Open positions of Instructional Director and Concession Stand Director

Whitman Youth Soccer is currently seeking volunteers to fill the positions of Instructional Director and Concession Stand Director (2 openings).

The Instructional Director shall:
1. Upon notification of game postponements by the Field Manager, notify the coaches in their respective divisions.
2. Handle all problems and questions pertaining to the operation of his or her division and act as liaisons between coaches and the Executive Board.
3. Run a meeting, for all coaches, to review rules, policies and procedures of Whitman Youth Soccer, Inc. prior to the start of each playing season.
4. Promote awareness of public soccer events including tournaments, skills training, and other that are in support of player development and do not conflict with the Whitman Youth Soccer, Inc. initiative.

The Concession Stand Directors shall:

1. Raise money for Whitman Youth Soccer, Inc. through the sale of food and other articles at league games and other occasions deemed appropriate by the directors.
2. Arrange for the purchase, storage, maintenance and transportation of any equipment or vehicles used and the purchase and maintenance of the inventory of sale items.
3. Maintain equipment in a safe and sanitary condition.
4. Secure any permits, insurance, and registration required by law or ordinance and make any needed arrangements with local school or town authorities.
5. Keep records of cash expended and collected, and give financial reports at the end of each playing season.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss the Instructional Director position, please feel free to reach out to Eric Frank at boysdirector@whitmansoccer.com.  For questions related to the Concession Stand Director, please reach out to Helen Iannone at girlsdirector@whitmansoccer.com.


If you have any questions with fields, contact the Field Manager, Shawn Fitzgerald, at shawnfitzgerald62@gmail.com


ALL Coaches should CALL the opposing coach as the updating of field closings on the SSSL website may lag the actual status.

U10 and U12 Players no heading the ball

This is a reminding for u10 and u12 divisions there is no heading or attempting to head the ball.This was discussed to all referees and coaches at the last meeting. Please click her to read more.



1.      All Adult volunteers must be CORI’d through MA Youth Soccer.  Go the following link: http://ma-adultinfo.affinitysoccer.com/mbrsite/mbrsite.aspx?siteguid=92FAC7CB-3EA3-4A52-89D6-1FA0EC6DF027.

Every adult associated with all organizations who may have the opportunity to have direct and un-monitored access to children is required by state law to complete the CORI certification process. (Massachusetts CORI Reform - Chapter 385 of the Acts of 2002).  No un-CORI'd (through MYS) adult may be on the field of play during practice or games.

In order to complete a CORI request, all adults must have registered using the new Adult Registration process.  They will need their ShareView Username and Password.  To complete a CORI request, the adult will need to retrieve the email invitation that was sent to them from noreply@sportsaffinity.com which includes the link for the CORI request.  Adults will no longer be able to complete a CORI request without completing their Adult Registration first.  Print the CORI Agreement form at the end of your CORI submission.  This form (hardcopy) must be submitted to the WYS Registrar, David Codero, along with a valid ID (e.g. drivers license).

2.      All coaches must complete the Concussion Awareness Training on an annual basis.  Go the following link: http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html.  Forward a copy of the Certificate to the WYS Registrar, David Codero.


The policy of WHITMAN YOUTH SOCCER is to issue no refunds after a child has played in a sanctioned game or practice. Prior to playing in a sanctioned game or practice, a refund of the registration fee, less an administrative handling fee, will be issued.
Thank you! WYS
Executive Board