Last Updated: March 3, 2015

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  • 2015 On-line Registraion Now Open
  • 2015 In-Person Registration March 7th Washington Township Fire Station
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Wallen Baseball, Softball, and Tee/Lob Ball Player Registration - 2015
Rain-Out Number - 489-0727



Please click "online registration" on the left for more information.  Our one and only day to register in-person is Saturday, March 7th from 9 am to Noon at the Washington Township Fire Station.  Softball Board members will be there to answer any questions you may have.



March 7th (Saturday): In-Person Registration Day from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon @ Washington Township Fire Station

March 21st (Saturday):  TRYOUTS for NEW PLAYERS in the Junior League (Ages 12-14) @ 9:00 AM @ "The Diamond"

March 21st (Saturday):  TRYOUTS for NEW PLAYERS in the Daisy League (Ages 9-11) @ 12:00 Noon @ "The Diamond"

April 1st (Wednesday):  Practices may begin for Daisy & Junior Leagues

May 9th (Saturday):  Daisy Opening Day (Tentative)

May 17th (Sunday):  TRYOUTS for NEW PLAYERS in the Senior League (Ages 15-18) @ 1:00 PM @ Wallen Diamond #3 (for those NOT playing High School Softball)

May 18th (Monday):  Junior Opening Day (Tentative)

June 3rd (Wednesday):  Senior Opening Day (Tentative)

July 3rd (Friday):  Daisy Tournament Championship Game (Tentative based on weather)

July 16th (Thursday):  Junior Tournament Championship Game (Tentative based on weather) 

July 23rd (Thursday):  Senior Tournament Championship Game (Tentative based on weather)






SENIOR Tournament Results


Congratulations to Lancia Homes - 2014 SENIOR League & Tourney Championship!

 2014 Senior Tourney Bracket (final)



JUNIOR Tournament Results

 2014 Junior Tourney Bracket - Updated through Championship


Congratulations to EVANS TOYOTA - our 2014 Junior Tournament Champions


DAISY Tournament Results

2014 Daisy Tourney Bracket - Updated Through Championship


Congratulations to CHOP'S - our 2014 Daisy Tournament Champions



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December 20, 2012

We use this account to communicate vital information concerning rain-outs, registration reminders and general information concerning the park.  Each league will not have their own account.  This will be the only account the park utilizes.  You can follow us at;


Rain-Out Number - 489-0727

If you can not access the website please call 489-0727 for rain-out updates. The information on the phone number will be updated as soon as the grounds crew determines the status for all diamonds. This may take until 5PM or later.