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2015 Football & Cheer Head Coach Application
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We hope that everyone had a great holiday season! We are preparing for the 2015 season and are now accepting coaching applications. Please submit an application if you are interested in a head coaching position for any of the football teams.

Please email Vic McDowell if you have any questions!





Walnut Valley Cowboys are part of the San Gabriel Valley Jr. All American Football Conference

We are located in the city of Walnut in Southern California. Walnut Valley Cowboys have proudly served the communities of Walnut, Diamond Bar, Pomona, Phillips Ranch, Chino Hills, City of Industry, East Valinda, Rowland Heights, and portions of West Covina since 1970.

We provide football and cheer programs to children ages 6 to 14, our football program includes both flag and tackle depending on the age and weight of the child.  The cheer program cheers for the football as well as competes competitively at competitions and national championships.

It is our goal to teach good sportsmanship, self confidence, teamwork and mastery of the game while creating a fun family environment.  Every athlete is required to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above while participating in the program. The Walnut Valley Cowboys is a non-profit 501(c)(3) youth sports organization.







The following are some frequently asked questions for your assistance:

What does the registration cost cover?

The Walnut Valley Cowboys Junior All American Football fees covers the following:

Any and all equipment costs
Any and all football uniform costs
Any and all game field usage fees
Any and all practice field usage fees
Any and all light fees
Any and all league fees
Any and all league insurance costs
Any and all referee and/or game fees
League T-shirt, shorts, practice jersey (football) cinch bag (cheer)
Player trophy and photos…much more

How is W.V. Cowboys Junior All American Football different from Pop Warner?

There are significant differences between Pop Warner football and Cowboys Junior All American Football. Some are as follows:

1. Walnut Valley Cowboys JAAF is a proud member of San Gabriel Valley Junior All American Football Conference, which currently has 27 participating cities, compared to Mt. Baldy Pop Warner Conference which only has 18 participating cities

2. Minimum Plays: W.V. Cowboys JAAF advocates maximum plays. Moreover, W.V. Cowboys JAAF is governed by SGVJAAFC rules that require at least 10 plays from its participants. Pop Warner, by contrast, only requires 6-10 total plays depending on the size of the respective team. Those 6-10 plays can come at any point during a given game.

3. Flag Ages: W.V. Cowboys JAAF allows 6, 7 and 8 year olds (80 lbs. or under) the opportunity to play flag football, W.V. Cowboys JAAF gives older players and parents a unique chance to embrace football later in a child’s development. Pop Warner, by contrasts, forces all 6, 7 and 8 year olds to play tackle football. In fact, Pop Warner has a “tiny mite” division that has 5 and 6 year olds playing tackle football. That means an 8 year old entering into his/her first year of football is liable to play with players who have already played tackle football for 3 years. And the player is only 8. National statistics show that the most popular age in which players begin to play organized football is age 10. By that account, a Pop Warner player who is beginning could potentially play with and against players who have played 5 years of tackle football. This could propel the injury risk for that player and drastically hinder the development of the player as well.

4. Pre-Game Practice: W.V. Cowboys JAAF is a member of SGV Junior All American Football Conference, which begins yearly practices two full weeks before Pop Warner and doesn’t play its first games until two weeks after Pop Warner. This gives coaches and most importantly players an opportunity to learn the sport of football, which is particularly vital for first time players. Instead of having 2 1/2 weeks of practice before a game begins, our Cowboys Family football players get 1 1/2 months. This preparation allows our Cowboys Family players to be more successful and comprehend the sport of football more clearly. As a result, injuries are avoided and player safety is paramount.

When does practice begin?

The 2014 W.V. Cowboys Junior All American Football & Cheer Spring conditioning season begin in April.  This is strictly voluntarily and dates, locations and times are up to the Head Coaches.

The 2014 W.V. Cowboys Junior All American Football & Cheer Fall Season practices begin in July 21st. Practices for ALL divisions are (5) days per week (Monday – Friday) and a maximum 2 hours a day (6pm-8pm). Starting August 18th, practices drop to (3) days per week (Tuesday – Thursday) 6pm – 8pm.

If I have multiple children, do they play on the same field on game day?

Yes, ALL divisions play the same city home or away games. For example, you have two sons playing; one is on the Jr. Gremlin division the other is on the Pee-Wee division. Son #1 game start time is 9:00am in Whittier. Son #2 game start time is 1:00pm also in Whittier. When son’s #1 game finishes, you DO NOT need to rush to get to another city to make son #2 game, you are already at the field where BOTH of your sons are going to play. All of our parents love this arrangement because they get to watch all of their children’s games and they also get to watch other Cowboys divisions play. We travel as a Cowboys family. Pop warner does not do this. If you have two children on two different divisions, you will need to make arrangements which child you’re going to watch that day and/or drive from one city to another which is usually a long distance.

How long is the season? 

Practice (which include scrimmages) start mid July with games starting in September and playoffs are in November. Usually the Championship game is played the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Do the players have to tryout? 

No, we teach the fundamentals of football while stressing the importance of sportsmanship and fair play.

How are the kids placed on teams? This is solely determined by age and weight.

How many are on a team?

Tackle football (Gremlin, Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Jr. Midget, and Midget):  minimum of 25, maximum of 33.

Flag football (Jr. Gremlin): minimum of 17, maximum of 20.

Is there travel involved? 

Yes, depending on the team’s schedule. Games are split between home and away games. (ALL DIVISION plays the same cities on game day).

Are there refunds?

A full refund, minus a $50 administration fee, will only be given to a participant who drops before the first day of practice. (NOTE: A refund request form must be submitted prior to the first day of practice.)

A partial refund MAY be available prior to certification, and participants who do not meet the Academic requirements of a 2.0 GPA are not eligible for ANY refund. (NOTE: A partial refund request form must be submitted prior to certification.)

Are there any volunteer requirements?

Volunteering is essential. W.V. Cowboys JAAF is a non-profit, volunteer league. There are many ways to help out with your team and/or the W.V. Cowboys organization. W.V. Cowboys appreciates and depends on its volunteers to make the Cowboys Family a success.