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Opening Page Remarks from RL+35

Wilson and Padres win 2014 World Series

beat the Smith lead Giants  6 - 5

Series History  -  11 seasons 

Wilson wins 1st title  -  Smith looses for 2nd time in 7 tries


Let those injuries heal for the 24 season of the YCOBL Fall league  see info below



News Article from the Oldtimers Herald Tribune

Ray Smith states this is his 10th Finals Appearance in 11 Years of RL+35 play  -  he goes for his 6th title

6th Year Manager John Wilson goes for his 1st title in this his 2nd try

The 2 teams played earlier this season with the Padres winning by a score of 8-3 on 5/31 

League Commissioner is pretty quiet after an 1-8 season to date


(ask Freddy who to put your money on)


Ray Smith and the Phillies claim 2013 RL+35 League Title

They edge Dodgers in a Slugfest   15-13

(according to Smith, this is his 5th title in 10 years)


Watch for your YCOBL Registration Form for the Fall 2013 league and its 23rd season. 

If you are not on the email list and want to be contact Commissioner Ken Hersey