Last Updated: March 1, 2015

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  • We are looking forward to next year....Board members needed....don't' complain....join the team!
  • Please remember.....its all about the kids........
  • More volunteers are needed. Ask your coach how you can help.
  • Please support our concession stand. It helps make our program go!
  • Invite family and friends to our games. Our games are an excellent family activity



Anybody wishing to join the Basketball Board will have the opportunity

to be nominated and elected for certain positions. Please give your name

and contact number to any current board member by February 28, 2015. 

The date for the election will be held on March 6, 2015 at Woodlawn Rec Center at 7pm.



Pictures will be taken this weekend.

February 28, 2015 – 09:00 AM



9am - Terrance (5-6) and Anthony (5-6)

9:45am -Tai (5-6) and Anthony (9-11)

10:30am - Weldon (7-8) and Jay (7-8)

12pm - Isaac (12-14) and Terrance (5-6)


9am - Darius (9-11) and James (9-11)

10am - Isaac (12-14) and Nick (12-14)

11am - Stan (7-8) and  Mark (7-8)

12pm - Noah (9-11) and Janatus (9-11)

1pm - Isaac (9-11) and Darius (12-14)

2pm - Jason (12-14) and Vonnie (12-14)


All-Star weekend results. 

7-8 West All-Stars def. 7-8 East All-Stars 1-0

7-8 All-Stars def. Team Supreme 12-9. 7-8 M.V.P Cayden Mathews

9-11 West All-Stars def. 9-11 East All-Stars 27-18. 9-11 M.V.P Timothy Downs

12-14 West All-Stars def. East All-Stars 44-27. 12-14 M.V.P David Hayden



We would like to say "Thank You" to all parents and lets have a GREAT SEASON.


For information call Woodlawn Recreation and Parks at 410-887-1357 between the hours of 9am and 3pm.






Upcoming Games

Friday,  Mar 6
9-11 Year Olds
Coach Darius @ Coach Janatus 6:15pm Woodlawn Middle
Coach Isaac @ Coach Anthony 7:15pm Woodlawn Middle
Coach James @ Coach Noah 8:15pm Woodlawn Middle
Saturday,  Mar 7
5-6 Year Olds
Coach Anthony @ Coach Tai 10:00am Woodlawn Rec
Coach Anthony @ Coach Terrance 10:45am Woodlawn Rec
7-8 Year Olds
Coach Stan @ Coach Jay 9:15am Woodlawn Middle
Coach Mark @ Coach Weldon 10:15am Woodlawn Middle
9-11 Year Olds
Coach James @ Coach Anthony 11:15am Woodlawn Middle
Coach Noah @ Coach Janatus 12:15pm Woodlawn Middle
Coach Isaac @ Coach Darius 1:15pm Woodlawn Middle
12-14 Year Olds
Coach Vonnie @ Coach Darius 2:15pm Woodlawn Middle
Coach Nick @ Coach Jason 3:15pm Woodlawn Middle
Saturday,  Mar 14
5-6 Year Olds
Coach Terrance @ Coach Tai 10:00am Woodlawn Rec
Coach Terrance @ Coach Anthony 10:45am Woodlawn Rec

For a complete schedule listing, click here!