Last Updated: May 27, 2016
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SUPERBOWL XXVI BASH June 5th at Longs Peak Middle School
Final standing have been established, the final seeding for your Superbowl XXVI Bash tournament is set - The schedule is posted below to help plan the day. ALL teams play in the tournament. The top two teams in each division will play for the championship. Full game schedule is posted and will be posted at the snack stand on game day!
Schedule for the SUPERBOWL:
*Coaches MUST check-in - Coaches will pick up team certificates and team pictures at check-in next to the snack stand.
* Raffle tickets sales will be located at the check-in table.
* Fall registration with special Superbowl pricing will open and available online or at the snack stand.
* Play your game/s as scheduled, if u win, please come to the snack stand to see your next match-up.
* If u are not moving on, please send a coach or a team rep to the snack stand to
pick up the pizzas for your team and spectators.
* We then ask everyone to cheer on a favorite team, enjoy your Blackjack Pizza, register for Spring - at our special Suberbowl price and don't forget to get your raffle tickets; this will conclude the season.


The PIZZA is for everyone, spectators included!
The pizza is freshly baked by Blackjack Pizza all day -
Thank U - Blackjack Pizza, our lead sponsor for 20 seasons.

Our SUPER raffle is here!
This raffle offsets the cost of the pizza-FREE for all players, coaches and spectators at SB XXVII Bash a fun event for all, u don't need to be present to win, winners will be posted on the website - check the website to claim your prize and they will be delivered to u. We will raffle off dozens of prizes from great local businesses. They include dinners for four, gift certificates to spas, movie tickets, car washes, gift cards...lots of prizes! Tickets are available at the check in table or at our snack stand. Don't miss your chance to win great prizes and support this great event! The drawing will held between the end of the day. We will donate a portion of the raffle to a local charity, buy a raffle ticket and it could be a win win!  Cash or check only for the tickets!
If u have a business or work for one that would like to sponsor Superbowl XXVII, please let us know. We are expecting 2700 people from the Longmont area, a great target market for your business to stand out in. Items for the raffle are greatly appreciated and they will be recognized on our web site as a sponsor. No prize is too big or too small, all items are welcome.
We are supporting our local charities by donating a portion of the proceeds from the raffle.  If u prefer to make a straight donation to the charity, please make that donation at the check-in table or at the snack stand either in cash check or gift cards.
Awards: All players will receive a Certificate of Excellence.
Only the two teams that are in the championship game receive a medal or trophy.
If your team decides to order trophies, or Crown Trophy of Boulder are great options. NEED A COACHES GIFT? Check out our great selection of We Sport U gear - Order a championship shirt or team shirt for your little champs!

IMPORTANT: As we close in to the end of our 26th season - remember we are here for the kids! Everyone of our actions affects them good and bad. Lets make sure our actions are positive ones for our kids! The name We Sport U was created as a play on the words - we SUPPORT u - we are in this together therefore let's support one another; players, coaches, spectators and referees alike! Thank U!

A - Division FIELD 4:00        
1 White Broncos             
2 Blue Broncos 1 White Broncos @ Blue Broncos      
B - Division     11:00 12:15   1:30 2:45  
Standings    FIELD        Superbowl XXVI  
1 Steelers 1       Winner @Winner  
2 Lions 2     Winner @ Lions    
3 Patriots 3     Winner @ Steelers      
4 Seahawks 4   Broncos @ Seahawks        
5 Broncos 5 Giants @ Colts Winner @ Patriots        
6 Colts               
7 Giants                
C Division       1:30 2:45 4:00 5:15
Standings      FIELD          Superbowl XXVI
1 Panthers 6 Dolphins 1       Winner @Winner
2 Ravens 7 Broncos 2   Winner @ Ravens Winner @ Winner
3 Redskins 8 Seahawks 3   Winner @ Panthers Winner @ Winner   
4 Patriots 9 Bears 4 Bears @ Seahawks Steelers @ Patriots     
5 Steelers 10 Jaguars 5 Jaguars @ Broncos Dolphins @ Redskins    
D Division       9:45 11:00 12:15   
Standings      FIELD      Superbowl XXVI   
1 Patriots 5 Bears 1     Winner @ Winner  
2 Packers 6 Steelers 2 Bears @ Texans Winner @Winner    
3 Giants 7 Broncos 3 Steelers @ Giants Winner @ Winner      
4 Texans 8 Bucs 4          
    5 Broncos @ Packers        
    6 Bucs @ Patriots        
Pro Division     11:00 12:15 1:30     
Standings    FIELD      Superbowl XXVI     
1 Titans 1     Winner @ Winner      
2 Vikings 2   Rams @ Vikings         
3 Rams 3    Winner @ Titans          
4 Broncos 4 Packers @ Broncos            
5 Packers 5          
ALL Pro Division       8:30 9:45 11:15  
Standings      FIELD      Superbowl XXVI  
1 Cowboys 5 Bengals 1 Bengals @ Packers 3rd Seed @ 2nd Seed Winner @ Winner  
2 Patriots 6 Broncos 2 Broncos @ Steelers      
3 Steelers 7 Giants 3 Giants @ Patriots       
4 Packers 8 Saints 4 Saints @ Cowboys 4th Seed @ 1st seed     


