Last Updated: November 27, 2014

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Hello Everyone!

The Fall 2014 season has come to an end and we are working to get everything set-up for the Spring 2015 season.  On-line registration should be available the first week in December.  Please note that Western Little League will NOT be increasing its fees for this Spring.  However, due to increased field and lighting fees from the City of Las Vegas, please be prepared to see these cost increases affect future registration fees.


WLL Information Officer


Spring 2015 Team Managers

If you would like to be considered to be a Team Manager for the 2015 season, please submit your name and the division you wish to manage to:  Please realize that the League President has to nominate the persons they feel will best fill the roles and the current Board of Directors has to approve the nominations.  Having been a manager previously with Western Little League is no guarantee that you will end up with a team. 


2015 League Age Charts

Little League is changing the eligibility date for players from April 30 to December 31.  In order to NOT impact current players, there are now two charts to be used.  Please click on the word "charts" that is underlined to view the new criteria.





RULE 3.09 – Players, managers and coaches of the participating teams shall not address, or mingle with spectators, nor sit in the stands during a game in which they are engaged. 

RULE 3.17 – Players and substitutes shall sit on their team’s bench or in the dugout unless participating in the game or preparing to enter the game.  No one except eligible players in uniform, a manager and not more than two coaches shall occupy the bench or dugout. 

MANAGERS:  All players, coaches and the manager are required to be in the dugout or on the field of play during the game.  If anyone needs to leave the dugout for a restroom break, the Manager is to notify the home-plate umpire and then ensure that a parent of the child, or a badged adult, escorts the player to and from the restroom.  This applies for coaches too, and if the manager needs to go, the home-plate umpire needs to know who the interim manager will be.  Any coach or manager who leaves the dugout must come back directly and report back to the home-plate umpire. 

PARENTS:  Please refrain from talking with your children during the game.  You are not permitted to go into the dugout for any reason and the players are not permitted to come out of the dugout to speak with you.  Let your team’s manager and coaches handle your child during the game. 





Any items found and turned in will be held in the snack shack between fields 1 and 2.  Please stop by to see if your item has been found.  Any items not claimed by the end of the current season may be sold at auction with the proceeds going to Western Little League.




Our league boundaries have expanded this year. Anyone that resides West of Grand Canyon, North of Alexander to Lone Mountain Rd. is now zoned for Western Little League.

CLICK HERE to view the boundary map for Western Little League.


CLICK HERE  to find out which Little League you reside in.






Upcoming Events

Monday,  Dec 1
Doc Romeo - Overseed & Maintenance
Friday,  Dec 12
Board Meeting Round Table Pizza
Thursday,  Dec 25
Merry Christmas
Thursday,  Jan 1
Happy New Year
Tuesday,  Jan 20
Martin Luther King Day

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