Last Updated: November 3, 2015
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Parents/guardians of players in our league are required to work a shift in the snack bar in order to receive their deposit back. Unfortunately, this is not occurring and we have had many days where parents are not showing up for their shift or showing up late, leaving the snack bar short-staffed.

Parents are obligated to perform their shift as scheduled or to make arrangements to have the shift covered. These responsibilities are to be performed by the parent/guardian or another responsible adult. Children under the age of 18 are not not permitted to work in the snack bar.

The snack bar is a huge fund raiser that benefits our league and it takes many volunteers to run it. Please be respectful of the team before you by being on time and after you to help make sure food items are stocked and ready for the incoming shift. 

We, WMJL, are an all-volunteer organization and every parent MUST work their fair share. We appreciate your understanding and help with running the snack bar. To the majority of parents/guardians who do perform their required snack bar duties, thank you!

Please help us keep our park clean! We would like to ask everyone to please pick up the trash after every game. Help us cut down on the amount of trash left on and under the bleachers, in the dugouts, on the playgrounds and the fenceline. Keeping our park clean makes it more enjoyable for everyone that comes to the park and it helps us keep our relationship with the city strong!
Did you know that Washington Manor Baseball League is a non-profit organization which promotes organized baseball for the community’s youth to develop baseball skills? This organization teaches children of our community to play organized sports as well as promotes, encourages and teaches sportsmanship. There are approximately 400 kids in our program annually and is completely run by volunteers!
We are currently in need of Scorekeepers - Must have baseball scoring knowledge
Managers - Contact Dennis (510-875-0586) 

If you are interested and can volunteer your time, please talk to one of the volunteers when you register your player or contact a volunteer by clicking onto the contacts button on the left side of this page.

Thank you for your support in our baseball program!

Thank you for your sponsorship of WMJL