Last Updated: October 24, 2016
2016 Calendar Raffle Winners
Summer Lacrosse Programs
Board Openings 2015-2016 Season
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Summer Lacrosse Programs

2016 Calendar Raffle Winners

May Calendar raffle. Congratulations to the winners!


Date Winner Amount
1-May Vince Suhocki $25.00
2-May Tara Sasser $50.00
3-May Lee Bellamy $100.00
4-May Cathy St Onge $75.00
5-May Paul Liptak $25.00
6-May Ann Bower $50.00
7-May Cait Coffey $25.00
8-May Evan Klepacz  $75.00
9-May  Ed Pinney $50.00
10-May  Gregory Ramos $75.00
11-May  Paul Liptak $100.00
12-May  Tim Cain $50.00
13-May Samantha Moore  $25.00
14-May Paul Patuk  $75.00
15-May Shirley Gunning  $25.00
16-May Kevin and Jen Daley  $75.00
17-May Bev Thomas  $25.00
18-May Jeff Fox  $50.00
19-May Matthew Myers $75.00
20-May Richard Hannan $100.00
21-May Christine Winterle $50.00
22-May Leon Czyk $50.00
23-May Richard Hannan $25.00
24-May  Dean Finnie $50.00
25-May  Dan Golubek $75.00
26-May  Sean Connors $50.00
27-May Christine Fox $75.00
28-May  Noah Rivera $100.00
29-May  Lenny Bates $25.00
30-May  Jennifer Ondrick $50.00
31-May  Bill Dow $250.00





Board Openings 2015-2016 Season

April 16, 2015

We currently have positions open on the Board and are seeking motivated individuals who can dedicate some time in order to make the season a success. Here is one position that needs to be filled. Please inquire about other areas that our current members could use some help in:

Field Coordinator: 

Responsible for maintaining coordination of all scheduled home games by providing direction regarding field assignments and referees. Field Coordinator will also coordinate with the board, coaches, and  team  representatives on field conditions and line striping. Additionally, the Field Coordinator will collaborate with the Vice President and the Directory of Player Development to  secure a location(s) for the program to practice and play games, including our indoor program, if applicable.


Thank you in advance for your consideration regarding this matter.




If you are interested, or know someone may be a good fit for either of these positions, please email  for more information.