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Jennifer Kelso

Player Agent (Upper Divisions)

The PLAYER AGENT (Upper Divisions) shall:

A. Supervise the semi-annual registration of player candidates;

B. Organize assessment/evaluation sessions and make a list of all players’ names and phone numbers to each manager/coach;

C. Post a list of all managers/coaches for each division at time of assessment;

D. Supervise the drafting/distribution of players among division teams;

E. Maintains a waiting list of eligible players and ensures that a copy of the current list is distributed to the vice-president and updated as needed, also notify division chair of new team additions;

F. Ensure all eligible players on the waiting list have a registration form completely filled out which contains a sequential number affixed that corresponds to the order by which they are registered;

G. Handle all player problems as directed by the Board of Directors;

H. Supervise regular, tournament and post season play documentation, i.e., medical releases, insurance forms, copies of birth certificates and affidavits;

I. Be a member of the managers/coaches selection committee;

J. The player agents shall not be a team manager;

K. If an issue arises that involves his/her child(s) team, the President shall delegate the Player Agents responsibility to another board member;

L. Coordinates the team assignments of their respective divisions;

M. With any late registrants, the division chair must be present when player is placed on a team.

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