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Minor Girls Softball Information

The Minor Girls Softball division plays according to the rules outlined in the Softball Division of Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations with the following exceptions:
Game Procedures
1. The umpire’s watch is the official time.
2. Games are scheduled to begin promptly at 6:00 PM. The umpire will declare a forfeit if one team is unable to field at least 8 players by 6:10 PM.
3. No inning will start after 7:30 PM until May 9th then after 8:00 PM [1]. The umpire should report the starting time to each manager for verification.
4. The home team manager shall determine if the field is fit for play before the start of the game when there is inclement weather. The decision to cancel the game should be made by 4:45pm on week days and 1 hour prior to the game start on week-ends, and notice given to the visiting manager by the home team manager. After the start of a game, the umpire shall determine if the game should continue.
5. The home team will have the field for pre-game practice from 5:20 PM to 5:35 PM.
6. The visiting team will have the field for pre-game practice from 5:35 PM to 5:50 PM.
Home Team Responsibilities
1. Provide a plate umpire and umpire’s equipment, 1 game ball, and bases.
2. Prepare the field for play - clear any puddles, rake the infield; chalk the base lines, etc.
3. Game balls and umpires’ equipment will be kept in the shed.
Visiting Team Responsibilities
1. Provide a field umpire if possible and 1 game ball.
2. Rake the infield after the game and put away the bases and umpire’s gear.
End of Game
1. 1. A complete game consists of 6 innings and shall not be extended because of a tie except during the playoff tournament.
2. 2. If the umpire calls the game, it is a regulation game if 4 innings (3 1/2 innings if the home team has scored more runs in 3 at bats than the visiting team has scored in 4 at bats) have been completed.
3. 3. A game is over if one team has at least an 8 run lead after 5 innings (41/2 innings if the home team is leading by at least 8 runs).
Make-Up Games
1. Regular season rain-out games will not be scheduled until your team is rained-out for a third game. Per league philosophy, Sunday games are to be avoided, if possible.

1. Home plate umpires will be provided by the league.
2. An umpire’s judgment decision is final. If there is reasonable doubt that an umpire’s decision may be in conflict with the rules, the manager, and ONLY the manager, may appeal the decision.
3. Any manager protest must be made before the next pitch is made or a runner is retired. The protest will not be recognized unless the umpires are notified at the time the play under protest occurs. The umpire will contact the commissioner.
4. If, in the umpire's sole discretion, the manager or coach in the field is being too disruptive to the game, he or she may remove the manager or coach from the field of play. The umpire’s decision is final.
.Uniforms & Equipment
1. Players must wear full uniforms at all times shirts, pants, socks and visor. Shirts must be tucked in.
2. No metal spikes are allowed.
3. All players shall use a protective helmet on deck, at bat, and while on the bases. This rule applies to games and practices.
4. The catcher shall wear appropriate protective equipment during games and practices.
1. A team may field as many as 10 players. A team must field at least 8 players or the game is considered a forfeit.
2. Unlimited substitution applies. Substitutions are not required to report to the opposing team.
3. The batting order shall consist of all available players. Teams should exchange their batting orders prior to the start of the game. Changes to the batting order are not permitted except in the event of an injury or the addition/loss of a player (for example, a girl arriving late or leaving early). Changes to the batting order must be reported to the opposing team.
4. Each available player must play a defensive position for at least 3 innings, except in the event of an injury. Additionally, a player should not sit-out two consecutive innings, except in the event of an injury.
5. All players not actively involved in the game should be seated on the benches provided.
6. Everyone is to be out of bounds during a game except for the players in the game, umpires, and two base coaches. Out of bounds is behind the dugout fences and along a line continuing from the dugout fence and paralleling the foul line. Only players and coaches are permitted to be positioned at or near the backstop during play, and no one is permitted to stand behind the backstop in the area directly behind home plate, as this is distracting to the players on the field.
4 Run Rule
1. For the first 5 innings of a game, a team completes its time at bat after 3 outs are made or 4 runs are scored, whichever comes first. The offensive team must announce when the 4th run has scored.
2. For the 6th inning, the 4 run rule is NOT in effect and a team completes its at bat after 3 outs are made.
Strike Zone
1. The strike zone is from the batter’s armpits to the bottom of their knees. If any part of the ball crosses the plate within the strike zone, the pitch is considered a strike. The size of the strike zone is meant to encourage batters to swing instead of waiting for a walk. Umpires are encouraged to call strikes accordingly.
1. The batter will hit from their team’s coach after receiving ball four. When this occurs, the batter will continue with her existing count. If the batter swings and misses the ball a strike will be called and if this is the third strike, the batter is out. Note that these calls are the judgment of the umpire.
Strike Outs
1. A strike out will consist of 3 strikes.
1. Bunting is not allowed.
Bat Throwing
1. A team (not an individual player) will receive one warning per game for throwing a bat. All successive occurrences by that team’s players will be considered a strike out. If the batter is called out for throwing the bat when a ball is put into play, the play is dead and all runners must return to the base they were on when the ball was hit.
Dropped Third/Fourth Strike
1. Not applicable in Babe Ruth.
Batter Hit by a Pitch
1. The batter shall be awarded first base if hit by a pitched ball if they have made an effort to evade the pitch based on the umpire’s judgment.
Base Running
1. Sliding is not mandatory, but is encouraged.
2. Headfirst sliding is not allowed. Any runner sliding headfirst will be called out.
1. Stealing third only will be permitted from the start of the season. Stealing second or home IS NOT permitted at any time.
2. If, in the attempt to pick off a base runner stealing third, the ball is overthrown, the play will be considered complete and the runners may not continue to advance.
3. Runners may not take a lead from any base. Any violation will be by judgment of the umpire. On the first occurrence, the team is given a warning. Further violations by that team, even a different player, will result in an out.
4. Any base runner attempting to steal a base when not allowed will be considered in play and subject to being tagged out.
5. On any attempted steal the base runner may not leave the base until the pitched ball has crossed home plate. Violations are to be treated in the same manner as described in #3 above.
1. Runners may advance until the ball is called dead.
2. The umpire shall declare the play dead when the ball is under control by defensive player in the infield, and the runners are committed to a base. If a runner is standing on a base (not running past) when the ball is under control by a defensive player in the infield, the runner is considered committed to a base. If a runner is past a base, when the ball is under control by a defensive player in the infield, the runner must immediately proceed to the next base or return to the current base. The umpire decision is final.
3. When an overthrown ball goes out of play, runners are awarded the base they were running to plus one additional base. If the runner was not advancing, they are only awarded one base. For example, a runner on second makes no attempt to go to third when a ball fielded by an infielder is overthrown and goes out of play behind first base. In this case, the runner on second is awarded third base, not third and home.
4. Runners on third base may only advance home by the following:
a) A hit ball
b) Batter hit by a pitch
c) Base awarded on an overthrow (other than on a steal)
d) Tagging up on a caught fly ball
1. At least 4 fielders (3 when there are only 9 players available or 2 when there are only 8 players available) must be on the outfield grass (or the equivalent distance) when the ball is pitched. The outfield starts at least 10 feet into the outfield grass.

