• 2015 Regular Season Champions - New Cumberland Tigers
  • 2015 Playoff Champions - New Cumberland Tigers

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West Shore Twilight Baseball League

WSTBL notes


The West Shore Twilight Baseball League (WSTBL) regrets to announce that the Cumberland Dodgers, due to difficulty maintaining a sufficient roster to field a team with no relief in sight in terms of signing additional players, has decided that their best course of action is to withdraw from the WSTBL league as of today, June 26, 2016.


The WSTBL, for the remainder of the 2016 season, will now consist of the following seven teams: The Dillsburg Wolfpack, the Enola Express, the Hagerstown Braves, the Mechanicsburg Cardinals, the Mt. Holly Brewers, the New Cumberland Tigers and the Shippensburg Stars.

 All games previously played by and against the Cumberland Dodgers, as well as those scheduled for the remainder of their 2016 schedule, have been vacated as if they had not participated in the first place during the 2016 season. Any wins or losses against the Cumberland Dodgers by other league clubs have been removed from the league standings, the order of which has been adjusted accordingly.

 Next league meeting: Oct. 1, 2016 @ 11:00am at the Mechanicsburg Club (end of season review / return of team rosters and contracts to respective teams) 


WSTBL Hall of Fame established


By unanimous vote at the September 27, 2015 league meeting, the WSTBL has established it's own Hall of Fame to include past or present players, coaches, league officials, etc. Current members of the National Semi-Pro Hall of Fame who were or are still participants in the WSTBL will immediately be inducted as Hall of Famers in the new WSTBL Hall of Fame. Going forward, the WSTBL Hall of Fame committee will present nominee names and justification for league consideration / vote at each annual September meeting to place new members into this institution.


New Cumberland Tigers complete 2015 regular season championship and playoff championship sweep



2015 WSTBL Team Transactions


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All Time leader


Mechanicsburg Cardinal leader Bill Rickenbach, with a 20 win 2015 season, has raised his career total National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame leading win record to 2,674 and counting. "Pops" became the all time leader in wins in semi-pro baseball last year (2014) when he surpassed Howie Minas of the Midlothian, Illinois White Sox.

Upcoming Games

Monday, Jun 27
2016 WSTBL
Dillsburg Wolfpack @ New Cumberland Tigers6:00pmNew Cumberland Memorial Park
Enola Express @ Mechanicsburg Cardinals6:00pmRickenbach - Shirley Memorial Field
Tuesday, Jun 28
2016 WSTBL
Mechanicsburg Cardinals @ Mt. Holly Brewers6:00pmJesse Stoll Field
Cumberland Dodgers @ New Cumberland TigersCanceledNew Cumberland Memorial Park
Shippensburg Stars @ Hagerstown Braves6:00pmNorth Hagerstown High School
Wednesday, Jun 29
2016 WSTBL
Mechanicsburg Cardinals @ Shippensburg Stars6:00pmShippensburg Memorial Park
Thursday, Jun 30
2016 WSTBL
Cumberland Dodgers @ Mt. Holly BrewersCanceledJesse Stoll Field
Mechanicsburg Cardinals @ Dillsburg Wolfpack6:00pmNorthern High School
Friday, Jul 1
2016 WSTBL
Mechanicsburg Cardinals @ Cumberland DodgersCanceledJesse Stoll Field
Enola Express @ Shippensburg Stars7:00pmShippensburg Memorial Park

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