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Wade Hardy

Honorary Coach


I recently retired as a Police Lieutenant after serving 21 years with the White Plains Police Department. During the last 4 years of service I worked with youth programs in conjunction with several city and county organizations, which include the White Plains Youth Bureau, Slater Center and the White Plains Housing Authority. During that time I worked hard motivating, teaching and listening to young people who could benefit from my guidance and leadership. I am still an active member in several community groups that are geared to encourage and inspire young people in White Plains. Additionally, I coach basketball and baseball. This past spring of 2009 my little league baseball team won the White Plains Little league A Division Championship. I have two children attending the White Plains Public Schools, and feel it is important to stay involved with youth programs. In my 20 plus years in law enforcement, I realize that staying involved in sports and other afterschool activities is paramount to keeping young people focused and out of trouble. "It takes a village to raise a child" - well coaching sports is being part of the village. This is my first time coaching football and I love it.