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Fall 2016 League Starting
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League Members go "BIG TIME" in International Event

Over 40 Pick up on Thursdays

Due to several requests from some of our more "experienced" players, we are testing the waters to see if there's enough interest to start an over 40 pick-up basketball night on Thursdays at the Ryan from 8:00-10:00 in the fall.  This will be a non-structured, show up and play activity, but you do have to register online to participate.  Registration will be limited to the first 20 players.  The program will NOT run if we don't get at least 15 committed.  This program will cost $50 for 10 weeks beginning September 15.

Fall 2016 League Starting

Fall 2016 Mens League starting registration and pick up nights on

Monday, September 12, Thursday September 15.  

New players or teams are required to attend one of these sessions

Returning players/teams can email me with your interest level and roster requests at




10 week season 

Multiple Divisions based on skill level of the team as a whole. Last year we had roughly 300 players

Register as a team (8 players per team), an individual or any # in between (small group), we can make something work

Playoffs at end of season

T-shirts provided

All games refereed by 2 IAABO officials

Games Mondays between 6:00-10:00***HOWEVER: due to some HS athletic conflicts the first few weeks of the season, some games MAY be played on WEDNESDAYS during September.  Plan accordingly, when/if you decide to play.

$125 per player

Players must register through Community Pass at:

email questions to Dave Libby at





Some players have had difficulty Registering and Paying using Community Pass.  

I have compiled some instructions which I hope will help:


Remember that even after you create a LOG IN and USERNAME you still need to REGISTER for MENS BASKETBALL through Adult Education






Ivy League Champs - Gray

June 2, 2016

A-10 Champs - Black

June 2, 2016

Big East Champs - TAN

June 2, 2016

ACC Champs - Purple

June 2, 2016

NBA Champs - Blue

June 2, 2016


May 23, 2016

Ivy League: Team 37 - Gray

A-10: Team 30 - Black

Big East: Team 23 - Tan

ACC:  Team 14 - Purple

Ivy League: Team 33 - Gray


Pictures will be up soon....

See you in the fall


Playoff INFO

Schedules are up for all divisions for Semi-Finals and Finals on May 23.

Good Luck

Remaining Regular Season Posted

April 1, 2016


We had some movement among one wanted to move DOWN from any division...appreciate the confidence!!!

We moved 2 teams up into the ACC and this created a 10 team division. Note that some of the ACC games are at the High School, please be sure to check your locations, so you go to the right gym. Bottom 4 ACC teams will have "play-in" games on May move on, losers will get a consolation game on May 16.  Top 6 ACC teams will get another regular season game amongst each other on May 9, so that day's schedule is TBD

Two teams moved up from A-10 to the Big East, leaving the (inappropriately named) A-10 with just 6 teams.  


THE WEEK OF MAY 1 & 2 got tricky due to Town Meeting at the HIGH SCHOOL on Monday, May 2, so we secured the High School gym on Sunday, May 1 from 4:00-8:00.  Please pay attention to your schedule that week, so no one misses their game.  SOME TEAMS have games on Sunday for that week ONLY.


YES, we ARE playing on Patriots Day


Spring League Status (UPDATED)

February 26, 2016




We have teams on wait lists looking to get IN...if your players aren't registered, you may get bumped from the league and get replaced by another team or player.....I hate chasing guys for money and to register....please don't avoid me, if you need a couple of weeks to pay, that is fine, man up and just tell me!!!

YOU MUST register for the course #10 - Mens Basketball in ADULT EDUCATION WINTER SPRING 2016 at the Community Pass website

Players can pay online or bring a check (no cash), but ALL PLAYERS HAVE TO REGISTER here.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Over the years, we have had FEW problems with referees...let's keep it that way!!!  They are doing the best job they can.  Some calls are going to go for you and some against you, chirping about every play, will not help. Trust me, I referee and it is distracting and makes some refs lose focus.  You are not going to influence calls in your favor by complaining.  There will be site directors at every game, so you can talk to them about a situation after the game, if you feel there was a problem.  At the end of the day, we're all just trying to have a good time, playing a fun sport, keep it in perspective.  If you came here to be angry and bark at refs, we will refund your money and send you home. me with questions

Dave Libby

Ivy League Champs Crowned

Ivy League Champs - Fall 2015 - BLACK

Big East Champs Crowned

Big East Champs - Gray Fall 2015

ACC Champs Crowned

ACC Champs Fall 2015 - GREEN

NBA Champs Crowned

NBA Champs Fall 2015 - BLUE

League Members go "BIG TIME" in International Event

May 20, 2015

Congrats and Best Wishes to Will, Dom, Pek & Soap, from our NBA Division's Green Team, as they compete at the SouthEast Asia Games in Singapore from June 5-16.  

Bring home some hardware, Gentlemen!

See Lowell Sun article:






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