Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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  • Pippas vs Bagelman 9pm Foreginers vs Pro Anglers 9:40pm
  • $20 fine and 1 game suspension for anyone caught taking home flags
  • Number 1 Sucios vs Number 2 Ballhogs at 10:20pm
  • Rival week Misfits vs Rebels 9:00pm
  • Good Luck to all this session, good job keeping the dream alive!

Power Rankings after Week 4

Power rankings

12. Goon Platoon- The only winless team in the league. This could be blamed on the suspect offensive and defensive line. These two areas need to improve in order for them to change their winless record.

11.Pro Anglers- The one trick pony in Mony Na. The rest of the team needs to feed off his energy and step it up.

10.Foreigners- Mike Lorrick finally got a chance to show why he should be playing offense. The fastest receiver in the league played his first game on offense and they won. Keep him in the game.

9.A-Z-Another team with no defensive or offensive line. These young kids have potential and enthusiasm but that only takes you so far.

8. Misfits- This group has a bunch of solid players, just don't know who to play where. The players need to play together the last 2 games to build a winning rapport for the playoffs.

7. Rebels- This team definitely has the talent. But the wide receivers not being able to catch a cold begins to take a toll on a quarterback. Two safeties don't help either, this team needs to work on the basic fundamentals.

6. Legion Of Boom- They report they started out the season with back to back awful games, both offensively and defensively. Finally they put up some points and won a game. The last game the defense carried the team and led them to a shut out victory in which the offense never got momentum going. So despite having 2 wins under they're belt, they've failed in at least one aspect of the game each time taking the field. They need to put it all together and have a solid game this week on both sides of the ball.

5. Warriors- The most athletic team, but no structure whatsoever. They need to get it together for the playoff run.

4. Pippa's- They seem to be tinkering with different things getting used to playing with each other. They report they are content with what they see and will be ready for the playoffs.

3. Ballhogs- They report they have many players nursing injuries but will be ready for the playoffs.

2. Bagelman- They report that Defensive line tandem of Rich Atwood and James Blanchette were too much to handle with or without QB Kerry Palmer present. Jake Devellis leads the way as Bagelman improves each week. They feel they are the best team in the league and would only be second to an NFL team.

1. Sucios- They report they will be ready for the playoffs and are very happy with what they see thus far.

Rivalry Week 4

We will not be doing a power rankings for week 3 because there were no upsets and most of the teams played to where they ranked on the power rankings from last week.  This week we have four matchups that could be considered rivals.  Two out of the four the teams playing as opponents this session played as teammates last session.  If there was any week to come watch what we do on Wednesday Nights this would be the week. 


At 9:00pm on field 1- (Misfits vs Rebels)  These two teams played as one last session and were a playoff contender.  QB Dave started a new team with his hometown brothers and left injured Captain Michael Quinn to pick up the pieces.  As both teams go into this game with a 1-2 record, this game is for a playoff spot and more importantly bragging rights.

At 9:00pm on field 2- (Pippas vs Bagelman) Both teams undefeated, these teams have played eachother in other leagues.  With QB Kerry Palmer not playing this week for Pippas, there are rumors that Championship QB from last session Brian Kirwan-Welsh will be filling in, but that could be just rumors.  Bagelman has a few on the IR themselves, but definately have enough fire power to win the ballgame.

At 9:40pm on field 1- (Foreigner vs Pro Anglers) Tien Nguyen and Mony Na are brothers by choice, but enemies on the football field.  These two played as one last session but will line up across eachother this game.  This game is the most important game to both teams, for bragging rights and to play in the post-season. 

At 9:40pm on field 2- (Legion of Boom vs A-Z) Two new teams in the league, neither has formed a rival as of yet.  Both has a lot on the line because the playoff race is wide open with the majority of teams being 1-2.

At 10:20pm on field 1(Warriors vs Goon Platoon) Neither team played to their potential last week.  This game is huge to prove to themselves how good they know they can be.

At 10:20pm on field 2 (Sucios vs Ballhogs) The game of the week.  The number one ranked vs the number two ranked. Both undefeated and both teams are playing great football.  This will be an exciting game as QB Kevin Oberg leads the charge against the newly revamped Sucios in this Wednesday night battle. 


Week 2 Power Rankings

Week 2 Power Rankings

12. Legion of Boom- One could say they arguably have the best looking jerseys, I can't say the same for the way they're performance so far this season.  Although they have faced 2 of the top ranked opponents in the league, they have not shown any reason why the shouldn't be ranked at the bottom.
11. Foreigners- Six points in 2 weeks enough said. They displayed some fight, athleticism and heart this week, but no reason to move up in the rankings.
10. Goon Platoon- Poor clock management and no hurry up offense cost them the game this week.  They move down a spot and It won't get much easier for them next week as they face one of the top ranked opponents the Sucios.
9. Rebels- Down two spots, they have faced 2 of the toughest teams in the league.  Some may argue they are a better team than they're ranked here, but too many dropped balls and not converting in the clutch place them at nine.
8. Pro Anglers- They dropped two spots as well.  Facing the top ranked Sucios they produced nothing on offense or defense. They will have a chance to redeem themselves as they face the number nine ranked Rebels next week.
7. A-Z Landscaping-Move up 3 spots with an impressive performance last week.  They're hurry up offense will wear down a lot of teams in this league and they are young but play smart football.
6. Misfits- They couldn't get a rhythm together on offense last week against top ranked opponent Ballhogs. With a 1-1 record they fall 2 spots in the rankings.
5. Warriors- Jump 3 spots after the victory over the foreigners.  This squad of youngsters is way too fast to be ranked any lower.  An aggressive defense led by defensive player of the week Taquan Chatman, they will be tested again next week as they face the top ranked Ballhogs.
4. Bagelman- Move up a spot with a dominant performance against the LOB. If we were ranking end zone celebrations they would rank at number 1 as this team seems to be just warming up and having fun in the process. Mike Kennedy leads the lead in TD receptions, these big strong Wrs will make a difficult opponent for any team.
3. Pippas- Business as usual for this squad.  The offense was running smoothly and the defense forced a lot of 3 and outs against a good team in the Rebels.
2. Ballhogs- stay at number 2 with another solid performance on both ends.
1. Sucios- The defensive line dominated this game.  It didn't hurt that QB Leon Breece threw for 7 touchdowns in this landslide victory over Pro Anglers.






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