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Missoula Softball Association

P. O. Box 4041
Missoula, MT 59806
Phone: (406)721-6770

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Mike Perry President MSA/ 45+ Commissioner (406)239-2717
Mike Rogers Treasurer (406)830-0779
Laura Verhaeghe Secretary (213)804-8596
Bill Reh Board Member (406)240-4096
Bruce Randall Board Member (406)531-4356
Dan Chamberlain Board Member (406)529-9538
Jason Bigelow Board Member (406)493-9285
Keera Ackley Board Member (406)546-9532
Lauren Tobias Board Member (845)596-4576
Mike Wright Board Member (406)529-0881
Reiny Erhart Board Member (406)529-1867
Rod Harsell Past President - 2017 Board Member MSA (406)531-1411
Abe Kurien Softball Coordinator (406)721-6770
Tony Olson Players Rep (406)207-2630
Stephan "Dico" Dicomitis USA Softball of Montana District Commissioner (406)529-6593
Danielle Eads Social Media Coordinator
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