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Event Information:
League Meeting - Spare Time in Manchester
Monday, August 6, 2018
Start Time:
7:00 PM
Spare Time
216 Maple Street, Manchester, NH 03102
Map Link:
Spare Time/City Sports
216 Maple Street, Manchester, NH 03101
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1. Accept Minutes From Last Meeting

2. Financial Report/Collect any outstanding fees - Troy

3. Outstanding Fine Overview - Troy

Reminder: Article VIII - Duties of Team Manager
Section 10 (D) All fines must be paid in full prior to the next league meeting or the subsequent games shall be forfeited. All subsequent games shall be forfeited until the payment of fines is made in full.

4. Collect team fees

5. Insurance Waiver Forms / Player Registration Forms

6. Umpire Request
-Made for both divisions
-Did not receive input from Phillies/Badgers/Black Sox/Pirates
-Received input from Ironpigs/RedSox and Blue Jays but need update
-Phillies/Black Sox need to ensure venue is correct for Sunday

7. Open Discussion

8. Status: GSBL bill of $3,500 to city of Manchester
-- Teams that used Piscat as home field in 2018 (Blue Jays, Black Sox, Phillies, Manchester Red Sox, and Ironpigs)
-- Those teams currently renting field in Litchfield (Campbell), Concord
-- Recommend the league pay the outstanding fine, construct payment plan from teams that used the field as home field/practice field in 2018

9. Split Meeting into 18+/28+


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