Last Updated: April 3, 2015
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2015 11th Grade Girls-AAU Super Regional Runner-Up.  Congrats to Coach Walter Filer and the Girls Team for a job well done in Birmingham, AL this past weekend. They qualified for Division 1 play at AAU Nationals.

2015 11th Grade Grils

2015 10th Grade Boys 1st Place: Birmingham Blue Devils (Blue)

2015 10th Grade Girls 1st Place: Alabama Twisters

2015 Tournament Results!!!

Age/Gender Group                       1st Place                                        Runner-Up

4th Grade Boys                             AL Premier                                    AL Hustlers

5th Grade Boys                             Northport Jaquars                         AL Hustlers

6th Grade Boys                             Bledsoe ICE                                  AL Premier

7th Grade Boys                             Montgomery Fire                           Bledsoe ICE

8th Grade Boys                             Alabama Cobras                           SBA Gators

9th Grade Boys                             Tusc. Warriors (Sherfield)             B'ham Blue Devils

10th Grade Boys                           Bham Blue Devils-Blue                 GTA

11th/12th Grade Boys                   Tusc. Magic                                  Tusc. Warriors (Perry)


5th Grade Girls-Pool Play              Tusc. Warriors (Van Horn)           Akron Rams 

6th Grade Girls-Pool Play              AL Twisters                                  Team Storm

5th/6th Grade Girls-Bracket Play   Team Storm                                 Tusc. Warrios (Rice)   

7th Grade Girls                              AL Elite                                         AL Lynx                                         

8th Grade Girls                              Tuscaloosa Lynx                          AL Hustlers

9th Grade Girls                              AL Sparks                                    AL Blazers

10th Grade Girls                            AL Twisters                                  AL Hustlers

11th Grade Girls                            ITM Angels                                  Tusc. Warriors (Filer)


The Tuscaloosa Warriors Basketball (TWBC) extends a sincere appreciation and thanks to all participating teams, players, coaches, parents and fans of this year's tournament.  We are looking forward to improving in all areas and providing another quality tournament in 2016. Look forward to seeing you all then!!!