1. Any overthrow that crosses the imaginary boundary formed by the fences is considered out of play. All runners advance as described previously.
2. An overthrow which occurs from a batted ball and remains in the field of play is a live ball, and runners may advance until the ball is called dead, or the umpire rules the ball is in control in the infield, or after a second overthrow on the same play occurs.
Infield Fly Rule
1. The infield fly rule will not be enforced.
1. The girls will pitch to the opposing team for the entire game until May 16th, and then we (the commissioner and managers) will re-evaluate this rule.
2. No girl may pitch more than 3 official innings in a single game.
3. The pitcher shall take a position with both feet firmly on the ground and with both feet in contact with, but not off the side of, the pitching rubber. In the act of delivering the ball, the pitcher shall step forward (toward the batter) simultaneously with the delivery of the ball to the batter.
4. The pitching rubber will be set to 35 feet from home plate.
5. Any substitute pitcher removed while pitching may not re-enter the game as a pitcher (only the starting pitcher can re-enter as a pitcher).
6. An arc pitch that reaches a height of 8 feet or higher is considered a ball, and will be called that way by the umpire. If the batter hits an arc pitch into play, the play continues as it would for any pitch. If the batter swings and misses an arc pitch, the pitch is still called a strike.
1. ‘Game’ equipment is to be kept in the shed. Team equipment (bats, balls and catcher’s gear) may be kept in the shed or in the manager’s possession.
2. Playing rules are posted in the shed.
3. There shall be NO SMOKING anywhere near the field. This rule applies to all managers, coaches, AND parents. Methacton Schools have a NO SMOKING policy for the entire school property.
4. Managers, coaches, players, and parents are here to teach, to encourage, and to set a positive example.
5. Dead Ball or DO OVER any batted ball that hits off the pitching machine or generator if in any event the machine is being used.
Playoff Tournament
1. There will be no time limit for playoff tournament games. All playoff tournament games should be played in their entirety or until the umpire calls the game due to darkness (no new inning after 8:10pm) or inclement weather. Called games resume from the point they were called.
2. Home team will be decided by coin toss prior to the start of the game.
3. A neutral home plate umpire will be assigned for all playoff tournament games.
4. The playoff tournament will be a double elimination format tournament
5. The playoff tournament seeding will be determined by a random drawing at the conclusion of the regular season.
6. For the 6th inning and any subsequent innings played in playoff tournament games, the 4 run rule is NOT in effect and a team completes its at bat after 3 outs are made.
7. The girls will pitch all innings in the playoff tournament games.
8. The winning team is responsible for reporting the final score to the commissioner following all playoff tournament games. This can be done by phone or E- mail.