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(Unless otherwise indicated all rules are baseball rules)

There will no longer be any plays at home plate. All plays at home will now be "force outs". In order to score a run, the baserunner must make contact with the ground on or after the 'scoring line' drawn as an extension from home plate to the backstop, prior to the defensive player having possession of the ball while standing on home plate. The defensive player may still apply a tag to the baserunner, if for example the throw takes him way of the line. The runner is in full responsibility of avoiding contact as he has an entire 'scoring line' to work with and thus can avoid any contact.
If a baserunner touches home plate, he is automatically out.

**Pitch Speed**
There must be an arc on each pitch to be judged by the umpire and the umpire only.
If a pitch is deemed by the umpire to be without arc, the penalty will be as follows - 1st offense is NO PITCH (neither a ball nor a strike) essentially a warning; 2nd offense is a BALL; 3rd offense is a WALK (batter takes first base regardless of the count); 4th offense results in PLAYER REMOVED FROM PITCHING POSITION.
If a pitch that is deemed illegal is not put in play the 'punishment' is applied immediately. If a pitch that is deemed illegal is put into play the ball is live and the umpire will signal the illegal pitch by extending his arm out from his body. The play must continue as usual. When the play is over the batting team may then choose if they would like the result of the play or if they will take the 'punishment' due to the illegal pitch. 'Punishments' advance to the next severity regardless of whether or not the previous 'punishments' were employed. ie the fourth illegal pitch results in the pitcher being removed from the position

**Strategic Runner**
Once over the course of the game, a team may replace any baserunner with any other player on the roster with no stealing limitations. If the 'strategic runner's' spot in the batting order comes while he is on base it is an automatic out.

A) 3 strikes is an out
B) Four balls is a walk, (HIT BY PITCH IS A BALL)
C) A pitcher may send a batter to first base intentionally without throwing any pitches
D) There are 3 outs in every inning
E) All regular games are 9 innings, extras can be played if time permits. Games CAN finish in a tie
G) A minimum of 8 players (15 mins grace) is necessary to field a team, 5 mins grace will be given to the 9th player arriving to commence a game. (A team may forfeit home field advantage if they're full team has not arrived in order to start the game at the plate)
H) No new inning (top of inning) may start after 1 hour and 40 minutes has elapsed since the SCHEDULED start time of a game, (cell phone/satellite time is official time)
I) In the event of a rain-out, if over 5 innings have been played the score will revert back to the last FULL inning played (this is the final result) --- if under 5 innings have been played, the game will be rescheduled
K) NORMAL BASEBALL infield fly rule(at least first and second occupied and a pop fly deemed catch-able by an infielder)
L) NO leading
M) Stealing bases is permitted [player may leave base ONLY after pitch has crossed home plate]
N) Leading or leaving before the pitch crosses home plate (at the discretion of the umpire) is an automatic out (NO WARNINGS WILL BE ISSUED)
O) Stealing home IS NOT permitted
P) NORMAL BASEBALL bag rules, must touch all bags (excluding home)
Q) If there is not a force-out base-runners must be tagged to be called out
R) NORMAL BASEBALL tagging up rules [on a fly to the outfield, or infield]
S) All players must be in batting order
T) A maximum of 10 players are allowed on the field, however there can be more in the batting lineup
U) Players may rotate in and out of the field freely from inning to inning
V) All bats are allowed (whether baseball or softball)
W) Gameballs provided by league
X) If a baserunner fails to return at once to first base after being called safe, he is out when tagged. If a baserunner attempts to run to second after overrunning or oversleeping first base he is out when tagged. If, after overrunning or oversliding first base he starts toward the dugout, or toward his position, and fails to return to first base at once, he is out, on appeal, when he or the base is tagged; Rule 7.08(j) Comment: Runner who touches first base in overrunning and is declared safe by the umpire has, within the intent of Rule 4.09(a) “reached first base” and any run which scores on such a play counts, even though the runner subsequently becomes the third out for failure to return “at once,” as covered in Rule 7.08(j).
Y) Bunting IS NOT allowed
Z) ALL PITCHERS must pitch from behind the line that is to be drawn by ump at beginning of EVERY game
AA) If a team defaults, it will be counted as an automatic 10 to 0 win for winning team
BB) Once a player leaves a game (removed from batting order), they CANNOT return to the game
CC) If a player arrives after the game has started, he may be added to the batting order but must be added at the end
DD) If a player who is already on the batting order is not available to take his turn at the plate, he is OUT
EE) There is NO mercy rule
FF) There is NO maximum for runs scored in an inning
GG) In the official league statistics, hits and errors are to be judged by the scorekeeper
HH) Pinch runners ARE allowed, runner can only substitute the batter once the batter has reached base
II) Pinch runners CANNOT steal.
JJ) Pinch runner MUST be the last player to have been recorded out
KK) If a ball is thrown over the fence or out of the field, one extra base will be given to all runners
LL) Collisions anywhere on the field MUST be avoided at all cost. The primary onus is on the runner. Any intent at collision by either party will result in automatic EJECTION along with league suspension
MM) Time out should always be requested to the umpire. Only he can call “time out”
NN) Once a game has commenced the umpire has full control
OO) No drinking nor cell phones on the field of play
PP) Forfeit deposit will be retained if any forfeits occur throughout the season. Third, fourth and all subsequent forfeits will result in a $50 fine each to be payed before playoffs or teams may be withheld from post-season format
QQ) Players must participate in 14 of the leagues 20 games to be eligible for end is season awards.
QQa) Exemption list to be submitted no later than June 30th and players with under 8 may be deemed eligible on a case by case basis.
RR) No players may be removed from the lineup after the first pitch of the bottom of the ninth inning. Before this, any player may be removed at any time as long as the lineup still contains 8 or more players.
SS) The path in right field of Hampstead Park will act as a 'fence'. Any ball landing on the past the path is a dead ball home run. Any ball rolling onto the path is a ground rule triple.

Tie-Breaking Criteria
(1)Number of wins
(2)Head-to-head record
(3)Head-to-head runs for-runs against differential
(4)Runs for-runs against differential
(5)Runs for
(6)Runs against
(7)Record in common games
(8)Coin flip