Last Updated: February 16, 2017
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We are the Twin Town Warriors, a travel baseball league representing the Averill Park, Sand Lake, West Sand Lake, North Greenbush, Poestenkill, and Wynantskill area .  The league is affiliated with Twin Town Little League, providing an additional level of competitive play, operating in the ESBL.  Travel in the league is limited to weekends and is typically within an hour’s drive.  Teams are organized by age from 8u through 13u.  Players on the Warriors are required to participate on Twin Town Little League teams through their respective seasons.



Congratulations to the winners of our Super Bowl Fundraiser! 


Coach Gibson's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #496

Winner: Pat Verhagen

Sold by: Dylan Rouleau

 2nd Quarter ($100)

Ticket #406

Winner: Claire Koval

Sold by: Tim Koval

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #493

Winner: Diane and Mike O'Connor

Sold by: Dylan Rouleau 

 Final Score ($300) 

Ticket #446

Winner: Marci Ruppert 

Sold by: Hayden Dingee 


 Coach Murphy's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #552

Winner: Paula Hunziker

Sold by: Blake Kilgallon

 2nd Quarter ($100) 

Ticket #584

Winner: Carmela Moore

Sold by: Sean Moore

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #579

Winner: Sean Moore

Sold by: Sean Moore

 Final Score ($300)

Ticket #514

Winner: Kelly Ahearn

Sold by: Patrick Ayotte 


  Coach Borton's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #618

Winner:Chris Pollard

Sold by: Jack Pollard

 2nd Quarter ($100)

Ticket #681

Winner: Tina Schoomiken

Sold by: Carter Zimmerman

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #689

Winner: Alice Jacobs

Sold by: Carter Zimmerman

 Final Score ($300)

Ticket #606

Winner: Joe Murray

Sold by: Jack Pollard 


 Coach Thorsen's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #796

Winner: Mary Rundell

Sold by: Joey Bradt 

 2nd Quarter ($100)

Ticket #723

Winner: John Coon

Sold by: Evan Coon

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #768

Winner: Brad Guennther

Sold by: Josh Guenther

 Final Score ($300)

Ticket #726

Winner: John Coon

Sold by: Evan Coon


 Coach Decker's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #865

Winner: Mazzariello

Sold by: Mazzariello

 2nd Quarter ($100)

Ticket #883

Winner: Matt Moore

Sold by: O'Connell

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #824

Winner: Roseann Vye

Sold by: Liam Ouimet

 Final Score ($300)

Ticket #899

Winner: Walt Apple

Sold by: Tim Thomas


 Coach Terrsco's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #960

Winner: Pam Kenneally 

Sold by: John Bonaquisti

 2nd Quarter ($100)

Ticket #910

Winner: Maria Massa

Sold by: Shea Thorpe

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #929

Winner: Crotty

Sold by: Crotty

 Final Score  ($300)

Ticket #913

Winner: Alex Blizinski

Sold by: Joe Blizinski


 Coach Macarelli's Team

1st Quarter ($50)

Ticket #1012

Winner: Susan Brown

Sold by: Tyler Murray

 2nd Quarter ($100)

Ticket #1025

Winner: Aaron Brundige

Sold by: Austin Brundige

 3rd Quarter ($50)

Ticket #1042

Winner: Patty Murray

Sold by: Stephen Koval

 Final Score  ($300)

Ticket #1058

Winner: Robert Benson

Sold by: Braden Rivera 




Thank you for your generous donation to The Twin Town Warriors Travel Baseball Organization


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Warrior Standings in the ESBL

 To find out how your team is performing within the ESBL league check out the website here.

Upcoming Games

Sunday, Feb 26
9U Warriors
PRACTICE Twin Town Warriors 9U-G10:30amFrozen Ropes Albany
PRACTICE Twin Town Warriors 9U-M5:30pmFrozen Ropes Albany
10U Warriors
PRACTICE Twin Town Warriors4:00pmFrozen Ropes Albany
11U Warriors
PRACTICE Twin Town Warriors 11U-T4:00pmFrozen Ropes Albany
Monday, Feb 27
10U Warriors
PRACTICE Twin Town Warriors5:30pmFrozen Ropes Albany
12U Warriors
PRACTICE Twin Town Warriors 12U-M8:00pmFrozen Ropes Albany

For a complete schedule listing, click here!