Divisions & Rules

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Major Boys Baseball Information
Babe Ruth Baseball (Cal Ripken Division) rules apply unless specifically superseded in this document.

1. Eligibility Rules
• Player must play in 50% of the games to be eligible for the Playoffs.
• Player must play in 50% of the games to be eligible for All-Stars.

2. Pitching
• A pitching “week” runs Monday through Sunday during the regular season.
• For the first half of the regular season (thru 08-May), maximum of 2 consecutive innings pitched or 40 pitches per game, whichever comes first.
• For the second half of the regular season and playoffs, maximum of 3 consecutive innings pitched or 65 pitches per game, whichever comes first.
• Rest requirements:
Number of pitches in a day Number of Calendar Days of Rest before Pitching Again
41 to 65 2
26 to 40 1
1 to 25 No day of rest required.

• Any pitcher who delivers 26 or more pitches in a game may not go behind the plate to play catcher for the remainder of the day.
• One pitch constitutes an inning.
• A pitcher may not return to the position after being removed.
• A pitcher must be replaced if he hits 2 players in one inning or 3 players in one game.
• A pitcher must be removed on 2nd visit from manager or coach.
• Balks are at the discretion of the umpire – umpires will provide instruction and warnings prior to enforcing.
• Caught third strike and dropped third strike are enforced
• No intentional walks. All players are to be given the opportunity to bat.

3. Fielding
• Infield fly rule is in effect.
• 3 outfielders will be used during the regular season (and the playoffs).
• A player must play at least 9 defensive outs in a full 6 inning game.
• A player must play at least 6 defensive outs in a shortened 5 inning game.
• Managers may alternate players in the field (free substitution) as frequently as they want, except pitching position.

4. Batting
• All players will bat throughout the game in one continuous batting order.
• Late arriving players should be placed in the last spot in the batting order.
• A maximum of 5 runs can be scored in any team’s turn at bat before the 6th inning.
• The last inning will be played with unlimited runs.
• If a players throws a bat while swinging - 1st time is a warning, 2nd time batter is out, 3rd time batter is removed from the game.

5. Sliding
• No contact – a runner is subject to being called out if contact is made. Sliding for a potential play must be encouraged (safety first).
• If there is no play on the runner, then the runner does not have to slide.
• No head first slides – runner is out (exception – heading back to a base).
• No sliding into first base from home – runner is out.

6. Base Running
• Secondary leads and delayed steals are permitted.
• Runners may steal home.
• Catcher may be substituted as a baserunner with 2 outs, by last player having made an out (coach’s discretion).

7. Coaches
• Base coaches should be adults. They should not touch base runners while ball is in play.
• Base coaches must stay reasonably within the base coach area.

8. Safety
• On deck player must remain behind batting cage.
• Absolutely no bat swinging by any on-deck player near the dugout.
• Catcher’s mask and chest protector must be worn in bullpen by bullpen catcher.
• All players should be reminded to wear a protective cup. Without a cup, the player may not play the catcher position.

9. Game Information
• Games will consist of 6 innings. During the regular season, there will be no extra innings in case of a tie and tie games will not be replayed. Games will start promptly at 6:00 PM on weeknights. Saturday games will start promptly at the times indicated in the master game schedule. The visiting team will have the field for practice fifty (50) minutes before game time and the home team will have the field for practice thirty (30) minutes before game time. The home team must exit the field ten (10) minutes prior to game time to allow for field prep.
• The home team will occupy the third base dugout and are responsible to rake the field at the end of the game and return all equipment to the shed. Visiting team will occupy the first base dugout and will prepare the field to play (rake, line, place bases).
• In April, games will end by 7:45 PM. In May, regular season games will end by 8:00 PM and playoff games will be suspended at 8:15 PM. In June, playoff games will be suspended at 8:30 PM. This rule applies to weeknight games only. The umpire may call the game earlier at his or her discretion, should they feel that it is too dark to safely continue play. If the end or suspend time is reached while a player is at bat, the player can finish his at bat.
• In the event a playoff game is suspended due to weather or darkness, the game will continue the following day. Teams will not be permitted to play their next playoff game until the suspended game is completed. Lineups for suspended games are frozen. A player can not be added into the lineup if the player missed the suspended game unless the player is playing for an original player that can not make the continued game. An original player that cannot attend the continuation of a suspended game will be marked an out in the batting order when not replaced by a new player.

10. Miscellaneous
• Teams are required to keep an official score book for all games since they may be needed to verify travel eligibility. The team’s book keeper will also be required to record pitch counts for all pitchers.
• Only managers, coaches, players, umpires and League Officials are permitted in the dugout during a game.
• Only a manager may question an umpire’s ruling. The Manager shall not allow any coaches, players or parents to question or harass an umpire.
• Protests are not allowed during the regular season. During the playoffs, protests are allowed for rule interpretations only. The umpire and Commissioner (or his designee) will resolve the protest before play resumes. Judgment calls are not subject to protest.
• Players may not wear any jewelry or non-baseball headwear. Medical or religious tags or medallions can be worn if taped to a player’s body.
• There is absolutely no smoking permitted on school grounds. This is a state law.