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  • Tryouts for Fall 2011 are August 13 & 20th
  • Call for a tryout as we will be playing fall ball
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Enjoy the Holiday Season and start planning for Spring baseball Now!!
Brian Vikander Former Pitching Instructor to the Utah Fire
Now Instructing the Pros


   Former Pitching Instructor to the Utah Fire Baseball Club was recently offer and has accepted an instructor position with the top collegiate and professional pitching organization in the United States, the Rod Dedaux Research and Baseball Institute (RDRBI)  Named after the famous Southern California USC coach that won a record 11 College World Series Baseball Championships, Brian is now considered among the truly elite category among instructors and coaches.

   David Molinaro, the former general manager for the Utah Fire baseball club commented: “Brian is one of the best instructors or coaches I have ever seen.  I played college and semi-pro baseball and thought I knew pitching, but compared to Brian, I knew nothing.  I sent 12 of my youth pitchers to him over the past 4 years and he was the only one I would recommended.  My average pitchers became good. My good pitchers became better and my better pitchers we may see on television someday.  I know of one 15-16 year old local resident resident that has already garnered some national attention due to his improved performance after Brian’s instruction.”
   In talking with Brian I could hear the child-like excitement and energy in his voice when talking about America’s favorite pastime, baseball.   “My first week on staff with Tom House, NPA and RDRBI has been splendid. Working with talented and committed pitchers, a superb NPA staff on the campus of USC ... perhaps, it could be better ... and I could be happier but I don't know how. Today was 'bullpen' day and I worked with 6 guys throwing 90+. In a couple of weeks I will see the 'big boys' come in Cole Hamels, Barry Zito, etc. I am stoked!!”
   Brian continues to work with local kids in Utah while commuting to the West coast weekly.   His record this past year included the instruction of many of the top 5A, 4A & 3A pitchers in the state of Utah.  Possibly a first ever for this to happen in Utah, but hopefully not the last.   For those of us that have worked with him and have seen the results of his efforts, we hope that Southern California keeps calling, but his love and passion for our local players keep him from hearing them and we keep him here in Utah for many years to come.
   The photo was taken at Dedeaux Field USC Campus ... Tom House, Matt Mitchell (KC Royals AA with 3 + pitches ... currently sitting at 96mph with his 4 seam). 

Upcoming Baseball Season

June 6, 2011
Thanks & the Upcoming Baseball Season
Congratulations for everyone for making through the Spring 2011 season.   12u's played over official games and another 16 scrimmages this year for a total of 88 games!   Just what many of the better Utah High School programs want to see in your players.....a LOT of games and good sound instruction at practices.   And I know that some of you are still playing summer games and will probably finish well over 100 games prior to the fall season starting (Kauffman, Molinaro, etc..)   Tryouts are scheduled throughout the year for those of you that participate in other sports or are looking for another team.

13u's finished the year with over 71 official games between January 30 and June 30 (5 months) and another 10 scrimmages on top of that for 81 games for the spring season.  A lot of playing experience that you can only get in a game.   Add the 100+ hours of practices on know that you spent a lot of time on baseball.  My hope is that you learned as much as possible and be ready for your next coaches at the high school level.

I did want to give a big thanks to all of the parents and family members that made this season possible.  Some of you will be moving on to your high school programs where in Utah the maximum number of games is 24 prior to the playoffs.  Fortunately over 50% of the high schools make the playoffs in Utah.  

I encourage each of you to continue playing baseball as long as you are physically capable and as much as possible and most baseball fearlessly with 100% effort on every play.  I look forward to following your progress in the coming years and read of your winning state high school championships and later going on to play at the collegiate and possibly professional levels.  Coach David Molinaro 
Coach David Molinaro (& Jackson) Returning to Texas.
Thanks to all of you that made my family and I so welcomed here in the state of Utah.  These past 12 years of baseball have provided a lot of great memories and the opportunity to work with so many talented kids.   My hope is that I have brought a little bit of Texas baseball to Utah and all of you that have played for me learned more than the basics of how to "play a position" or "how to field a ball", but more importantly how to truly "play the GAME" so that you can pass on your knowledge someday to others.  I tried to cover as much as possible and still only scratched the surface of what is possible. 

UPDATE:   We arrived in Texas and Jackson (12u) had his tryouts and made the Texas Mavericks his first week here.  They are ranked 19th in the nation out of 398 registered teams.    He played in the Super Series-World Series   tournament last week and hit .500 with three shots off the 225ft fences and added 15RBI's to his teams performance.  His new team and picture are displayed below with the web link ( to the tournament results, national rankings and the Super Series tournament game results are included.  Jackson is front row to the far right.     I was pleased to have confirmed that what we taught to the Utah Fire kids these past 3 seasons carried over so well to playing ball in Texas for a nationally ranked team.  My hope is that each of you learned as much and practiced as often so that when you want to move up to the next level of competition: high school, college and possible professional baseball, you have the experience, tools and the knowledge to do so.

Have fun and play as long as you are physically capable.  It is a cerebral sport where a mentally sharp and hardened player can compensate for lack of size, speed and agility through a good understanding of the game.  Remember to play full speed at all times as you never know when a scout will be watching you and it is possible that the only time you get to "show your stuff" is during the warmups before the game and in between innings.  HUSTLE.....Run in, run out and ALWAYS show respect to your coaches, the umpires and your opponents.  No team recruits a bad attitude and that includes the attitudes of parents as well.    Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing of your successes in both baseball and in life in the coming years.  When you are ready to start working towards a college baseball career (start in 10th grade year), call me and I will be glad to help.   Best regards,  Coach David Molinaro

The Utah Select Baseball program is the fastest growing baseball program in the state of Utah and most of the 6 surrounding states.   Still in it's infancy, this is the 3rd year for the Utah Select baseball program who is associated with the national USSSA athletic program.   The league is primarily composed of weekday games with upwards of 15 tournaments all year round.   The distinction of ths program is the classification of each age group so that teams at each level are limited to playing other teams of an equivalent calibre to insure the best competition available for both teams.  Our first year with Utah Select resulted in our losing in the championship game to the Utah Rebels by 2 runs in 2009.   Last year we finished in the middle tier of the teams playing app. .500 ball at the AAA level.  This will be our 3rd year with this program and we are looking for a another great season where the kids continue to grow and learn more than the "basic' fundamentals taught by so many teams, but above that, how to actually play the game as well as their positions.     We are  proud to be associated with this league as it continues to grow and improve the level of baseball in the Mountain states.
The Rocky Mountain School of Baseball (RMSB) program is the largest organized baseball program in the state of Utah and most of the 6 surrounding states.   Considered the father of baseball in Utah, the RMSB program has been around for over 30 years and operates both spring and fall leagues.  Their spring leagues provide  a schedule of 16 games for each of over 400+ teams in the 3 state area of Utah, Idaho and Nevada at all levels of play.  Additionally they host 14 tournaments throughout the year.    The league games are predominately doubleheaders on Saturdays during both the spring and fall with breaks for tournaments on the weekends during the two baseball seasons.   This will be our 3rd year in the program although we have been active with this program since 1999.   Our last two years resulted in a 13-3 record in 2009 and a 9-5 record in 2010.  We hope to improve on both of those in 2010.   We are  proud to be associated with this league as it continues to grow and improve the level of baseball in the Mountain states.