Thank You Warrington Kia for Sponsoring The Warrington A's Opening Day Tournament!

Congratulations to Coach Andrews and the Orange Team on the Championship!





 There are multiple options in 2015 for players within Warrington Baseball......



ITL - Inter-Township League Ages 13-18

Competition is a mix of talent, similar to in-house baseball

Season runs from early April to June with 2 games per week & playoffs

Games are played against surrounding leagues such as Doylestown, Lenape Valley, Plumstead ETC. 

2 Divisions 13-15 and 16-18

Players are drafted onto a team - visit


Connie Mack Ages 13-16

Competition is generally at a higher level

Season runs May to mid July, with games throughout the week & playoffs

Games played against other Connie Mack Programs - visit

There are 5 divisions

Tryouts are in late March 

  1. A Level - Highest division and talent level, teams are usually 15-16 year olds, usually Varsity High School Baseball Talent
  2. B1 Level - 2nd highest division, very competitive, mixture of 13-16 year olds, usually JV baseball talent level
  3. B Level - 3rd highest division, talent level is slightly below B1.
  4. C1 Level - Typically made up of 13 year old travel teams with some 14 year olds as well. 
  5. C Level - Instructional typically, first entrance into Connie Mack ball


Legion Ages 17-19

Competition is at it's highest level

Games played against other legion programs