We Sport U!  
Exciting NFL Flag program!
Sportsmanship coaching seminars!
Play coed 5 on 5 no contact flag!
Outstanding coaches!
Recognized Nationally by USA Football!
Trips to sporting events!
U get an all inclusive season! 
! Register for Fall 2016 TODAY!

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Custom We Sport U Flag Football Team t-shirt  Custom We Sport U Flag Football Team t-shirt





Click link on side to Register for Fall!

 COED NFL Flag Football & Cheerleading

Divisions: PreK - 8th grade

Teams assembled by schools, keeping it local!

8 regular season games plus Superbowl Bowl XXVII for a total of 9-13 games.

Games are played at the same place and same time for easy scheduling!

All equipment included:

Football players get a NFL reversible jersey, flag set and mouthpiece!

No cleats required!

Coaches receive playbook, rule book, Positive Coaching Alliance Certification,

support and special gift!

Cheerleaders get the uniform, use of pompoms and hair accessory

Practice 1-2 times a week (at the discretion of the coach/team)

Games on Sunday mornings or afternoons & a couple Monday nights!

Season 27 will be the best one yet!!!!


Key Dates

Superbowl Price Special registration ends 6/5 - $89

Regular registration ends 9/1 - $109

Late registration through opening day - $139

Practices/pre-season begins - Early September

Season kicks off 9/18

Superbowl XXVII - 11/13 all teams will play their final game.


NFL Flag Football Fall league!
No pads - NO contact just FUN flag football league!

Tackle players are encouraged to play - helps them enjoy football without pads or restrictions in a fun competitive league. Get extra practices in - bring your core team and practice new plays, our teams would love to show u theirs!

Fall Divisions:
PreK-K coed - Division A
1-2 grade coed - Division B
3-4 grade coed - Division C
5 grade coed - Division D
6 grade coed - Pro Division
7-8 grade coed - ALL Pro

A Division - 
Open to all pre-k & kindergarteners - They will learn the fundamentals of NFL Flag Football, practice once a week then play a scrimmage each week the first half of the season, then advance to full games for the second half. This will prepare them for the Big leagues! There will not be a playoff for the A division. 



Real CHEERLEADING for NFL Flag Games

Grades K-8

National Championship Coach!

Learn sideline chants, welcome cheer, jumps and halftime routines. Cheer on the sidelines of the live games!

Practices will be 2-3 times a week to learn the cheers before the season begins, and just once a week after the season starts to prepare for the Superbowl routine. 

Cheer uniform, use of pompoms and hair accessory included!

Squads will be broken down by grade.


  Partners with the Positive Coaching Alliance - All coaches are required to attend a positive coaching seminar to give them the tools and skills to promote a positive environment for the players, coaches and parents. Everyone will have a positive experience with We Sport U!

Join Today for a GREAT Fall experience!


Fields are at Longs Peak Middle School.  We have played here for 26 seasons, please be respectful of the fields, the surrounding area and the neighbors. 
Please pick up any garbage as u leave the fields.

Field Assignments
When u arrive to the fields, please set up on the same side as your team,  opposite side of the fields to the opposing team. 
North for Home teams and South for Visiting team.  
Both the teams and spectators should be across the fields from one another,
this will keep the integrity of the coaching and strategies to their own team.

Pet Policy

We welcome all family and friends to come and watch some football -
we also ask that u DO NOT bring your pets to the fields. 
Dogs are not permitted on the school fields as per contract - u will be asked to put the dog in the car or step outside the fence if seen on the property.
Please keep your dogs at home - they will enjoy the peace and quite for a few.
Thank u!

We Sport U!
The Original NFL Flag Football League!
Your hometown league serving Colorado for 12 1/2 years
 with over 115
50 proud players from Denver to your hometown!




Check out our photo album! If u have any digital photos, please email them to us and we will post them. PHOTOS




  • Make new friends!
  • Fall and Spring seasons!
  • Night games too!
  • Nationally recognized program!
  • Field Trips
  • 26 Seasons - Good times!
  • Girl power! COED Football!
  • Dedicated Coaches
  • Tough Bucs
  • We Sport U!

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