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Karin Bates

Honorary Coach

(914) 428-7424

My name is Karin Bates and my son Cole plays on the 3rd grade tackle team.  I also have a daughter  Sloane, in 7th grade at Eastview middle school.  This is our 3rd year involved with the White Plains Youth Tigers.   I was born and raised in White Plains and as a single mother, I returned to raise my two wonderful children near my family who still resides here.  We have been a football family forever, as my brother was a White Plains High School football player for all his years and played in college as well. 
I am an Educator by trade with a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education.  While I have no formal football training I did assist with the flag teams last year and did not give a second thought to jumping in this year to assistant coach. I feel it is important for all the boys at all the different levels to see a woman on the field giving it a go and showing that cheerleading is not the only aspect of this sport a girl/woman can participate in.  I also feel it gives them a different respect for girls/women and that is part of the philosophy of the tigers that I like "respect". I chose the Tigers for Cole because of the philosophy of the league, the safety, comradery and the family atmosphere involved in this league and those aspects will make him a better person in general as well as player.