Board of Directors

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Ken Keller

Head Umpire

The HEAD UMPIRE shall:

A. Obtain suitable umpires for the organization as directed by the Board of Directors;

B. Consider all complaints relative to umpires and make suitable recommendations to the Board of Directors;

C. Be responsible for scheduling of each divisions' season, play off, makeup and tournament games in accordance with Pony schedule and approved by the Board of Directors;

D. After the game schedules are completed, be responsible for umpire assignments of the managers;

E. Not be a team Manager unless approved by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors. If an issue arises that involves his/her team, the President shall delegate the Head Umpire's responsibility to another member;

F. Maintain and make available the master schedule for the fields, including games and practices for both in season and out of season, for both league and travel teams. Helps in resolving scheduling disputes or conflicts between teams (in season and out of season);

G. Preparation of such reports and suggestions as needed by the Board of Directors for budgetary action.

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