Last Updated: September 28, 2016
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Invited by the Denver Broncos & USA Football

to represent NFL Flag Football!

Congratulations We Sport U!

Fields @ Longs Peak Middle School


Monday Night Football

Monday night games are at Sandstone Fields off Rt. 119. First MNF game is 9/26.  Please check your schedule for field assignments.  
 Picture day is Sunday, October 2
 A-Division PK & K
              B-Division 1st & 2nd grade           
              C-Division 3rd & 4th grade           
                   Pro D-Division 5th & 6th grade
                       ALL PRO-Division 7th & 8th grade   
Photo Time Team   Game Time
8:30   B Broncos   9:00  
8:35   B Ravens   9:00  
8:45   B Panthers   9:00  
8:50   B Vikings   9:00  
9:00   AP Bengals   10:00  
9:10   AP Titans   10:00  
9:20   C Cowboys   10:00  
9:30   C Falcons   10:00  
9:40   AP Bills   10:00  
9:50   AP Cowboys   10:00  
9:55   Pro Vikings   9:00  
10:00   Pro Redskins   9:00  
10:05   Pro Bengals   9:00  
10:10   Pro Falcons   9:00  
10:15   Pro Broncos   9:00  
10:20   Pro Cardinals   9:00  
10:25   C Texans   11:00  
10:30   A Broncos   11:00  
10:35   C Eagles   11:00  
10:40   C Broncos   11:00  
10:45   C Colts
10:50   C 49ers   11:00  
All teams please check in at the photo table, as a team, when u arrive.
PLEASE have your team ready at your designated time and please be considerate. 
The times have been set before or after your game is played, when possible both teams scheduled to play each other were scheduled to photograph back to back.
The refs will start the game when both teams are done, please be patient if there is a slight delay.
The photo team is extremely goodthey will take care of u as soon as they can
If u have any questions, see the photo check in table, additional photo packets available there at the stand if u need one 
P.S. - Remember your smiles!


Parking is limited, however there are rules regarding the surrounding area.

1. There is absolutely no parking permitted in the alley to the west of the fields, or other alleys.
2. There is no parking 30 feet from a stop sign.

3. There is no parking 20 feet from a cross walk.

One more: No parking within 5 feet of a driveway - we don't make the rules!

U WILL BE TICKETED, as some of u may already know.

We Sport U! prides itself on being a respectful league, this would include but not limited to neighbors around us. Please respect their property, and understand it is their back yard, rather than respond bitterly, please invite them to watch a game. We will be unable to complete the season at Longs Peak if complaints arise. 

Thank U!

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We Sport U!
The Original NFL Flag Football League!
Your hometown league serving Colorado for 12 1/2 years
 with over 115
50 proud players from Denver to your hometown!


We Sport U!  
Exciting NFL Flag program!
Sportsmanship coaching seminars!
Play coed 5 on 5 no contact flag!
Outstanding coaches!
Recognized Nationally by USA Football!
Trips to sporting events!
U get an all inclusive season! 
! Register for Fall 2016 TODAY!
August 13, 2016 – 08:30 AM


Thank u so much to the Denver Broncos and their amazing staff for inviting us to participate in the 2016 Bronco Bowl  representing the NFL Flag Football program! The players were announced as they ran out of the tunnel and onto the Superbowl Champion Denver Broncos field. After the games all players were also treated to a meal, YUM! They all received a t-shirt, had a blast and will never forget this great football memory.  This was definitely one to top the list!!






Check out our photo album! If u have any digital photos, please email them to us and we will post them. PHOTOS




Upcoming Games

Sunday, Oct 2
A (PreK-K)
PRACTICE Lil Broncos11:00amField 1
B (1-2)
Vikings @ Broncos9:00amField 1
Ravens @ Panthers9:00amField 3
C (3-4)
Falcons @ Cowboys10:00amField 3
Falcons @ 49ers11:00amField 2
Colts @ Broncos11:00amField 3
Eagles @ Texans11:00amField 4
PRO (5th & 6th)
Falcons @ Vikings9:00amField 2
Redskins @ Cardinals9:00amField 4
Broncos @ Bengals9:00amField 5
ALL Pro (7-8)
Broncos @ Bills10:00amField 1
Cowboys @ Titans10:00amField 2
Monday, Oct 3
B (1-2)
Broncos @ Panthers6:30pmSandstone Field 2
Ravens @ Vikings6:30pmSandstone Field 3
C (3-4)
Cowboys @ Broncos7:30pmSandstone Field 2
Texans @ Colts7:30pmSandstone Field 3
Falcons @ Eagles7:30pmSandstone Field 4
ALL Pro (7-8)
Cowboys @ Broncos6:30pmSandstone Field 1
Cowboys @ Bills7:30pmSandstone Field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

  • Make new friends!
  • Fall and Spring seasons!
  • Night games too!
  • Nationally recognized program!
  • Field Trips
  • 26 Seasons - Good times!
  • Girl power! COED Football!
  • Dedicated Coaches
  • Tough Bucs
  • We Sport U!
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