Franklin Square
Franklin Square, NY 11552
Phone: (516) 352-8001

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Joe DeMeo President
Joey Martelli Executive Vice President
Ricky Rogers Vice President of Baseball
John Riccobono Vice President of Softball
Rob Capoziello Treasurer
Lou Testani Secretary
Craig Kennedy Policy and Procedures
Susan Spano Chief of Staff To The President
Mike Benincasa Chief Umpire
Tony Collura Player Agent #1 Baseball 9-16
Cris Schemmer Player Agent #2 Baseball 5-8
Pat Amato Player Agent #3 Softball 7-16
Chris Manzi Consession Stand Manager
Charlie Porcasi Manger Rep.
Terry Meaney Equipment Manager
Joel DiGilio Uniform Manager
Tom Gallant Safety Officer
Jim Daly Sponsorship
Jim Benson Information Officer/Web Site
Jeff Farell Auxiliary#1
Joe Rigano Player Development