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15805 Kinloch
Redford, MI 48239
Phone: 313-995-4234

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Information About Contacting Board Members PLEASE READ!!!
Jim Gibbs President (elected) 313-995-4234
Chris Riffenburg Registrar-Travel Teams (elected) 734-744-9094
Curt Karkheck In-House Coordinator (elected) 313-550-3358
Nancy Jackett Vice-President (elected) 313-204-5633
Chris Jackett Field Scheduler(appointed) 313-204-4343
Bill Jackett Treasurer (elected)
Pat Mathieu Head Referee (appointed) 313-534-6394
Jim Gibbs Director of Coaching(appointed) 313-995-4234
Jim Nicola Uniforms & Equipment (appointed) 248-980-6444
Jim Gibbs Referee assignor ( appointed) 313-995-4234