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Adult Men - Spring
Adult Men - Summer
Adult Men Fall
Adult Women - Fall
Adult Women Winter
Adult Men Winter
Coed Winter
U8 Girls White Division
U8 Girls Red Division
U10 Girls Red Division
U10 Girls White Division
U10 Girls Blue Division
U14 Girls Red Division
U14 Girls White Division
HS Girls
U8 Boys Green Division
U8 Boys Red Division
U8 Boys White Division
U8 Boys Blue Division (Saturday)
U10 Boys Red Division
U10 Boys White Division
U10 Boys Blue Division
U12 Boys Blue Division
U14 Boys Red Division
U14 Boys White Division
HS Boys Red
U10 Boys Green Division
U10 Boys North Division
U10 Boys South Division
U10 Boys East Division
U10 Boys West Division
U8 Boys North Division
U8 Boys South Division
U8 Boys East Division
U8 Boys West Division
U14 Girls Make Up
HS Boys Make Up
U10 Boys Make Up
U14 Boys Make Up
HS Girls Make Up
Adult Women Spring/Summer
CoEd Spring
SUS High School
CoEd Summer
Boys Lax Clinic U7
Boys Lax Tyker U9
Boys Lax Lightning U11
Boys Lax Midget U13
Boys Lax Juniors U15
Girls Lightning Lax 2018
Girls Midget/Junior Lax 2018
Girls Tykers Lax 2018
CoEd Fall
U8 Boys Blue Division (Sunday)
U10 Boys Green Divsion
HS Boys White
U12 Boys North
U12 Boys East
U12 Boys South
U14 Boys North
U14 Boys South
U14 Boys East
U8 Girls North
U8 Girls South
U10 Girls North
U10 Girls South
U10 Girls East
U12 Girls North
U12 Girls South
U14 Girls North
U14 Girls South
HS Boys North
HS Boys South
Boys Peewee Lax 2019
Boys Midget Lax 2019
Boys Juniors Lax 2019
Boys Lightning Lax 2019
Boys Tyker Lax 2019
CoEd Summer Teams Coach
50 Shades of Grey
Ball Busters
Balls to the Wall
Bo's & Ho's
Fake Madrid
Goal Getters
Packing Heat
Putty Hill Vapes
Sparkle Motion