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  • All home games will be played on saturday. Game time @ 4:00 pm.
  • Adults $5 and Kids under 12 free.
  • Preston High School - Kingwood, WV
The West Virginia Gladiators Semi-Pro Football organization is a community-based team in north central West Virginia, organized with the hopes of bringing competitive semi-pro football to the area. We are committed to provide quality family entertainment through a competitive environment, in which amateur athletes may perform.

Our organization will strive to improve each year, and create a stable and exciting atmosphere for our players and for our fans. With the input of every member of our football family we are devoted to the success of our football program.

The West Virginia Gladiators Semi-Pro Football Team provides participants with the opportunity to continue to play competitive amateur football in an environment bound by sense of community pride, tradition, integrity, and mutual respect thereby encouraging personal growth, self-discipline, perseverance, and team commitment.

2011 West Virginia Gladiators

Gladiators pregame group photo vs. CK Crash 6-12-2011

Game Results for 2011

May 7 ---- WV Gladiators 55 Ceredo Kenova CRASH 0
May 21 --- WV Gladiators 20 Jackson County BLACKBEARS 36
June 4 --- WV Gladiators 52 Wood County RAVENS 6
June 11 -- WV Gladiators 28 Ceredo Kenova CRASH 0
June 18 -- WV Gladiators 32 Jackson County BLACKBEAR 26
July 9 --- WV Gladiators 44 Wood County RAVENS 8

5-1 regular season record
Gladiators - - 231 Opponents - - 76

The WV Gladiators have joined the Mountain State Football League for 2011.

League Standings:

5-1 Jackson County Blackbears (Point Pleasant, WV area)
5-1 West Virginia Gladiators (Morgantown, WV area)
1-5 Wood County Ravens (Parkersburg, WV area)
1-5 Ceredo Kenova Crash (Huntington, WV area)

MSFL - - Keeping Semi-Pro football growing strong in West Virginia.

Gladiators will play the 2011 season in Kingwood, WV at Preston High School.

The WV Gladiators will move their home games from Morgantown High School to Preston High School for the 2011 season. MHS will undergo construction this summer to be ready for high school football in the fall. The Preston Youth Football League has invited the Gladiators to play our season in Preston County to help them raise money for their program. More information will follow.

Rich Maxwell

2011 WV Gladiators Schedule

May 7 HOME Ceredo Kenova CRASH (Huntington, WV)
May 14 AWAY at TBA
May 21 AWAY Jackson County BLACKBEARS (Ripley, WV)

June 4 HOME Wood County RAVENS (Parkersburg, WV)
June 11 AWAY Ceredo Kenova CRASH (Huntington, WV)
June 18 HOME Jackson County BLACKBEARS (Ripley, WV)
June 25 HOME TBA

July 2 AWAY at TBA
July 9 AWAY Wood County RAVENS (Parkersburg, WV)

2011 Season

It's that time of the year for semi-pro football. The West Virginia Gladiators Semi-pro Football Team will be having practice on Tuesday/Thursday @ 6pm and Saturday @ 4pm at the old WVU Intramural Field.

Practice is open to anyone who is interested in playing football at the next level. You must be 18 years and older. You will be required to fill out the required documentation, sign a waiver/contract, and pay the $75 team fee.

If you have any questions you can contact me through my facebook page or


Rich Maxwell
Team Owner

2011 Coaching Staff

Willie Cunningham - Head Coach (OL)
Reese Thompson - Assistant Head Coach (LB/DL)

Quentin DeShield - Defensive Coordinator (LB/DL)
Steve Sampson - Offensive Coordinator (QB)
Bill Bussey - Special Teams Coordinator (WR/RB)
Jay Winfrey - D-Unit Coach (DB)
Courtney Elder - D-Unit Coach (DB)

Rich Maxwell

2011 Gladiators having some fun after practice.

Gladiators visited the WV Elks Major Project Children Camp at Camp Muffly 4-H Camp.

Special thanks to #40 Mitch Baker, #8 Terence Wiltshire, #84 Nick Miller, #21 Marcus Law, #76 Michael Law and Rich Maxwell(taking picture)for taking the time to make a special visit to the camp. The WV Elks Major Project organize and sponsor camps for individuals who are mentally and/or physically challenged.

Gladiators have a great time playing softball with the SteppingStones AllStars.

Special thanks to the Gladiator players who participated in this years SteppingStone Softball event.

#23 Gary Winters, #80 Todd McMahan, #96 Tim Savage, #53 Scott Nale, #76 Dre Jimenez, #57 Greg Singletary, #69 Tim Koon, #45 Dusty Gwinn, #8 Terence Wiltshire, #62 Michael Law, #21 Marcus Law, #58 Quentin DeShield, and #50 AJ Morris. (Tiffani Maxwell, Josh Maxwell, Lil DeShield, and Trey Savage)

Thank you for taking the time to spend the afternoon with your biggest fans.

Rich Maxwell #63
Owner / GM

2009 West Virginia Gladiators

2008 West Virginia Gladiators

2007 West Virginia Gladiators

2006 West Virginia Gladiators

Number #1 Gladiator Fan

Joshua brings a whole new meaning to "For the Love of the Game". He is football craazzzy at 4 years old. Come watch him cheer on the Gladiators!!

Rich Maxwell #63 / #4 - Founder / Owner

I would like to thank everyone for all their help in getting the Gladiators started. One of my slogans this past year was that the "Players come first!" A team is not a team without it's players. No players, No Team. I will try my best to bring "FUN" back to football. I will continue to staff our organization with quality personnel that can be trusted to get the job done. I bring to the table 10 years of semi-pro experience with matters that concern running a team. Get ready for the ride of your life! Our sixth season is just around the corner.

Lisa Maxwell - Owner / Financial Manager / Director of Advertising and Team Sales

Lisa's role, besides being the wife of the greatest football player ever, will be to manage the $$$. She will also perform double duty when she takes on the responsibility of Advertisement for the Gladiators. She will be responsible for Team Sales during home football games. Come check out what interesting items she has planned to sell during the home games. We are not just selling t-shirts and hats anymore!!!