What's After Registration?

Where Are We in the Process???   [More Info]

What's After Registration?
Where Are We in the Process???

What happens after YYSA registration ends????

Great question, that we hear OFTEN. Here are the basics:

Just a quick reminder, although registration began in mid-August, it did not finish until the second week in October. We are right on schedule!

Here is our process (please remember that YYSA is an ALL Volunteer Board, meaning we do our YYSA work when we are NOT at our paid job, during evenings and weekends.

(City of Yuma Parks and Recreation helps us do this as we DO NOT have an office--to make it convenient for parents)

2) Data Entry
We are still in the process of entering ALL registered players into our database.

3) Team Creation (based off of and in this order):

A) Birth Year of Children
B) Sponsor Picks
C) Qualified Coach Picks
D) Foothills preference, as available
E) Boy/Girl (ratio balance)
F) Lastly, random/blind draft to balance teams

4) Authorizing Coaching staff (background checks)

5) Coach calls, sometime after Thanksgiving

6) Practice typically starts mid-December

7) Games to begin Early January 2019

8) Season end, mid-March 2019