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Clint Scribner

Camp Director / Coach / Personal Trainer


Clint Scribner
AFI Certified Personal Trainer
USATF Level 1 Coach
AAU & TAAF Certified Coach

I am the Conference and Retreats Director at the CCAC but, I spent most of my career in law enforcement (Deputy Sheriff, TACT Team, DARE Instructor, Personal Protection Officer, and Private Investigator) I have been a runner for 20+ years and have competed in track, XC, 5K's,10 K's, and Half Marathons. I was a HS State Qualifier and placed 4th in the mile at the Police Olympics.

I am a personal running coach for youth, high school and collegiate athletes. My runners have had success at the local, state and national level. My coaching philosophy is based around Passion, Enthusiasm, Commitment and Ownership. "If we can get the head and the heart right, it is then that we can start to maximize our potential."