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Labor Day 2015

                                                                                        2014 Champions!!!  SilverTowne

2015 Winchester Labor Day Marathon!!!!! 
   No Cash Refund Tourney
   Cash Payout based on 32 Men's Teams                 
1. We are going to have a coaches meeting @ 5:00 PM on Friday! If a coach cant be there, there will be a sheet with any changes given to the Coach at his or her first game!

A. ALL PITCHERS MUST WEAR HEAD PROTECTION!!!!! We will have a community helmet, plus we will have helmets for sale at our cost!!! This is not to make money, just for your protection!!! If you are needing a helmet and want us to have one there waiting on you I have to know a couple week ahead of time!!! If you break the community helmet in anger, you just bought it! We only have 2 community helmet's so to be safe each team needs their own.

B. This is a NO CASH REFUND TOURNEY!!! We will make every attempt to get the tourney finished in a timely manner!!!

2. We are still going with a paper Roster, with this exception!! After your first game, the Roster is FROZEN! So be SURE if your going to be making additions during the Tourney that you have the guys listed on your Roster! This has been the most requested change that we have made.

3.  We will be using ASA Balls ONLY!!!!!! We do not supply the balls, but will have them there for sale!!!!  Mens   & Women's
   A.  ASA, NSA, USSSA Approved Bats can be used!!!!  We will be using 1 Ball for Co-ED!!!

   B. We will NOT be supplying a wooden bat for Co-Ed!!!! The bat you use has to be a Slow Pitch Softball Bat!!

   C. 65 Minute time limit, start with a 1-1 count no grace foul.
 4. The other thing that we had many suggestions for was the camping fee! We will again have free firewood for campers as long as it last!! PLEASE do not bring in any firewood from out of the county!!! Our Park Director is making this request!!The Park Dept. is no longer responsible for the clean up of the Park after Labor Day! The League is!!!! SO.... if we are not going to charge for camping, then we have to clean up after ourselves!! Please try and help out with this. I have ordered a lot of extra trash cans, so please use them! Please!!!!! If you bring it with you....then take it home with you!!!! We had a lot of tents and trash left last year!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!  All Parking HAS to be on NORTH side of the road. This is not up to us!! SORRY!!!
Teams entered: Mens

1.  Merchants

2.  Fireball Express

3. Columbus Moose

4. Astral

5. SPS

6. Aker/Taylor Plumbing & Heating

7. Hawkins Health Care

8. TGS

9. Slap A Pitch

10. E & R's Pub

11. Oldies & Youngin's

12. SilverTowne/TRW Resources

13. SilverTowne

14. Madison County Bandits






Teams entered Womens

1. Indy Knights

2. Chumley's

3. Hot Rods & Harley's

4. GMACK/GoneKountry

5. Bye Felicia

6. Veterans

7. Leftovers








Teams entered C0-ED

1.  Indy Knights

2.  Fireball Express

3.  KSAP

4.  Duff's

5.  Chumley's

6.  Eaton EMT's

7. Misfit's

8. Team Chao's

9. SilverTowne Dillos

10. SilverTowne

11. Bye Felicia

12. Madison County Bandits

13. Chick's & Sticks




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