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Last Updated: May 26, 2015

Westfield Youth Lacrosse

2015 Calendar Raffle Winners

May 22, 2015

And this concludes our May Calendar raffle. Congratulations to the winners!

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Date Winner Amount
1-May Todd Crane $25.00
2-May Joanne Graydon $50.00
3-May Mike Klein  $100.00
4-May  Laura Webster $75.00
5-May Mike Holl  $25.00
6-May Jeannie Goodreau  $50.00
7-May Jack & Ryan Cimini  $25.00
8-May Phyllis Cooper  $75.00
9-May Louis Roberts  $50.00
10-May Dan Golubek  $75.00
11-May  Jill Rae $100.00
12-May M. Collins  $50.00
13-May Gary Visconti  $25.00
14-May Mike Burque  $75.00
15-May Matthew Goudreau  $25.00
16-May Dennis Dalton  $75.00
17-May  Wendell Jackson $25.00
18-May Kristin Cimini  $50.00
19-May  Douglas Morash $75.00
20-May  Jeff Oleksak $100.00
21-May Nicole Lussier  $50.00
22-May Douglas Morash  $50.00
23-May   $25.00
24-May   $50.00
25-May   $75.00
26-May   $50.00
27-May   $75.00
28-May   $100.00
29-May   $25.00
30-May   $50.00
31-May   $250.00


Field set up is upon us at Stanley Park and due to Mother Nature we are behind in getting the fields set up for the Season, so we need help. The plan right now is to set the fields up next Saturday 4/11 at 9am. Please ask your players to come help as there are many little things that can be done while the main tasks are performed. (Shaking the paint cans, as they are cold and take more effort to be ready for use as an example) and feel free to ask your parents to get involved. We need as much help as we can to get the fields set up for the season. We may not be able to drive on the fields, and have the following to accomplish:

  • 1 Senior Field
  • 2 Junior Fields
  • 1 Bantam Field
  • 2 Mite fields

Board Openings 2014-2015 Season

June 30, 2014

We currently have positions open on the Board and are seeking motivated individuals who can dedicate some time in order to make the season a success.

Marketing Director:

The Marketing Director will be responsible for; 

  • Web and Communications - Creates and manages the look and feel of all WYL print and electronic materials including the web site. Maintains the content on all non-team website pages. Monitors the website bulletin board. Assigns website administrator access to new coaches / coordinators. Renews the website annual hosting agreement. Use the website as the focal point for posting WYL news and event information. Creates templates for team website pages. 
  • Sponsorship - responsible for obtaining sponsors for WYL and all forms of communication to sponsors will be handled by the Marketing Director. Responsible for maintaining, continually updating, and working to add to the sponsor list, inclusion of sponsorship information on the WYL web site, records of mailings, received donations, and other pertinent correspondence will be maintained and provided to the Secretary for future reference. Provide a list of current sponsors to the President when sponsorship is received from individuals or organizations that provide sponsorship to WYL through financial donations, services or any other means. 
  • Publicity - promoting the activities of WYL in the media (e.g., banners, flyers, direct mail, social media) as approved by the Board of Directors. Annual responsibilities to include but not limited to the following: social media, newspaper adds, sign-up flyers, sponsorship acknowledgement posters, coordination with local newspapers for game coverage, sign-up banners, boost activity promotions, and distribution of annual meeting notices to parents. 

Director of Player Development:

Collaborate with WYL Vice President to continually implement and revise WYL Player and Coach Development Plans and report back to the Board of Directors monthly. Coordinate staff and facilitate all WYL player skill clinics. Attend, at a minimum, 2 practices for all teams during the season. Work with Parent Liaison and to deliver parent education. Organize and develop workshop and clinics for coaches. Ensure that player evaluations are completed and collected at the beginning and the end of the season. 

If you are interested, or know someone may be a good fit for either of these positions, please email  for more information.

2015 Gold Sponsors

May 15, 2015






2015 Silver Sponsors

May 14, 2015





2015 Bronze Sponsors

May 14, 2015






2015 Individual Sponsors

May 14, 2015





2014 Platinum Sponsors

March 13, 2014


Disk'c Sporting Goods


2014 Gold Sponsors

March 13, 2014






Sponsorship Opportunities

September 11, 2013

Our youth lacrosse program relies heavily on sponsorships for funding. We strive to offer players a very positive experience through free professionally run clinics, strong instructional and team programs, as well as opportunities for community involvement. We do all of this while maintaining low fees.

If your company or employer may consider becoming a sponsor, then we gratefully ask that you look at the sponsorship letter for sponsor level details. 

If there are any questions, please contact for further information.

Thank you so much for your consideration.



Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  May 27
PRACTICE Westfield - Red (B) 5:30pm Westfield MA - Stanley Park
Westfield - Black (A) @ Northampton 6:15pm Northampton MA - Look Park
Thursday,  May 28
Wilbraham @ Westfield - Black (A) 6:15pm Westfield MA - Stanley Park
South Hadley @ Westfield - Red (A) 6:15pm Westfield MA - Woodward Center Turf @ WSU
Friday,  May 29
Westfield - Red (B) @ East Longmeadow 6:15pm East Longmeadow MA - High School
Saturday,  May 30
Westfield - Red (B) @ Pittsfield 6:15pm Pittsfield MA - Herberg Middle School
Westfield - Red (A) @ TBA 11:00am West Hartford King Philip MS Junior 2
Monday,  Jun 1
Lee @ Westfield - Red (B) 6:15am Westfield MA - Stanley Park
Tuesday,  Jun 2
West Springfield @ Westfield - Black (A) 6:30pm Westfield MA - Stanley Park
Westfield - Red (A) @ Longmeadow 6:15pm Longmeadow MA - Williams Middle School
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Wilbraham @ Westfield - Red (B) 6:15pm Westfield MA - Stanley Park
Thursday,  Jun 4
Agawam @ Westfield - Black (A) 6:15pm Westfield MA - Stanley Park
PRACTICE Westfield - Red (A) 5:45pm Westfield MA - Stanley Park
Friday,  Jun 5
Westfield - Black (A) @ West Springfield 6:30pm West Springfield MA - West Side Middle School
Saturday,  Jun 6
Westfield - Red (A) @ Simsbury - Gold 10:00am Simsbury CT - Henry James Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Jun 11
Board Meeting 6:45pm Westfield MA - Epi-Center
Thursday,  Jul 9
Board Meeting 6:45pm Westfield MA - Epi-Center
Thursday,  Aug 13
Board Meeting 6:45pm Westfield MA - Epi-Center
Thursday,  Sep 10
Board Meeting 6:45pm Westfield MA - Epi-Center
Thursday,  Oct 8
Board Meeting 6:45pm Westfield MA - Epi-Center
Thursday,  Nov 12
Board Meeting 6:45pm Westfield MA - Epi-Center

For a complete calendar listing, click here!