Last Updated: August 18, 2015

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  • Welcome to West Milford Soccer
  • Volunteers are always needed!
  • We are currently looking for Volunteer Coaches, Assist. Coaches and Fundraising!
  • We are currently looking for Volunteer Coaches, Assist. Coaches and Fundraising!
  • Thank you to all of our Current volunteers!

Fall Game Schedules are now live on our Site.

If you have not heard from your child's coach at this point,

you may contact them directly via email through the site.


Good Luck to all our young athletes this season!!



You can now go online and become a Certified Coach.

Please go to The National Alliance for Youth Sports Training website

Follow the necessary steps to become certified and present a
copy of your certification upon registering to be a coach.

All Travel Coaches are required to hold a valid "F"  Certification License

Please contact your League Representative for more information of finding class schedules.

If you have any further questions email

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Sep 12
Junior Bitty
PRACTICE Junior Bitty Clinic 10:00am Mt. Laurel Field
Chelsea @ West Ham 9:00am Apshawa Field
Newcastle @ Arsenal 10:00am Apshawa Field
Manchester United @ Liverpool 11:00am Apshawa Field
Manchester City @ Aston Villa 12:00pm Apshawa Field
Tottenham Hot Spurs @ Everton 1:00pm Apshawa Field
Portland Timbers @ Team 10 9:00am Apshawa Field
Houston Dynamo @ San Jose Earthquakes 10:00am Apshawa Field
Vancouver Whitecaps @ Chicago Fire 11:00am Apshawa Field
Red Bulls @ Cobras 12:00pm Apshawa Field
Galaxy @ Team 7 1:00pm Apshawa Field
Team 1 @ Team 5 9:00am Maple Road School Field
Team 4 @ Team 3 10:30am Maple Road School Field
Team 6 @ Team 8 12:00pm Maple Road School Field
Team 2 @ Team 3 9:00am Farrell Field
Team 1 @ Team 4 10:30am Farrell Field
Monday,  Sep 14
Team 2 @ Team 4 6:00pm Farrell Field
Tuesday,  Sep 15
Team 10 @ Chicago Fire 6:00pm Apshawa Field #1
Team 7 @ Cobras 6:00pm Apshawa Field #2
Team 8 @ Team 2 6:00pm Maple Road School Field
Wednesday,  Sep 16
West Ham @ Liverpool 6:00pm Apshawa Field #1
Everton @ Aston Villa 6:00pm Apshawa Field #2

For a complete schedule listing, click here!