fundraising for youth teams
15 Nov

Fundraising Tips For Youth Sports Leagues And Organizations

Posted by Chris Tallos 15-Nov-2015

Fundraising is an important part of youth sports leagues, as it provides the essential monies which can be used for equipment, uniforms and training tools. While most people in the community will be more than happy to contribute towards fundraising for youth sports teams, its best to come up with unique and creative fundraising ideas that can get them to open their wallets and purses. Below are some tips which can help you achieve this.

Set a realistic goal

Before starting a fundraiser, you will need to determine what the funds will be used for. Once you have this information, you will then need to calculate the total cost of acquiring these items. Having this cost in mind will better allow you to set goals which are attainable. A general rule of thumb is to set a small goal and then surpass it, rather than opting for a goal which is beyond your reach and then failing to achieve it. Remember, the results of your fundraising efforts can boost or lower the morale of your team.

Familiarize yourself with the fundraising process

Sometimes, fundraising might require you to sell products and services on an online store or at an event. These should be simple products such as candy bars, baked goods, gift cards, Tupperware or other small items people can make use of. The item you sell must be desirable but low in cost.

A common mistake that people make when fundraising for youth sports teams is to sell to friends and family. Any great salesman will tell you that family and friends are the hardest people to sell to. If you want to make good money when fundraising, sell to people in your community who are not friends and family. You can sell by going door-to-door, online or by setting up a stand. Remember that if you are doing it online, make sure payment processing procedures have been thought out well.

Identify and select kids in the team who are natural salesmen

Some children are naturally sociable with a charming, affable demeanor that lends well to salesmanship. Children with this gift will exist in every group, and when you’re getting ready to perform a fundraiser, these are the boys and girls you want on the front lines. Encourage them to compete against each other with special rewards for those who sell the most. For the children on the team who are not as sociable or outgoing, don’t pressure them into selling. Instead, give them tasks which support the fundraiser, but which also suit their introverted personalities. This will boost their morale and ensure your team operates at maximum efficiency.

Creating a service fundraiser

If you want the community to give funds to you, it is best to offer a tangible service in return. Service fundraisers consist of activities such as car washes, yard clean-ups and other services which the community needs. Offer these services for a very low rate for a limited time only (but be sure that the cash generated is enough to cover your fundraising goals).

When you’ve set reasonable goals, this should not be a problem. The best strategy may be to combine both services and the sale of goods within your fundraiser. In other words, you will have some of the kids sell candy bars or other goods while other children will provide a service such as washing cars.