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Valley AA Apparel Sale - Sat. Jan 31 at Valley Elementary School
REVISED 1/29/15: Basketball Photo Schedule - JANUARY 31 at Valley Elementary School
Valley AA Basketball Sponsorships
Important Dates
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Valley AA Basketball

Intramural Basketball

Reminder School policy- Food or Drinks are not permitted inside any gym.
If you bring a bottle drink leave it in the hallway outside the door.
There are no execptions to this policy.
Parents are responsible for any other children that attend.
They are to remain inside the gym at all times and not roam the school.
There were serious problems last year with vandalism of school property.
Siblings roaming the hallways, art projects were damaged and restrooms were trashed.
We almost lost access to the gyms last year.
If there are incidents this year, we probably will lose access to the gyms ending the basketball program.
If they have to use the restroom, please make sure that they only go there and return immediately.


Instructional Boys - Grades 1, 2 and 3
Junior Boys - Grades 4 and 5
Intermediate Boys - Grades 6 & 7
Senior Boys - Grades 8, 9 and 10

Instructional Girls - Grades 1, 2 and 3
Junior Girls - Grades 4, 5 and 6
Senior Girls - Grades 8, 9 and 10

Rates - Apply to 1'st and 2'nd child -- 3'rd and above free
Instructional Grades $50 After 10/1 $60
Other Grades $80 After 10/1 $90

Contact  Cindy Edinger at Valley AA for questions with girls basketball
Contact  Tony Goldsby at Valley AA for questions with boys basketball

REVISED 1/29/15: Basketball Photo Schedule - JANUARY 31 at Valley Elementary School


Basketball photos have been postponed until January 31 at Valley Elementary School.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we apologize for any inconvenience.

 Click here to open/print the Revised Schedule (PDF)



8:45am Instructional Boys Neon Green Campo
8:50am Instructional Boys Blue Padua
8:55am Senior Girls Royal Parker
9:00am Jr Girks Lime Edinger
9:05am Jr Girls Red Smith
9:10am Instructional Boys Grey Wepryk
9:15am Instructional Boys Dk Green McMillan
9:20am Sr Girls Lime Yorgey
9:25am Instructional Boys Maroon Kozar
9:30am Senior Girls Lt Blue Goodman
9:35am Instructional Boys Orange Appel
9:40am Instructional Boys Yellow Sit
9:45am Instructional Boys Gold Lyons
9:50am Instructional Boys Royal Dydak
9:55am Instructional Boys White Chatman
10am Instructional Girls Gold Burke
10:05am Instructional Girls Lime  Patel
10:10am Instructional Boys Lt Blue Burke
10:15am Instructional Girls Pink Beck
10:20am Jr Boys Black Edwards
10:25am Jr Boys Blue Levin
10:30am Instructional Boys Red Newkirk
10:35am Jr Boys Gray Walton
10:40am Jr Boys Green Jacob
10:45am Jr Boys Lime Miller
10:50am Jr Boys Lt Blue Rankin
10:55am Jr Boys Orange Sabosic
11:00am Jr Boys Red Hopkins
11:05am Jr Boys Royal Atkinson
11:10am Jr Girls Gold  Bell
11:15am Jr Girls Black Kilroy
11:20am Instruct Boys Lt Green  
11:25am Jr Girls Lt Blue Sit
11:30am Instructional Boys Black Hopkins
11:35am Jr Girls Pink Hampson
11:40am Instr. Boys Purple Robinson
11:45am Intermediate Boys Black Forrest
11:50am Senior Girls Lime Yorgey
11:55am Intermediate Boys Gray  Atkinson
Noon Intermediate Boys Green Williams
12:05pm Intermediate Boys Lime Brown
12:10pm Intermediate Boys Lt Blue Goldsby
12:15pm Intermediate Boys Red Patel
12:20pm Intermediate Boys Royal Rymarczuk
12:25pm Senior Boys Black Balla
12:30pm Intermediate Boys Gold Young
12:35pm Senior Boys Green Sommerville
12:40pm Senior Boys Red Cindy
12:45pm Senior Boys Royal  Mackey
12:50pm Senior Boys White Atkinson
12:55pm Senior Boys Yellow Williams
1:00pm Senior Girls White Nightlinger
1:05pm Instructional Boys Charcoal Labate



Valley AA Apparel Sale - Sat. Jan 31 at Valley Elementary School

Valley AA apparel will be on sale on Saturday, January 31 from 9am-1pm at Valley Elementary School during basketball photos.  Come out and support Valley AA with your purchase of Valley AA hoodies, sweatpants, winter hats, and scarves.


Valley AA Basketball Sponsorships




·      Several, affordable sponsorship options!

·      Local advertisement for your company!

·      Invitation to promote your business at an upcoming Opening Day Celebration!

·      Supporting youth sports in your community!


Sponsorships begin at only $150!  Email Kelly at kellylyn1228@gmail.com for more information.  Basketball sponsorship deadline is December 21!


Important Dates

The Schedules for all levels will be posted by Sat. Dec 17

Regular Season:                January through March 2015

Playoffs/All-Stars:              March 2015



Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Jan 31
Instructional Boys
Neon GR. Campo @ Blue Padua 9:00am VALLEY
Yellow Sit @ Gold Lyons 10:00am VALLEY
Red Newkirk @ Lt Blue Burke 11:00am VALLEY
Purple Robinson @ Lt Green Hagland 12:00pm VALLEY
Monday,  Feb 2
Instructional Boys
Lt Blue Burke @ Royal Dydak 6:00pm VALLEY
Gold Lyons @ Charcoal Labate 7:00pm VALLEY
Junior Boys
Blue Levin @ Green Jacob 6:15pm STRUBLE
Royal Atkinson @ Orange Sabosic 7:15pm STRUBLE
Senior Boys
Red Cindy @ Black Balla 6:15pm SNYDER
Green Sommerville @ White Atkinson 7:15pm SNYDER
Royal Mackey @ Yellow Williams 8:15pm SNYDER
Tuesday,  Feb 3
Instructional Boys
Gray Wepryk @ Yellow Sit 6:00pm VALLEY
Red Newkirk @ Maroon Kozar 7:00pm VALLEY
Instructional Girls
Pink Beck @ Lime Patel 7:15pm CORNWELLS
Junior Boys
Gray Walton @ Royal Atkinson 6:15pm STRUBLE
Red Hopkins @ Lt Blue Rankin 7:15pm STRUBLE
Intermediate Boys
Gray Atkinson @ Black Forrest 6:15pm SHAFER
Gold Young @ Green Williams 7:15pm SHAFER
Wednesday,  Feb 4
Instructional Boys
Purple Robinson @ Blue Padua 6:00pm VALLEY
Orange Appel @ Neon GR. Campo 7:00pm VALLEY
Junior Boys
Black Edwards @ Red Hopkins 7:15pm STRUBLE
Senior Boys
Black Balla @ White Atkinson 6:15pm SNYDER
Red Cindy @ Royal Mackey 7:15pm SNYDER
Green Sommerville @ Yellow Williams 8:15pm SNYDER
Senior Girls
Owls @ Huskies 6:15pm Poquessing
Volunteers @ Lime Yorgey 6:15pm STRUBLE
White Nightlinger @ Bears 7:15pm Poquessing
Lt Blue Goodman @ Royal Parker 8:15pm STRUBLE

For a complete schedule listing, click here!