff Rauseo Team 27 Ivy League
Mike Reichert Team 12 Big East
Eric Rennell Team 26 Ivy League
Mike Roache Team 8 ACC
Mike Roberts Team 20 Ivy League
Greg Rosa Team 18 Big East
Derek Sabbag Team 9 Big East
Patterson Seney Team 26 Ivy League
Mark Shea Team 1 ACC
Joe Sheehan Team 7 ACC
Derek Sim Team 4 ACC
Joel Skaaland Team 26 Ivy League
Bob Smith Team 23 Ivy League
Thomas Soloski Team 17 Big East
Chet Som Team 5 ACC
Chuck Strickland Team 20 Ivy League
Tim Sughrue Team 18 Big East
Brian Sullivan Team 13 Big East
Brian Sullivan Team 26 Ivy League
Derek Tarpey Team 25 Ivy League
Gary Thayer Team 20 Ivy League
Dee Thomes Team 8 ACC
Brian Timmons Team 3 ACC
Joe Tower Team 10 Big East
Miguel trinidad Team 6 ACC
Pedro trinidad Team 6 ACC
Jason Tucker Team 20 Ivy League
Nokio Twombasi Team 5 ACC
Marco Valdovinos Team 16 Big East
Pedro vasquez Team 6 ACC
Jeremy Vaughn Team 8 ACC
Jeff Vecchi Team 2 ACC
Jeremy Vieira Team 4 ACC
Derrick Walker Team 8 ACC
Michael Walsh Team 23 Ivy League
Dylan Wells Team 18 Big East
Tyler Whelan Team 10 Big East
Mike Whitehouse Team 14 Big East
Dave Whitney Team 2 ACC
Pete Yates Team 8 ACC
Jay Zani Team 20 Ivy League
Anthony Zeoli Team 4 ACC


This is the link to register and pay:


Remember that even after you create a LOG IN and USERNAME you still need to REGISTER for MENS BASKETBALL through Adult Education.  


The "class" is under ADULT EDUCATION FALL 2016.  The class is called 6A MENS BASKETBALL.






Ivy League Champs - Gray

June 2, 2016

A-10 Champs - Black

June 2, 2016

Big East Champs - TAN

June 2, 2016

ACC Champs - Purple

June 2, 2016

NBA Champs - Blue

June 2, 2016


May 23, 2016

Ivy League: Team 37 - Gray

A-10: Team 30 - Black

Big East: Team 23 - Tan

ACC:  Team 14 - Purple

Ivy League: Team 33 - Gray


Pictures will be up soon....

See you in the fall


Ivy League Champs Crowned

Ivy League Champs - Fall 2015 - BLACK

Big East Champs Crowned

Big East Champs - Gray Fall 2015

ACC Champs Crowned

ACC Champs Fall 2015 - GREEN

NBA Champs Crowned

NBA Champs Fall 2015 - BLUE

League Members go "BIG TIME" in International Event

May 20, 2015

Congrats and Best Wishes to Will, Dom, Pek & Soap, from our NBA Division's Green Team, as they compete at the SouthEast Asia Games in Singapore from June 5-16.  

Bring home some hardware, Gentlemen!

See Lowell Sun article:






Has anyone seen me???