BlastBall Information
LOCATION: Silver Creek (Library)
DAY/TIME: Saturday mornings for 1Hour
AGES: 4 & 5 Years Old
EQUIPMENT: Athletic shoes, Helmet with chin strap

BLASTBALL – General Description

BlastBall provides an ideal entry level of play for the 4 and 5 year old youngsters who will go on to other advanced levels of the game. It is also a great fitness and recreational activity for schools and community programs as well as family and friends.

BlastBall is meant to put FUN back in to the game of Baseball. It is designed to generate fast-paced action, provide recreation and exercise, create enthusiasm and to encourage children to continue to play the game at higher levels.

BlastBall is very simple to organize and allows for a short game, in a small area. Typically 5-6 children make up a team. There can be many games happening at the same time.

It is also a ton of fun with fast, continuous action and simple rules.

How The Game Is Played

Blastball players take the field much like in a regular T-Ball game with the defensive players taking an infield or outfield position. In Blastball, the Blastbase is the only base used and placed at the first base location.

In the game of Blastball, the ball is placed on the tee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the Blastbase. If the batter reaches the base before a defensive player either catches the ball in the air, or fields the ball and yells BLAST, the batter is safe. If the ball is caught or fielded and BLAST is yelled by the defensive player before the runner gets to the Blastbase, then the runner is out. At the end of each play, the ball is thrown back to the coach, or player at home plate. Much like T-Ball, in Blastball the emphasis is on the play at first and the play at home. You end the half inning by going through the entire batting order.

The appeal of Blastball in the younger player is the loud honking sound the base makes when the player stomps on it. This sound alone will encourage the players to make plays as a defensive player, or run faster as the batter in order to stomp on the base and make the HONK.

In Blastball there is no need for gloves as the Blastball is soft. The softness of the ball will also eliminate the fear factor of being hit by the ball. Helmets however, are still required for safety reasons.

Blastball provides an exciting entry level of play for those youngsters who will then move on to play within higher divisions. Blastball teaches all of the basic fundamentals of the game of baseball such as, fielding, hitting, catching, throwing and running. It accomplishes this in a fun and exciting way, with continuous action and simple to follow rules.

The size of the Blastball teams will be a maximum of five and no less than three, with a one hour, game time limit.

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