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Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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  • Congratulations to our 2014 9 Year Old All Stars - District Champs!
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  • Congratulations to our 2014 10 Year Old All Stars - "EXTREME" League Champs!
2014 Bat Regulations
2014 T-Ball Coaches Manual


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Sponsor Spotlight



Ralph Gencarelli- Plaza Deli

50 Washington Street

Norwalk, Ct. 06854 | 203-866-3990


Norwalk Cal Ripken Baseball appreciates every one of our sponsors. The success of our league and the experience we are able to give the kids would not be possible without our generous sponsors. We recently sat down with Ralph Gencarelli, owner of Plaza Deli, for a quick Q and A. Stop by and see Ralph and his team for some great food!



Norwalk Cal Ripken: Ralph, how many years has Plaza Deli operated in Norwalk?

Ralph Gencarelli: 15 years


NCR: How many years have you been at 50 Washington St?


RC: 15 years

NCR: How many years have you been a sponsor of Cal Ripken baseball?

RC: 5 years

  Are you originally from Norwalk?

RC: Actually, I grew up in Darien but moved to Norwalk in 2002


NCR: How did you get into the deli/catering business?

RC: I worked in the family deli growing up and when I graduated from college, I decided to continue in the family business.

NCR: What do you like most about Norwalk and your customers?

RC: My clients are like my extended family. They make coming to work enjoyable and I meet new clients (friends) everyday. I love Norwalk for its diversity especially SoNo. It's been great to see the continuing positive changes throughout the years and I look forward to the future there.

NCR: Did you play sports growing up as a kid?

RC: Not really. My parents weren’t into sports and I had no one to guide me. The top priority was working in the family business. I didn’t start playing until I was old enough to afford a car and could drive myself to the field. Even though I was unable to play as a child, I always thought it installed commitment, responsibility, fun and good morals for the youth.

NCR: Who is your favorite sports team and why?

RC: Like I said, my father wasn't into sports, so I had no one guiding me to a specific team.  The first football game I watched on TV was Jets vs. Steelers and because of the colors, I’ve been a proud Steelers fan ever since.  I love the Mets, through good and tough times [chuckling].


NCR: What do you like most about the sport of baseball?

RC: I love the teamwork aspect of baseball, the mental decisions mangers have to make pitch by pitch. And, it’s America’s pastime.

NCR: What is the biggest difference you see between today’s youth baseball players and your experiences growing up?


RC: Really the only difference between now and the past is that there are more leagues, more time commitment involved and a lot more travel.

NCR: What is it that makes Norwalk such a great, competitive sports town?

RC: You have so many different league here which makes Norwalk so competitive just among itself. You don’t need to travel far away to get great competition.

NCR: What is the sports buzz these days among your regulars at Plaza Deli?

RC: Football and baseball are always talked about at Plaza Deli. My customers know where my heart lies [chuckling]. Most of my customers are fans of the Yankees and the Giants. It’s always fun talking sports with them.

NCR: Anything else you’d like to share with the Norwalk Cal Ripken Baseball community?

RC: I just want to say how proud and honored to be part of Cal Ripken league. To the coaches I want to say thank you for giving up their time and energy and providing these kids a fun atmosphere and opportunity to play America's game. Guys, continue your great work and efforts with these kids.





                 Building Friendships For a Lifetime




Ripken baseball has a world class facility located in Aberdeen, Maryland. Teams travel from all over the world to play at replica versions of iconic stadiums including Wrigley Field, Camden Yards, and Fenway Park. This year, the boys from West Raleigh, NC defeated Mexico 5-2 to capture the Ripken Baseball World Series title. In addition to the Ripken Baseball World Series, the Ripken Experience hosts tournaments nearly every week from early spring to late fall. To check out some more information, go to









Norwalk Cal Ripken 8 year old All Stars finish 3rd at Stratford Invitational Tournament.

STRATFORD, CT—June 15, 2014—Norwalk Cal Ripken 8 year old stars completed another year with a solid performance at the Stratford Coach Pitch invitational tournament held over Father’s Day weekend.

The team finished with a 4-2 record highlighted by a 3rd place win over the Norwalk Little League all star team 11-4 in the 3rd place game.

The team won their first 2 games in by beating Stratford Blue 19-14 and Milford Red 24-10.  They followed those victories up with a loss to Milford Red 7-10 and a victory over Bridgeport 17-16.  The final day of competition ended with a loss to Milford Gold and victory against Norwalk Little League 11-4.

A big congratulations to the all star team.  All Star selections were as follows:  Anthony Monteiro, Andew McNamara, Andrew Ehlers, Nicholas Russo, Joshua Barrese, Justin Feinstein, Tyler Pils, Jacob Gonzales, Devin Bowen, Jackson Shearn, Justin Rich, Jayden Roman, Dominic Muro, Manager Andres Roman.











Sat July 5th - 12:30pm / 3pm - Greenwich 9 - Norwalk 3   / New Canaan 13 - New Fairfield 2
Sun July 6th - 10am / 12:30pm - Danbury 6 - Bethel 3 / New Fairfield 6 - Norwalk 5
Monday July 7th - 6pm - Danbury 11 - New Canaan 0
Tuesday July 8th - 6pm - Greenwich 5 - Bethel  6
Wednesday July 9th - 6pm - Norwalk 3 -  New Canaan 6
Thursday July 10th - 6pm - Greenwich 3 - Danbury 4
Friday July 11th - 6pm - Bethel 12  - New Fairfield 6
Sat July 12th - 10am / 12:30pm / 3pm - Danbury 6  Norwalk 7 / New Fairfield 7 - Greenwich 13 / New Canaan 0 - 6 Bethel

         Congratulations to our 2014 9 year old All Star District CHAMPIONS!

Standing: Coach Frank Diurno, Ryan Notley, Jack Vahle, Vincent Velez, Konstantinos Kodonas,
Matthew Claps, Michael Russo, Jonathan Diurno, and Coach Ioannis Kodonas.

Kneeling: Christopher Balchius, Isaias Gonzalez, Matthew Lanzarotto, Peter Denman,
Sean Lengyel, Chris Arsenault, and Manager Billy Lengyel.


Does your car or truck need to be serviced?

Visit our Sponsor Forms section for a $10.00 coupon to Briggs Tire!

                           Congratulations to Briggs Tire, our 2014 Minor Division CHAMPIONS!!!

Congratulations to George Comfort & Sons

2014 Major Division Champions


Sandy Hook School Support Fund

December 17, 2012

All of us at Norwalk Cal Ripken Baseball send our heartfelt sympathies to those who suffered a loss in the recent Newtown tradegy. As a youth sports community, we place the utmost importance on our children and their safety.

If you wish to contribute to the support effort for the families, check donations may be mailed to:

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470

For questions about your check donation or donations within local Newtown Savings Bank branches, please call 800-461-0672.

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