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Mikey Tomechko

Assitant Coach 5/6 Grade Team


Why I choose to coach / volunteer: For me in all aspects of my life I value the feeling of brotherhood and nothing exhibits that better than being part of a football team. Football is not about "I" it's about US all 11 on the field. Not only in the game do you need your brothers to succeed you need your brothers to succeed in life no matter what you do. I hope to drive that value home by being a coach. Background: NYS EMT. Graduated from Cornell University in 2009 with a bachelors in Landscape Architecture and graduated from Columbia University in 2012 with a Masters in Construction Administration. Been a participant and now a coach with JF Football Camp since its inception 18 yrs ago and had the privilege of learning the game from college and ex NFL players. Currently I'm working as an assistant superintendent assisting in the managing the construction of a building in Lower Manhattan. Brotherhood and camaraderie are part of my work and every day life since in graduating college. At work no project is done without the help of my coworkers and volunteering in EMS it takes not only the EMS crew but the other first responders to make sure the scene and patient are handled in the safest way possible. Why volunteer with the Youth Tigers: Coach Huebner talks about it daily enriching the youth with the TIGERS motto. Personally for me I value the words Integrity and Respect and to teach the players the role of that in their every day lives is why I chose to coach with the Youth Tigers. You need integrity and respect both on and off the field.