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Paul Brown

Honorary Coach

(914) 886-8869

I have resided in White Plains since 2003. Since then I've been married and had 2 children. As soon as my son was old enough to play, I signed him up. Football has always been my passion. I've played in various venues and have been a student of the sport for years. I know the confidence it can build in a child and the camaraderie that is formed between members of a football team. "Brothers in Arms".

Being a recent graduate of the Police Academy, I also know that these extra curricular activities/sports can help kids build the confidence they need to say "No" and steer clear of the pitfalls that they may encounter on the street. I see that peer pressure is one of the biggest factors in leading a child into the wrong situations. I have seen football steer them clear from those activities as it gives them a sense of "T"radition...as so many men and boys have played this game before them. "I"ntegrity...there is a certain code of the field that the players inherit that breeds honesty. "G"rowth...both physically, with proper nutrition and exercise and mentally, by learning complicated plays, terms and schemes. "E"ducation...rearing student-athletes is priority one. They are taught that football is only a back-up to education....it's never primary. You cannot obtain employment with a certificate of participation in football, but you can with a diploma/degree. "R"espect...is the building block. Respect for the game and it's rules leads to respect for the coaches, players and officials; respect for classmates and teachers; respect for parents, siblings and relatives but most of all, respect for self.

Welcome to Tiger Youth Football.