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Tri-County League Cheer & Dance Championship

October 29, 2016 – 03:00 PM

The Tri-County League's Cheer & Dance Competition will take place on Saturday, October 29th at 3pm in the John Tyler High School Gym.  It's Time to Bring It ON!!!!  For information, contact the league cheer and dance competition coordinator, Karesa Cooper-Jones, at 903-521-4988.

2nd Annual Junior Rose City Bowl--Tyler, TX

December 3, 2016

Click on the Rose for Bowl Game Application & information. 2nd Annual Rose City Bowl will take place in Tyler, TX.  Location to be announced. Game will be on an artificial turf field in Tyler, TX on December 3rd.  Entry fee is $125 per team.  Entry deadline is Monday, November 28th.  Each bowl team will receive 1st or 2nd place Gold Football trophies.   Team members will receive medals after each bowl game.

2016 & 2017 Season Tri-County League Executive Board

The Tri-County Youth Football Alliance would like to say congrats to the newly elected executive board and officers for the 2016 & 2017 seasons.


Chad Ward

Vice President--Northern Conference

Kevin Tinney

Vice President--Southern Conference Chris Kolbo

Stan Traylor


Chasady Boniol

Cheer & Dance

Competition Coordinator

Karesa Cooper-Jones




Tri-County Youth Football League Information

The Tri-County Youth Football League offers youth football for kids in the 5 to 12 age range. Our league has 22 organizations. Our league is divided into Northern & Southern Football Conferences and each conference is divided into 2 divisions.


Northern Conference
Northeast Division
Northern Conference
Northwest Division
Atlanta Bulldogs
Carthage (Panola County) Bulldogs



Daingerfield Tigers


Jefferson (Marion County) Bulldogs

Kilgore Bulldogs

Pittsburg Pirates

Marshall Lions

Texarkana Cowboys


Marshall Longhorns



Rusk County Panthers

 Southern Conference
Southeast Division
 Southern Conference
Southwest Division
Chapel Hill Bulldogs


Bullard Panthers
East Texas Longhorns


Cherokee County Eagles

Tyler Lions
Jacksonville Tribe
Tyler Red Raiders


Palestine Westwood Panthers


Tyler Saints
Troup Tigers

Whitehouse Wildcats
 The top 3 teams in each division based on divisional games winning percentage advance to the playoffs: 1st place teams in each division will receive byes for the 1st round of the playoffs.

Football Information

We have the following divisions of play and weight limits:

DivisionAge RangeBall Carrier Weight RangeOverall Weight Limit
Flag Football Ages 5 & 6 No ball carrier weight limit
Freshmen Ages 7 & 8
85 lbs.
No Weight Limit
Sophomore Ages 9 & 10
110 lbs.
No weight limit  
Junior Ages 11 & 12
120 lbs.
No weight limit

**Age as of May 31st is considered the team member's age for the entire season. We don't have weight limits for playing, but we do have ball carrier weight limits for the safety of the kids.

Division winners and runner-ups advance to the area playoffs.

