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2016 11U/6th Grade Team Ron Patalano
Agawam AA
Albany Capitals
Albany Falcons 15U
Albany Lady Falcons 13U
Atlantic Belles
Barrington High School
Bay State Blizzard
Bay State Blizzard U15
Bay State Blizzard-Milley
Bay State Blizzard-Viselli
Bay State Demons
Bay State Gators
Bay State Gators
Bay State Gazelles
Bay State Jaguars
Bay State Jaguars
Bay State Jaguars
Bay State Legends
Bay State Magic (Gould)
Bay state Magic Elite
Bay State Magic Elite
Bay State Magic Elite
Bay View Academy
BGCNH Blazers
Boston Comets
Boston Monarchs
Boston Showstoppers
Brattleboro Blaze
Bristol Stars
Bronx Lady Hawks
BSB 8 Kaiser
Candlewood Crusaders
Candlewood Lakers
Candlewood Lakers
Cape Cod Waves
Cape Cod Waves 13U
Cental Jersey Hawks
Central HS
Central Mass Lightning
Championship - 17U
Chariho Chargers
Cheshire County Knights
City Ballers
CJ Cardinals
Classical HS
Connecticut Breeze 13U
Connecticut Storm 13U
Coventry HS
Cranston HS East
Cranston HS West Russ Ferri
CSA Velocity
Ct Attack
CT Bandits
CT Bandits Redman
CT Bandits Redman 7th Grade
CT Basketball Academy
CT Basketball Academy U14
CT Breakers
CT Breakers 6th
CT Breeze
CT Breeze U15
CT Cobras
CT Cobras (King)
CT Cobras (Saunders)
CT Comets
Ct Fire
CT Hawks
CT Heat
CT Heat Nkonoki
CT Hoopstars
CT Knights 14U
CT Lady Blazers 14U
Ct Lady Blazers U16
CT Magic
Ct Magic
CT Mavericks U14
CT Nightmare
CT North Stars
CT Panthers
CT Premier
CT Premier Blue
CT Rage
CT Roughriders 14U
CT Rush
CT Shamrocks
CT South Rebels
CT Spirit
CT Sprit Red U15
CT Starters
CT Starters 15U
CT Starters U14
CT Storm
CT Storm 13U
CT Storm Groton
CT Storm Premier
Ct Storm Regional
Ct Storm Select
CT Storm U12 Willamantic
CT Storm Willimantic
CT Swish
CT Vipers 14U / Grade 9
CT Wave
Ct. Bandits
Ct. Bandits 13U
Ct. Bandits U15
Ct. Bandits U15
Ct. Breeze 13U
Ct. Breeze U15
Ct. Breeze U15
Ct. Cobras
Ct. Knights
Ct. Northstars
Ct. Roughriders
Ct. Roughriders
Ct. Storm Premier
Ct. Storm State Team U15
Cumberland HS
Da Fam
Division 1 Basketball Henry
Douglas Tigers
East Greenwich HS Tori Ahrens
East Providence HS Mike Solitro
Eastern Mass Lightning
Empire Night Hawks
EWG Scarlet Knights
Exeter Hawks 15U National Team
Granite State Rockettes Signor
Granite State Rockettes 13s
Granite State Wolfpack
Hampton Heat
Honey Badgers
Hudson River Hornets 13U
Hudson Valley Knights
Hudson Valley Knights
Hunterdon United
Hyde Park
Indoor Action Sports
Johnston High School Chris Corsinetti
Juanita Sanchez HS
KSC Thunder
L.I. Lightning
Lady Mustangs
Lady Nights
Lady Spartans
Lady Wizards
Lincoln HS
Long Island Lightning
Long Island Lightning Gold/Flynn
Long Island Lightning Hishman
Long Island Lightning Slater
Long Island Renegades A
Long Island Renegades B
Long Island Renegades B
M- Plex
M- Plex 13U
M- Plex 13U I
M-Plex (Elms)
M-Plex (Reen)
M-Plex (Reen)
M-Plex Rockets
MA Fusion
MA Wildcats
Maine Icebreakers 13U
Mass Bearcats
Mass Blue Devils
Mass Ducks (13)
Mass Ducks - Old Ducks
Mass Ducks 10U
Mass Ducks 12U
Mass Ducks DG
Mass Ducks LG
Mass Frenzey 16U
mass frenzy u15
Mass Frenzy U15
Mass Hoops Jaguars
Mass Hoopsters
Mass Huskies
Mass Lady Warriors
Mass Lightning
Mass Miracles 13U
Mass Premier
Mass Premier Grimes
