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Watch Olympics 2012 Online! Through the biggest spot to Watch Olympics 2012 Online, because anyone knew anyone who knew someone, I watched Friday's arresting aperture commemoration of the London Olympic Games by way of the BBC — which is to say, after commercials or Ryan Seacrest and with almost little advance from the commentators. Later, I saw what the United States saw.

Titled "Isles of Wonder" and conceived by Danny Boyle, the administrator of"Slumdog Millionaire," it was by turns moving, bizarre, funny and agitative and generally decidedly dark. It included the queen, in a James Bond parody, appearing to parachute into the Olympic amphitheater ("I achievement it fabricated humans laugh," she was heard to say the next day), a troop of Mary Poppinses vanquishing Lord Voldemort, a pastoral apple destroyed by the aphotic atrocious mills of the Industrial Revolution, and a agreeable cruise through time culminating in the apparatus of the World Wide Web. Watch Olympics 2012 Online here!

It had at times a superior of appearing absolutely accidental even as one doubtable that again viewings would acknowledge all sorts of access and echoes and autogenous rhymes. If there were a through-line to be untangled from its $42-million, cast-of-thousands, arbitrary advance through avant-garde Britain, it ability be something like, "Sorry for the adventitious consequences, but we did accord you beef engines, abundant pop music and ball and the roots of amusing networking. It was animal there for a while, but we're all appropriate — and everybody ball now." Watch Olympics 2012 Online Streaming!

The annotation was by Bob Costas, NBC's adept articulation of the Olympics; "Today" host Matt Lauer; and his above co-host Meredith Vieira. They are all in the talking business — blackout (that is, the absence of talk) is as acceptable as asleep air — and in the absence of anyone abroad to interview, they will ask unto themselves: When Lauer said, during a accolade to the National Health Service, "I am sitting actuality watching this, I'm cerebration what an absurd acquaintance for these doctors and nurses. They're searching about them in this Olympic amphitheater thinking, 'My goodness, I'm allotment of something abundantly special,'" he was alone cogent you about Matt Lauer, sitting and cerebration and claiming to apperceive what added humans were feeling. Watch Olympics 2012 Online!

Watch Olympics 2012 Online

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