Cheerleading Information

The Tri-County Youth Football League offers cheerleading for kids in the 5 to 15 range. The cheerleading teams support and cheer for the football teams at game during the year. The league has an end of year league cheerleading competion for the teams.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Oct 29
Northeast Flag Division
Carthage Bulldogs @ Pittsburg Pirates9:00amPittsburg High School Football Stadium
Northeast Freshmen Division
Kilgore Bulldogs @ Pittsburg Pirates10:00amPittsburg High School Football Stadium
Northeast Sophomore Division
Kilgore Bulldogs @ Daingerfield Tigers12:00pmWest Rusk High School Stadium
Northeast Juniors Division
Kilgore Bulldogs @ Atlanta Bulldogs2:00pmWest Rusk High School Stadium
Northwest Flag Division
Marion County (Jefferson) Bulldogs @ Kilgore Bulldogs9:00amWest Rusk High School Stadium
Northwest Freshmen Division
Texarkana Cowboys @ Carthage Bulldogs10:00amWest Rusk High School Stadium
Northwest Sophomore Division
Pittsburg Pirates @ Marshall Conquering Lions12:00pmPittsburg High School Football Stadium
Northwest Juniors Division
Marion County (Jefferson) Bulldogs @ Henderson Lions2:00pmPittsburg High School Football Stadium
Southeast Flag Division
Troup Tigers @ (Whitehouse) Wildcats9:00amJacksonville High School Practice Field
Southeast Freshman Division
Palestine Westwood Panthers @ Tyler Red Raiders10:00amRobert E. Lee High School Practice Field
Southeast Sophomore Division
Palestine Westwood Panthers @ Tyler Lions12:00pmJacksonville High School Practice Field
Southeast Juniors Division
Troup Tigers @ East Texas Longhorns2:00pmRobert E. Lee High School Practice Field
Southwest Flag Division
Tyler Saints @ Rusk Eagles9:00amRobert E. Lee High School Practice Field
Southwest Freshman Division
Tyler Lions @ Bullard Panthers10:00amJacksonville High School Practice Field
Southwest Sophomore Division
Tyler Red Raiders @ (Whitehouse) Wildcats White12:00pmRobert E. Lee High School Practice Field
Southwest Juniors Division
(Whitehouse) Wildcats @ Jacksonville Tribe2:00pmJacksonville High School Practice Field
Saturday, Nov 5
Northeast Flag Division
POSITION/TBD @ Texarkana Cowboys9:00amTo Be Announced
Northeast Freshmen Division
POSITION/TBD @ Marion County (Jefferson) Bulldogs10:00amTo Be Announced
Northeast Sophomore Division
POSITION/TBD @ Atlanta Bulldogs12:00pmTo Be Announced
Northeast Juniors Division
POSITION/TBD @ Daingerfield Tigers2:00pmTo Be Announced
Northwest Flag Division
POSITION/TBD @ Marshall Conquering Lions9:00amTo Be Announced
Northwest Freshmen Division
POSITION/TBD @ Henderson Lions10:00amTo Be Announced
Northwest Sophomore Division
POSITION/TBD @ Rusk County Panthers12:00pmTo Be Announced
Northwest Juniors Division
POSITION/TBD @ Marshall Conquering Lions2:00pmTo Be Announced
Southeast Flag Division
POSITION/TBD @ Tyler Lions2:00pmJohn Tyler High Football Field
Southeast Freshman Division
POSITION/TBD @ East Texas Longhorns3:00pmJohn Tyler High Football Field
Southeast Sophomore Division
POSITION/TBD @ (Whitehouse) Wildcats Maroon12:00pmWhitehouse Wildcat Stadium
Southeast Juniors Division
POSITION/TBD @ Tyler Lions7:00pmJohn Tyler High Football Field
Southwest Flag Division
POSITION/TBD @ Jacksonville Tribe9:00amWhitehouse Wildcat Stadium
Southwest Freshman Division
POSITION/TBD @ Jacksonville Tribe10:00amWhitehouse Wildcat Stadium
Southwest Sophomore Division
POSITION/TBD @ Jacksonville Tribe12:00pmJohn Tyler High Football Field
Southwest Juniors Division
POSITION/TBD @ Palestine Westwood Panthers2:00pmWhitehouse Wildcat Stadium
Saturday, Nov 19
Super Bowl
North Champion @ South Champion9:00amBullard High School Stadium
North Champion @ South Champion10:00amBullard High School Stadium
North Champion @ South Champion12:00pmBullard High School Stadium
North Champion @ South Champion2:00pmBullard High School Stadium

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct 29
Wildcard Weekend9:00am
Saturday, Nov 5
Divisional Round Playoffs9:00am
Saturday, Nov 12
Conference Championships1:00pm
Saturday, Nov 19
Super Bowl9:00amBullard High School Stadium

For a complete calendar listing, click here!