Last Updated: July 22, 2014

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2014 Last Blast Tournament Schedule

Entire Schedule
Date Day Time Field #2 Field #4 Field #5        
7/24/2014 Thur 5:00   B2 vs B5 C5 vs C4   12 U Pool A
7/24/2014 Thur 7:00   B1 vs B4 C2 vs C3   A1 Steubenville Ponies
    A2 TC Fury
7/25/2014 Fri 5:00   A3 vs A4 B3 vs B5   A3 Follansbee Birmingham
7/25/2014 Fri 7:00   A1 vs A2 C1 vs C4   A4 Golden Stars
7/25/2014 Fri 9:00   C1 vs C3        
7/26/2014 SAT 9:00 AM B1 vs B5 A2 vs A3 C3 vs C5   15U Pool B
7/26/2014 SAT 11:00 AM B2 vs B4 A1 vs A4 C1 vs C2   B1 Follansbee Predators
7/26/2014 SAT 1:00 B1 vs B3 A3 vs A1 C4 vs C3   B2 Southern Local 
7/26/2014 SAT 3:00 B5 vs B4 A2 vs A4 C2 vs C4   B3 Lightening Yoho
7/26/2014 SAT 5:00 B2 vs B1 C1 vs C5 B3 vs B4   B4 Cadiz Misfits
7/26/2014 SAT 7:00 B3 vs B2 C5 vs C2     B5 Ohio Valley Arsenal
    Pool C
7/27/2014 SUN 9:00 AM Pool B s5 vs Pool C s4 Pool B s4 vs Pool C s5 15 U Bracket   C1 Oak Glenn Thunder
7/27/2014 SUN 11:00 AM 15 U Bracket  12 U Bracket play 12U Bracket   C2 Hopedale 
7/27/2014 SUN 1:00 15 U Bracket  12U 3rd/4th place 15 U Bracket   C3 Weirton Stars
7/27/2014 SUN 3:00 15U Bracket 12U championship  15U Bracket   C4 The Lightening
7/27/2014 SUN 5:00   15U championship  15u 3rd/4th place   C5 Ohio Valley Lightening 
  Pool Games will determine seeding for playoff bracket. Playoff Rounds          
  No New Inning after 1 hr 20 mins. If time runs out, game can end in tie. No New Inning after 1 hr 30 mins.         
  Playoff Tiebreaker Seedings as follows: International Tie Breaker Rules apply.        
  1. Overall Record              
  2. Head to Head   Championship Games          
  3. Runs Allowed   No time limit, full game.           
  4. Runs Scored              
  5. Coin Flip              



SGSA Softball Raffle

$5.00 per ticket....this gives you a chance at EACH prize being given away. 

Prizes to be given away include but are not limited to the following:

*Grand Prize is $1000.00  (2nd grand prize will be given based on ticket sales)


*8' Treated picnic table from Jeffco Workshop

*Tete-Tete from Jeffco Workshop

*Car Starter

*(4) Pirate Tickets

*(4) Kennywood Tickets

*Canopy Tent

*Cooler and (2) event chairs

*Thrifty Car Detail Certificate

Steubenville Girls Softball Association