Rookie Information
General Information:

Rookie ball is for 8-9 year olds. Rookie division is a more competitive league, as the concept of three outs per inning is introduced. All players remain in the batting lineup, but may not all get to hit each inning.

The instructor or coach still acts as the pitcher using a cushioned ball which is thrown underhand. A greater emphasis is placed on making "outs" at this level.

Teams are usually 11 to 12 players to keep an adequate number of players in the field for each game. The players meet at the ballpark three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursday and Sunday evenings. Games are played for one hour and 15 minutes.

Rookie Rules:

•In the event of rain, an announcement concerning the scheduled games for that evening will be posted to the website at 4:00 pm.
•Players are to notify your coach if you are unable to make a scheduled house league game.
•Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for a pre-game warm up.

Official Playing Rules: All games shall be played in accordance with regular baseball rules except where modified by the rules contained in this document, Newfoundland Amateur Baseball Association and Baseball Canada.

Fair Play Rules For Coaches:

Coaches will be issued a score book. They must set their batting order at the start of the year. Once this batting order is set, the player who is after the last out of the previous game will start the next game. If a player does not show up for the game then he will stay in the same spot in the batting order but crossed out for that particular game. Coaches should use the first three games of the season to finalize the batter order. Batting order can be reset for playoffs.

Players must wear full uniform, which includes the wearing of grey baseball pants, and are advised to wear a protective cup.
•All batters must wear helmets with chin straps when on deck or at bat.
•Batters will receive 5 underhand pitches, then a batting tee will be used for 2 attempts.
•All teams may use all players in the field.
•An inning will be complete after 3 outs are made or 3 runs are scored.
•Players must return to the bench when an out is recorded.
•One base on an overthrow. One overthrow is allowed per play to encourage players to try to make the play. For example, if the ball is overthrown to 1st base, the runner can advance at his own risk to 2nd. If the ball is overthrown on the same play to 2nd, the runner remains on 2nd.
•No lead-offs are permitted.
•Throwing the ball back to the pitcher will end the play. If this occurs when a runner is less than half-way to a base, the runner must return to the prior base.
•Umpires, at their discretion, will call a foul if the ball doesn't go approximately 10 feet in front of home plate. Score is kept by the coaches and validated with the officials several times during the game.
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