Last Updated: January 3, 2017

  • We are looking forward to next year....Board members needed....don't' complain....join the team!
  • Please remember.....its all about the kids........
  • More volunteers are needed. Ask your coach how you can help.
  • Please support our concession stand. It helps make our program go!
  • Invite family and friends to our games. Our games are an excellent family activity

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Jan 21
7-8 Year Olds
Coach Adrienne:Ballers @ Coach Tyson:Warriors11:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Ray:Spurs @ Coach Joe:Above Average12:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach Adrienne:Ballers @ Coach Chris:Cavs1:30pmWoodlawn Middle
9-11 Year Olds
Coach Mark:Kentucky Wildcats @ Coach Denise:Warriors9:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Jay:Jayhawks @ Coach Oliver:Wildcats3:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach James:Baylor @ Coach Brisco:Thunders4:30pmWoodlawn Middle
12-14 Year Olds
Coach Keith:Knicks @ Coach Darius:Heat10:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Joseph:Game Changers @ Coach Noah:Elite2:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Saturday, Jan 28
7-8 Year Olds
Coach Joe:Above Average @ Coach Chris:Cavs1:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach Tyson:Warriors @ Coach Ray:Spurs2:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach Adrienne:Ballers @ Coach Joe:Above Average3:30pmWoodlawn Middle
9-11 Year Olds
Coach Oliver:Wildcats @ Coach Brisco:Thunders9:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Denise:Warriors @ Coach James:Baylor10:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Jay:Jayhawks @ Coach Mark:Kentucky Wildcats11:30amWoodlawn Middle
12-14 Year Olds
Coach Joseph:Game Changers @ Coach Keith:Knicks12:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach Darius:Heat @ Coach Noah:Elite4:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Saturday, Feb 4
7-8 Year Olds
Coach Ray:Spurs @ Coach Adrienne:Ballers10:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Joe:Above Average @ Coach Chris:Cavs11:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Chris:Cavs @ Coach Tyson:Warriors1:30pmWoodlawn Middle
9-11 Year Olds
Coach Jay:Jayhawks @ Coach Denise:Warriors12:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach Brisco:Thunders @ Coach Mark:Kentucky Wildcats3:30pmWoodlawn Middle
Coach James:Baylor @ Coach Oliver:Wildcats4:30pmWoodlawn Middle
12-14 Year Olds
Coach Darius:Heat @ Coach Joseph:Game Changers9:30amWoodlawn Middle
Coach Noah:Elite @ Coach Keith:Knicks2:30pmWoodlawn Middle

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