Mass Rivals
Mass Silver Devils 13U
Mass Storm 13U
Mass Storm 17U
Mass Thundercats
Mass Thundercats
Mass Thundercats
Mass Wildcats 6B
Mass Wildcats 7C
Massasoit Warriors
Middlesex Rage
Middlesex Rage
Middlesex Rage 13U
Middletown HS
Millis Pride
Mount Hope HS
MPC (Coupal)
MPC White (Reen)
MPC-Harney Harney
MPC-Pierce Pierce
MT Elite
Mt St Charles HS
N.Y. Gauchos
N.Y.Silver Bullets
Narragansett HS
NC Blaze 16U
NE CT Phoenix
NE Lady Panthers
NE Lady Panthers 16U - Oliver
NE Nighthawks
NECA Lions
New England Crusaders
New England Crusaders 13U
New England Lightning
New England Spirit
New Hampshire Flames
New Hampshire Shooting Stars 13U
New Hampshire Shooting Stars U15
New Jersey Blast
New Jersey Ring City
New Jersey Riptide
New York Pride
new york pride
New York Pride
New York Revolution
New York Revolution
New York Rocks
Newport Lady Vikings
NEX Elite (Russell/Norton)
Next Level Athletics 15U
NH Flames
NH Flames
NH Lady Twisters
NH Lady Wolverines 13U
NH Spartans
nj cj cardinals
NJ Elite U16
NJ Ring City Team 1
NJ Ring City Team 2
NJ Shore shots
nj shorestars
North Central Blaze
North Kingstown HS Bob Simeone
North Providence HS
North Shore Bobcats
NY Explosion Elite
NY Fever
NY Gauchos U15
NY Pride
ny saratoga sparks
ny saratoga sparks
Opponent - Field House Sting (Ma)
Opponents - CT Attack
Penacook Pride
Phila Belles
Phille Belles
Pilgrim HS
Plymouth Vikings
Ponaganset HS
Portsmouth HS Rich Glover
Putnam Lady Panthers
RI Breakers
RI Breakers 16U-DiOrio
Rochester Rebels
Rochester Rebels 13U
Rockland Royals
Rogers High School Frank Brow
Saratoga Sparks
Saratoga Sparks 12U
Saratoga Sparks 13U
Saratoga Sparks u15
Saratoga Sparks U16
Scituate HS
SE Mass Hawks
Seaside Sizzle
Shea High School
Shooting Stars - Queens
Silver Bullets
SNEBC Shockers
Somerset Berkeley Regional HS
South Coast Elite
South Coast Elite
South Coast Warriors
South Kingstown Rebels
South Shore Patriots U15
South Shore Stars
South Shore Wolfpack
Southern Maine Bearcats
Southington Hoops
Springfield Lady Ballers
Stamford Peace
Stateline Jammers
STNY Flyers
stny flyers
Sugar Hill Sports
Syracuse Slam
Team Connecticut 16U
Team Connecticut U15
Team CT
Team Massachusetts
Team Providence
Team Quebec
Team Quebec 16U
The Lincoln School Jane Schwecheimer
Tiverton High School
Tolman HS
Upper Valley Wolfpack St. Hilaire
USAD Basketball
VBC 12U Navy
VBC 12U Yellow
VBC 13U Navy
VBC 13U-15U
VBC 14U Gold
VBC 17U-BrooksAHS
VBC Mandy 12U
Vermont Flyers
Vermont Lady Hoopsters
Virginia Elite
Visionary Basketball 13U
VT Lady Hoopsters Perkins
vt lady hoopsters
VT Lady Hoopsters
WBA Hawks
WBA Hawks U15
WBA Lady Knicks
WBA Lady Knicks
WBA Lady Knicks 13U
WBA Lady Knicks Jr.
Wescon Fillies - 7
Wescon Fillies 13U
Wesconn Fillies U15
Wesconn Fillies U16
West Warwick HS Mike Francoise
Westchester Hawks
Westchester Hawks
Westerly Bulldogs Sue Hait
Western CT Warriors
Western Mass Cheetahs
Western Mass Falcons
western mass falcons
western mass falcons
Western NY Lady Titans
Westport Warriors
Westside Terriers
Wheeler School
Woonsocket HS
worcester county shamrocks
Worcester West
Xtaxcy Westport Warriors
OPPONENTS Information
Teams we play go in here and get set up as opponents so they don't show in our team listing.