Last Updated: April 30, 2016 
 ALL GAMES CANCELED FOR TODAY! All games scheduled for Doc Romeo and The Trails have been canceled for today/tonight due to field conditions and the weather!!   [More Info]


LOST:  Monday, February 29, DOC 1, Black and Neon Green Easton Bat with Camo colored lizard skin grip.

FOUND: Saturday, March 12, DOC 1 Third Base Dugout...Batting Glove for the left hand, White and Black, Nike Edge.

FOUND:  Saturday, April 2, DOC 2 First Base side...Batting Tee

LOST:  Tuesday, April 19, around Doc 1 and 2 area, Royal Blue Rawlings glove with Orange laces *REWARD*




Rules that need to be enforced and followed!!!

Here are the rules that District 4 sees being violated and would like all leagues to crack down on:

1.  Parents in the dugout - Parents are not allowed in the dugout or on the field unless they have a volunteer badge issued from WLL this year.  Even then, unless they are one of the 3 coaches, they should not come into the dugout during games.
2.  3 coaches period - Minors and up are only allowed to have 3 coaches in the dugout or on the field.  This doesn't mean 3 coaches and the team mom - 3 adults period.  TBall and Rookies are allowed 4 coaches.
3.  There must be 1 coach in the dugout at all times.  If you only have 2 coaches for the game, one of them needs to be in the dugout.  You can have a player with a helmet on coach first or third base.
4.  No open toed shoes are allowed in the dugout or on the field.  This goes for coaches too.  No sandals or flip flops.
5.  The dugout door must be closed during the game.  If a player or coach needs to leave the dugout, you must notify the umpire.  If it is a child, please have their parent or a coach escort them to the restroom and back.
6.  Players are not to stand in the dugout opening/doorway to the filed while waiting to bat.  This is a prime spot for foul balls to hit a player.  Coaches should watch out too.  They need to stand back away from the opening.
These rules need to be enforced by the board members on duty and the managers and coaches of each team.  This goes for all teams, regardless of where they play and what league they are with.


Click HERE for directions on how to input the scores and pitch counts on the Summerlin North web site.




Western Little League will issue any player who hits a homerun out of the park a complimentary bag of Big League Chew.  Awards will be handed out to the player after the manager has submitted the homerun for record.  
1 Home Run 
 Nate Friedlander (Majors A's)        4/2/2016 vs.  SNLL Red Sox         2-Run Home Run
 Mason Kane (Majors A's)               4/6/2016 vs. Cubs                     Solo Home Run
 Ryan Leider (Majors Red Sox)       4/14/2016 vs A's                       2-Run Home Run
 Gus McCrea (Majors Red Sox)       4/14/2016 vs A's                       Solo Home Run
 Aaron Friedlander (Majors A's)      4/27/2016 vs SNLL White Sox       Grand Slam
5 Home Runs
 Evan Heron (Majors Cubs)              3/16/2016 vs. A's                      3-Run Home Run
                                                     4/3/2016 vs  SNLL White Sox    2-Run Home Run
                                                     4/3/2016 vs  SNLL White Sox    Solo Home Run
                                                     4/14/2016 vs  SNLL Red Sox     2-Run Home Run
                                                     4/14/2016 vs  SNLL Red Sox     3-Run Home Run
 Congratulations To Our "Out of the Ballpark" Home Run Hitters!!


Little League has created an on-line resource for all Little League participants - coaches, parents and league officials.  You'll find tutorials, videos and other tips and content that will help make your Little League experience a positive one!  You can create your access by following the steps below.  Start at:


Our league boundaries have expanded this year. Anyone that resides West of Grand Canyon, North of Alexander to Lone Mountain Rd. is now zoned for Western Little League.

CLICK HERE to view the boundary map for Western Little League.


CLICK HERE  to find out which Little League you reside in.











Upcoming Games or Practices

Saturday, Apr 30
Tee Ball
River Bandits @ SNLL Angels9:00amDoc Romeo 2
Thunder @ SNLL T-Ball Tigers9:00amDoc Romeo 3
Dragons @ SNLL Giants9:45amTrails 1
River Cats @ Hooks9:00amDoc Romeo 1
Grasshoppers @ Ironbirds12:45pmDoc Romeo 1
Minors - AA
SNLL Pirates @ Bats10:30amDoc Romeo 2
Knights @ Bulls10:45amDoc Romeo 1
SNLL Tigers @ Scrappers2:45pmTrails 1
Minors - AAA
SNLL Yankees @ Volcanoes12:45pmDoc Romeo 2
Mud Hens @ SNLL Phillies5:00pmTrails 2
Cubs @ A's3:15pmDoc Romeo 1
Monday, May 2
Cubs @ SNLL Red Sox6:00pmTrails 1
Tuesday, May 3
Tee Ball
Thunder @ Dragons5:15pmDoc Romeo 2
Sea Dogs @ Grasshoppers5:15pmDoc Romeo 1
Minors - AAA
Volcanoes @ Mud Hens7:00pmDoc Romeo 1
Owlz @ SNLL Rockies7:15pmTrails 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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Playoff Bracket - AA Minors Spring 2016
Playoff Bracket - AAA Minors Spring 2016
Playoff Bracket - Majors Spring 2016
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